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himilayaneyes specializes in Critical Care/Coronary Care Unit,.

I'm a native Floridian...not many of us (it seems). I have been a RN since 2008 and an family NP since 2014. I have worked in the critical care settings for years and now as a NP work in the primary/urgent care setting.

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  1. himilayaneyes

    First Year as NP

    Hi. I've been a licensed family nurse practitioner for 8 months now with about 7 months of practice. Before this, I had been working as an adult ICU nurse for about 6.5 years. I feel totally comfortable seeing adults but started a per-diem job where I treat adults and children. I decided I wanted to be a FNP who specializes in pediatrics because I love interacting with the children. I found a peds job, got a 1hr orientation (unpaid), 2hr computer training (unpaid) which consisted of "This is how I do physicals." I just gave my two weeks notice after a little more than 2 months there for various reasons including unpaid lunch breaks, not being a fan of night shift, and lack of support. I feel out of place because I'm learning a totally different specialty...children are not miniature adults. I'm now at a different pediatric practice where I have been shadowing the MD and will continue to do so for a couple of weeks. She is knowledgeable and gives me homework. I've decided that I'm going to bust my butt reading articles, journals, and finding out everything I can possibly learn about pediatrics. Thanks for reading my vent...I guess my real question is how long until you start to feel comfortable in your diagnostic abilities as a NP. I feel great with adults, but peds is a new territory. P.S. In addition to learning a new specialty, I'm also learning Spanish due to my patient population. Feel likes there's a lot to learn with too little time.
  2. himilayaneyes

    Should I start off in family practice?

    If you want family practice experience, then take the family practice job. This will be more desirable to the majority of employers vs. vein/weight loss clinic. As an employer at a family practice, if choosing between someone with family practice experience and the person with vein clinic experience, I'd chose the family practice person. Good luck.
  3. himilayaneyes

    I need encouragement/motivation

    Keep your eye on the prize...blah blah blah. Been there done that. Are you happy doing what you're currently doing if working? Anytime I got discouraged, I'd go to work and remember why I was in school.
  4. himilayaneyes

    HIRED! Graduation in a month!

    Congrats! Now to graduating and passing NCLEX.
  5. himilayaneyes

    Sure to Get Flamed for This

    I believe that nursing students and new nurses have the responsibility to know their resources (e.g., research, med-surg nursing manual, etc.). You shouldn't just ask a million and one questions but take the initiative to do some research into topics yourself as well. New nurses need to learn to deal with constructive criticism. However, the criticism must be constructive..a learning experience..and not simply an attempt to berate/belittle someone. We have all been new at some point and everyone learns at a different pace. People who don't like to teach should simply refuse to precept/teach and if forced to do so...well find a new profession. The "young one" you're eating may just be your nurse one day and I hope to God for your sake that you treated him/her decently.
  6. himilayaneyes

    A Tribute to Military Nurses

    Thanks to all those serving in the armed forces especially my fellow nurses. Thanks for the sacrifices you make on a regular basis.
  7. himilayaneyes

    NCLEX RN four times PASSED

  8. himilayaneyes

    Medicare home assessments - supervising physician

    Your agency will provide you with the collaborating physician.
  9. himilayaneyes

    Nursing from UK to USA

    I'd also like to add a course in community health to the required list. Good luck.
  10. himilayaneyes

    Floating non-ICU RN's to ICU!!?

    I am an ICU nurse. When we receive float nurses, they receive the tele patients. Every once in a blue moon, they may receive a patient on some type of drip because we just don't have the manpower...but in that case, an ICU nurse will be responsible for the drip. You have every right to refuse the assignment...it's just not safe.
  11. himilayaneyes

    med-surg RN desperately wanting into ICU

    Get your ACLS, take a critical care course. Volunteer to float to ICU all the time. Harass the ICU manager until they hire you. Good luck.
  12. himilayaneyes

    Suggestions on possible NP job offer

    I have to agree with the poster that said it sounds shady. I'm working for a home health company for which the pay rate is $80 per patient. Plus, I don't see how it's possible to see 300 of them every week. I would keep looking elsewhere....this doesn't sound fair to you nor does it sound safe.
  13. himilayaneyes

    I passed my AGPCNP certification exam!!!!

  14. himilayaneyes

    Texas Board of Nursing timeline for APRN license

    I would try emailing them. I got mine from FL in 7 business days. Good luck.
  15. himilayaneyes

    FNP or AGNP

    Hi. I felt just like you at one point in time. I was primarily interested in adults and had no desire at all to work with children. However, I enjoyed my pediatric rotation so much that I did it twice and hope to land a job in pediatrics. If you don't want to work with children at all...then just do the adult track. However, I will tell you that my friend did the adult track and plans on going back for her FNP because most jobs are marketed towards FNPs. So you may just want to do the FNP track...taking two certification exams within 6 months of each other just seems like a lot of stress to me. Good luck.
  16. himilayaneyes

    Passed ANCC!!!

    @ Jeremiah. If your school is purchasing the review for next year, then I would just wait until next year to take it. However, for academic purposes, the purple Fitzgerald book is very helpful. Hollier and Leik are great books as well.