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Annoyed- Surgical Tech does NOT equal Nurse!


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anonymous1919, LPN

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Maybe she just meant that a surgical tech and scrub nurse do the same thing (I have no idea if they actually do). She never said (from what I saw) that she went to nursing school or was a licensed nurse... just that she worked in the OR as a surgical technitian aka scrub nurse (to me that implies they just do the same thing?). She can't help if the people who wrote the article are taking that as saying she was a nurse.


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I agree...that is very annoying. People throw the term "nurse" around, i'm sorry but CNA or tech is not nurse!! Just my 2 cents

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Bothers me when people call themselves a nurse or that they were a nurse when they were a home care assistant or technician NOT a nurse. ugh.

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I became a flight attendant, which, ya know, is like an astronaut.

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Love the astronaut thing...hilarious. People definitely throw around the term nurse too lightly. You hear secretaries calling themselves nurses b/c they work at a hospital or MD office...you feel like saying ok nurse come assess this patient and perform CPR on the one who's crashing nurse just to see the looks on their faces...better yet have them explain everything that's going on to patient families. It should be against the law to call yourself a nurse if you're not a licensed nurse.

I agree, and I'm not even a nurse (YET!!!;)). I am, however, a nursing student, and even after just coming this iota of a way into the nursing field, it enrages me to hear someone that isn't a nurse call themselves a nurse!

I have to say, though, that I don't actually know what a surgical tech is, but I know that the nursing school I attend doesn't recognize it as a prereq to the school, they do, however, require students to take the nurse aid class. During our preadmissions conference, they basically said "If you haven't taken the CNA class, don't apply." One girl raised her hand and asked, "But, that doesn't count if you're a surgical tech that trained at such-and-such, right?" She was told it didn't matter if you had been a tech for 10 years; she promptly left the room...

In my experience with my own family and friends, it seems like people who aren't familiar with the health care field just assume that anyone who wears scrubs is a nurse and anyone with a lab coat is a physician. My mother in law is a lab tech at a community clinic, and my mom thinks she's a nurse. A lot of people don't realize there ARE other roles beyond nurse and doctor.

People think that once they wear a scrubs they can call themselves a nurse, they must understand that underneath that scrubs are serious responsibilities. I remember those old days that people recognized the real NURSE even she/he is in the end of the hallway because of distinct uniforms. Anyone who doesn't know the significance of the Nursing Lamp of Knowledge and the Cap/Pin should not put the RN title on their name.


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I became a flight attendant, which, ya know, is like an astronaut.

This is HILLARIOUS!:yeah::yeah::yeah:

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I made brownies the other week, I'm pretty much like an Iron Chef ;P


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Not only was she a nurse "she's worked gunshot wounds as a surgical nurse"!! Next up! She was a surgeon! She was a Trauma Surgeon! She's operating on wounded soldiers in Afghanistan! etc! sheeeeesh :smackingf:

I can't stand when medical assistants call themselves nurses. I had one tell me a medical assistant was just below an RN, but LPN's were OK too!!!!! Gagged on that one.

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Who cares? The link I read said she only started tech school so the truth is IF she actually said that she probably doesn't even know the difference between a tech vs. scrub nurse. I'd highly doubt it was said, if it was said, as an insult to nurses. I hated nursing school just like anyone else but don't think I necessarily deserve a parade for finishing it and passing NCLEX. Its sort of like the frequent RN vs. BSN on name badges debate, I mean really does it matter? :confused:

FWIW Surg-Techs are awesome, underpaid and next to a first assist they have the best gig going in the OR, imo. :)

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It should be against the law to call yourself a nurse if you're not a licensed nurse.

It is.

My sister is finishing up surgical tech school. If a nursing school requires a CNA class, they should allow surgical tech training to count. I've seen the stuff she has to learn (she has me proofread her papers for her) and it's ridiculously more complicated than anything I had to learn as a CNA. Doesn't make her a nurse of course, but I guarantee she could kick my butt when it comes to anatomy and sterile technique. :)