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cc_nurse specializes in NICU.

Making the move to day shift *gasp*

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  1. cc_nurse

    Do you push Fentanyl on the floor?

    In the NICU we never push it, it only goes in over 10-15 minutes or we risk chest wall rigidity. Maybe different risks in the adult world?
  2. that does seem like a lot. The per diem jobs that I have held have been pretty understanding and flexible regarding my other full time employment. Have you looked around at other facilities? Good luck, our unit has been having the same situation for a long time!
  3. cc_nurse

    Is the NICU a good place to prepare for CRNA?

    I work with someone that is currently attending a CRNA program, she worked in NICU from the start and isn't having a problem. Actually, we do deal with titrations of Dopamine, Dobutamine, pain meds, insulin etc., you also become experienced in arterial lines and respiratory support (obviously). If you go into NICU with the intention of working with the sickest babies, not just hanging out in feeder-grower land, you should get the experience you need without a problem. Good luck with your plans.
  4. cc_nurse

    Suctioning after birth

    If there is meconium, there is not to be any suctioning done on the perineum. NICU is usually there to use a delee suction to clean out the muck before it gets below the cords.
  5. cc_nurse

    Where to find 100% tution support?

    I attended Cedar Crest College in Allentown; several of my classmates were from the Pocono area. CC has several programs, including an evening/weekend PT option. DeSales is in Center Valley and *may* have an evening option, but I am not sure. Good luck! Oh, I was able to find financial aid for my time at Cedar Crest-so you shouldn't have a problem.
  6. cc_nurse

    Trouble with getting a job

    I think it is getting harder all around, both hospitals that I work for have hiring freezes in place...they are both *major* employers for the region too. I feel bad for the many grads trying to enter into the workforce right now!
  7. cc_nurse

    isolette humidity

    Ours is
  8. cc_nurse

    pins and rubberbands for CPAP

    When we predominately used bubble cpap, we used the hat/rubber band/pins routine, now we are almost exclusively using the Sipap machine which has a different set up-uses head gear instead. I think its much easier to work with.
  9. cc_nurse

    nursing assistants mixing breastmilk

    No that is strictly an RN's role for our unit. Even when I was a nursing student-tech I didn't work with bm.
  10. cc_nurse

    moving to noblesville area

    Hi, my family was considering a move last year to the same area. We really liked it and I was hired at Clarian North in Carmel; unfortunately family concerns precluded us from actually making the move. Clarian was *very* nice, the people were friendly and seemed happy with the unit I interviewed in. Its pretty much a brand new facility with lots of 'extras'. Good luck with your decision, I still hope to get out there at some point.
  11. cc_nurse

    Weekenders Working Weekday Holiday?

    I just started working a weekend program a few months ago. Our policy is the first year the weekender has to work either Christmas or New Years, regardless of where it falls in the week. I had to work Christmas this year, but have off today and will be back for Sat and Sun. I am a little worried about next year, when both holidays fall directly on the weekend. My understanding is that you still only have to work one of the two, but I am not sure. Generally if it falls on a weekend you work it.
  12. cc_nurse

    A question for RN's and RN students.

    That is basically correct, but its not just pre-reqs, you get an overall education before you specialize into the nursing aspect. My degree was 2 yrs of liberal arts and sciences followed by 2 yrs of just nursing. You also get individualized classes, for instance a separate pharmacology class as opposed to it being built into other classes. I think its more thorough as you have more time.
  13. cc_nurse

    A question for RN's and RN students.

    I experienced a very similar situation as you did. I did my pre-req's and general studies courses at the community college and transferred to a 4 yr for my BSN. I had always planned on getting that degree so it made more sense to just make the jump initially. I don't think you ever regret getting more education, its never wasted, even if you remain a staff nurse. BTW I was 32 when I went back to school-
  14. cc_nurse

    Anyone from the Lehigh Valley area?

    No unions to be found here. LVH uses a shared governance/professional model though.
  15. cc_nurse

    PICC line cap change question!

    That is our procedure too, elizabells. We can be 'wrong' together!
  16. cc_nurse

    Microbio Pre-Req Emergency!

    I can't really address your original question, I'm not from New England, but I wanted to offer MHO regarding taking Micro online. I would discourage you from doing that if you have any other option, that is a class that I think is best served in a traditional environment. You gain a lot of knowledge from a fully functioning lab setting. Good Luck though!