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himilayaneyes specializes in Critical Care/Coronary Care Unit,.

I'm a native Floridian...not many of us (it seems). I have been a RN since 2008 and an family NP since 2014. I have worked in the critical care settings for years and now as a NP work in the primary/urgent care setting.

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  1. First Year as NP

    Hi. I've been a licensed family nurse practitioner for 8 months now with about 7 months of practice. Before this, I had been working as an adult ICU nurse for about 6.5 years. I feel totally comfortable seeing adults but started a per-diem job where ...
  2. Should I start off in family practice?

    If you want family practice experience, then take the family practice job. This will be more desirable to the majority of employers vs. vein/weight loss clinic. As an employer at a family practice, if choosing between someone with family practice exp...
  3. I need encouragement/motivation

    Keep your eye on the prize...blah blah blah. Been there done that. Are you happy doing what you're currently doing if working? Anytime I got discouraged, I'd go to work and remember why I was in school.
  4. Sure to Get Flamed for This

    I believe that nursing students and new nurses have the responsibility to know their resources (e.g., research, med-surg nursing manual, etc.). You shouldn't just ask a million and one questions but take the initiative to do some research into topics...
  5. A Tribute to Military Nurses

    Thanks to all those serving in the armed forces especially my fellow nurses. Thanks for the sacrifices you make on a regular basis.
  6. NCLEX RN four times PASSED

  7. Medicare home assessments - supervising physician

    Your agency will provide you with the collaborating physician.
  8. Nursing from UK to USA

    I'd also like to add a course in community health to the required list. Good luck.
  9. Floating non-ICU RN's to ICU!!?

    I am an ICU nurse. When we receive float nurses, they receive the tele patients. Every once in a blue moon, they may receive a patient on some type of drip because we just don't have the manpower...but in that case, an ICU nurse will be responsible f...
  10. med-surg RN desperately wanting into ICU

    Get your ACLS, take a critical care course. Volunteer to float to ICU all the time. Harass the ICU manager until they hire you. Good luck.
  11. Suggestions on possible NP job offer

    I have to agree with the poster that said it sounds shady. I'm working for a home health company for which the pay rate is $80 per patient. Plus, I don't see how it's possible to see 300 of them every week. I would keep looking elsewhere....this does...
  12. I passed my AGPCNP certification exam!!!!

  13. Texas Board of Nursing timeline for APRN license

    I would try emailing them. I got mine from FL in 7 business days. Good luck.
  14. FNP or AGNP

    Hi. I felt just like you at one point in time. I was primarily interested in adults and had no desire at all to work with children. However, I enjoyed my pediatric rotation so much that I did it twice and hope to land a job in pediatrics. If you don'...
  15. Passed ANCC!!!

    @ Jeremiah. If your school is purchasing the review for next year, then I would just wait until next year to take it. However, for academic purposes, the purple Fitzgerald book is very helpful. Hollier and Leik are great books as well.