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Speed Freak

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what about thinking outside the box? maybe try searching for scrapbooking totes, carry-ons, etc.? i like any of these:

i also love amy butler's products---she now has a line with k&co. (scrapbooking company). they're not black, but they're washable and i personally like the fabrics. here's an example of one of the totes:

i liked the designs from both those places but as a guy, carrying one of those would me look (and probably feel) a bit swishy.:D

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Manhattan Portage has a million awesome bags, though they are a touch on the expensive side. Very durable, though. They have messenger bags with a zillion pockets (that's what I use) as well as totes.


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I hope you won't mind me asking what sorts of things you carrying in the totes...Are you taking these to hospital shifts, or are you involved in home care or some other travel? Do you use lockers at work, or do the totes go to your station with you? Do you use all the things in your tote regularly, or are you just always well prepared? Does your tote take the place of a handbag? Thanks for any info!


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i have my pocket book and my messenger bag, though sometimes i jjust throw some money and my kepys in my messenger the bag pens pens and oh yeah more pens, my 2 never know who is going to forget theirs at home my clip flashlight (yes i work nights) i put my water bottle in there and any food that doesn't need refrigerating.l...that is hoping i have time to eat.

i love the nike bag, it is easy to wash and you can have all different colors so you could make it "manly"

and i do have a locker thought nothing much is in it....i leave my bag in the nurses station because i work nights and not a lot of people are around....but when i work days i put it in the locker room

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LL Bean has some nice totes, I like them better than Land's End. REI has some great bags and totes...excellant quality. Also, I see people using craft totes, rolling backpacks, etc. Really depends on your needs and personality!

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Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions! I can't wait to go searching for the perfect one... I'll let you know what I choose!



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I'm a bag freak! LOL I have tons, but this is my favorite by far!


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