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Sue Damones specializes in ICU.

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  1. Sue Damones

    Is CRNA school managable?

    @srnahole- Just curious- where are you going to school? I start next month also.
  2. I second what she said. ^
  3. Sue Damones

    Millikin/Decatur CRNA Program

    Wow - we all got in!!! :) Awesome!! See you in May!! :)
  4. Sue Damones

    Millikin/Decatur CRNA Program

    Awesome! I sent you an email through here... not sure how that works. PM or email me and we can chat
  5. Sue Damones

    Millikin/Decatur CRNA Program

    Me too!! Super excited! Looks like we are going to spend a lot of time together! Lol! When did you interview? Mine was Fri afternoon. :-D
  6. Sue Damones

    Anyone applying to Decatur/Millikin?

    I also got accepted!!! Whoo hoo! :) I just met my first classmate :)
  7. Sue Damones

    Millikin/Decatur CRNA Program

    I interviewed last Friday; just waiting for the letter to come in the mail now. Super nervous! Wingsiii, I will PM you. Hopefully we will both get some good news in the mail!
  8. Sue Damones

    Anyone applying to Decatur/Millikin?

    snifny1983 - So, did you get an interview? I interviewed last Friday... just waiting on the letter!! Let me know!
  9. I had my interview last Friday and was told letters went out yesterday. Just wondering if there's anyone on here in the same boat as me...
  10. Sue Damones


    I am a little confused and trying to understand your post. Are you a CRNA now? You said you had anesthesia textbooks and 120k in debt which I think is very high for an RN or BSN education. You said you were rejected--- I'm guessing this is for CRNA school, but then again you said you were in OR for clinicals and had anesthesia textbooks. Please clarify for us! Thanks
  11. Hello, I would be very appreciative if a CRNA in the Chicagoland area would allow me to shadow for a day or two. I am extremely interested in applying to CRNA school and I am having an extremely difficult time finding a CRNA to shadow, as the hospital I work at does not employ CRNAs. If you are interested, please PM me. I have been an ICU RN for 4 1/2 years and would love the chance to see what a CRNA does firsthand. Thank you!!!
  12. Sue Damones

    Excepted a position in ED!

    Congrats... Get your brain ready for all the information you'll be needing to fit in!! :) I do recommend you brush up on the difference between "except" and "accept," though. :)
  13. Hey everyone, I am doing a business plan project for my MSN class. I am a little confused at the whole Medicare reimbursement part of it. I have a book here to reference and have spent lots of time searching online, but I'm not really understanding how it all works. If an NP were to open a clinic, would she be able to bill Medicare directly for services rendered if there weren't a physician on staff? Would it be sufficient to have a collaborating physician or a physician as a consultant? I read in my book here that in order to bill Medicare, the physician has to be in direct supervision of the NP. If anyone could help me figure out how to set this up for my business plan project, I'd be VERY grateful. The whole thing is giving me a headache. Thank you so much.
  14. Sue Damones

    Computers-You DON'T have to use ALL the features!

    Sounds like you and your co-workers should put together some feedback and present it to your NM. I can understand you're frustrated, but was the "little yellow bus" comment really necessary? I don't think so.
  15. Sue Damones

    Normal CVP?

    Is this due to the extra PEEP when someone is intubated? Our sepsis orders have a goal of 8-12, regardless of vented/not vented. Thanks!
  16. Sue Damones

    Ivp/ diluting med

    You would give the full 20mL after diluting it. Your dose then would be 50 mg in 20 mL NS. If you put 50 mg in 100mL, the dose would still be the same, regardless of what you dilute in in. To answer your second question, no, you do not need to dilute every med that you give with a running IVF. Hope this helps.