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anonymous1919 is a LPN and specializes in Geriatrics.

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  1. anonymous1919

    What is the silliest thing you've heard a nurse say?

    I am sure it does happen to all of us, and that I will certainly do something silly. And I'll be sure to post it, too! Everything worked out fine in the end with the two scenarios I posted. They're just the kind of thing that when it's going on, you're thinking... whhatt?
  2. anonymous1919

    What is the silliest thing you've heard a nurse say?

    That's very true.
  3. anonymous1919

    What is the silliest thing you've heard a nurse say?

    Not that scary. Okay, well maybe the second. But the first... not that scary unless you're just counting the fact that she couldn't do math. What she did was safe.. it was just weird of her to tell me about that and ask if I understood it the way it was written.... of course I do, it seemed simple to me! The second one, I think the nurse didn't want to think she was wrong, but everything worked out just fine in the end.
  4. I now have been a nurse for 3 months and have 2 to share! :) 1.) The patients MAR said give 1 unit of insulin for every 30 above 150. The nurse called the Doctor for a sliding scale to be written out because doing the math was too hard............... ok. 2.) Another patients order was Ativan 2mg/cc 0.5cc q4.... she asked how many mg she was giving and if that equaled 1cc. When I explained to her that she only needed 0.5cc for 1mg she didn't believe me/understand me and I had to GO GET another nurse to explain to her I was right before she double dosed someone! All I can say is wow :)
  5. anonymous1919

    Panicked!!! HIV/AIDS, HepB, HepC risk?

    SO much better than the comment I was going to write. I wish I could give you more kudos.
  6. anonymous1919

    Narc count right, then WRONG

    As you can see, the person who wrote this thread is from the US. So stating your countries laws mean nothing.... are you telling her because she is an LPN that she shouldn't hold the narcotic keys because your country doesn't allow it? Um... well she isn't in your country, so who cares, your post was pointless. Here in the US LPNs are allowed to have the keys to the narcotics.
  7. anonymous1919

    asking for meds?

    So instead of waking them up and asking them if they'd like their pain medication.. you'd rather them wake up an hour later in severe pain crying, have to wait for you to asses and bring the med and then wait for it to kick back in until they get relief? No thanks.. none of my rehab patients would go to PT! They'd be too tired!
  8. anonymous1919

    asking for meds?

    Well what I got from her post was that she thinks she needs to reeducate the patients and spend her time calling the doctor to get the pain medication orders change then give them medication for their pain. She spends waaaaaay to much time judging! And if someone is in chronic pain and they come to you and say I need this at this time and this at this time... maybe it's because that's how they've found to best manage it at home? Like I said, she spends way too much of her time judging. And she doesn't understand pharmacokinetics either, apparently. edit: sorry if I come off rude, that nurse really got under my skin with her post. + I disagree with her not wanting to wake patients up. If they are in pain, THEY'LL WAKE UP ANYWAY, so now they have to wait for her to go get it, and wait for it to kick in... when she could have just brought it to them when the next dose was available.. now their sleep is disturbed on top of it. Nice nurse.
  9. anonymous1919

    asking for meds?

    I feel sorry for your patients. You must put them through extra ******** that is totally unneeded. Just give them their damn medication when they ask for it, you clearly cant think critically past that.
  10. anonymous1919

    asking for meds?

    See my patient had hers PRN but she wanted it right when she could have it next. She even wanted us to wake her up. I always did. Some nurses wouldn't and that would result in the patient waking up an hour later screaming and crying in pain (so not only would she be in pain while waiting for the med to kick in, she'd lose sleep and not want to attend therapy). I just wouldn't do that to my patients. I, of course, always assessed her pain before giving her a pain pill. And she always needed it. I don't think that it would be appropriate to have it changed to a scheduled med because she won't always need them and when she goes home I wouldn't want her to think she HAD to take them every 4 hours and get hooked on them or something.
  11. anonymous1919

    Ethical Issue -Missing Prescriptions

    I'm sorry this happened to you!
  12. anonymous1919

    How to Deal With Ignorant Medical Professionals

    Just wow.
  13. anonymous1919

    Plz read!!! Nurse using drugs what should i do???

    Report her to BON.
  14. anonymous1919

    asking for meds?

    Why is this wrong? I had a Res that had PRN pain meds but she has requested for us to bring them to her when she could have another. She was in constant pain and never refused them when we brought them to her. She was grateful because she would worry that her call light wouldn't be answered quickly or I'd be off doing something for someone else and she would have to wait in pain for 30 min to an hour. That way she knew I would be there and she wouldn't be anxious about it in between getting the pain meds.
  15. anonymous1919

    Pet Peeve: Poor Grammar by Nurses

    orientate IS a word. Chill out. The English language is constantly changing and always will. I'm sure if you had a chat with someone from the early 1700's they'd think you were saying everything all wrong. BTW, if you were in the UK this thread would be about how you can't stand people saying orient and how they are alllll wrong. Close this stupid thread.
  16. anonymous1919

    Moving to Canada.

    I was thinking BC.