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Indy has 5 years experience as a LPN, LVN and specializes in ICU, telemetry, LTAC.

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  1. Indy

    Passion for Nursing but have disfigured fingers

    What makes a glove sterile is not how it fits, but how it's sterilized. That lady is handing you some weird BS, in my opinion. My hands are tiny, and maybe some XS non-sterile gloves fit decently, but it would take a size 4 sterile to fit me. I put in foleys and such just fine with whatever comes in the package, and take a size 6 unopened in case I do something dumb just to the gloves. I've seen many folks put foley catheters in with the glove fingers hanging off looking loose, it can be done even if the things don't fit. And patients will not be upset if you have funny-looking hands, they will be impressed that you are able to function and overcome your issues to help people. Honestly I don't know what kind of people they get to teach these days but the Dean needs to have a less discriminatory attitude. The things that will determine how people respond to you are your ability and your confidence. It sounds like the woman is projecting her own problems and needs to hush and let you learn.
  2. You could call them and ask, since they made the job offer, would another unit in the hospital consider hiring you? It's worth a shot.
  3. Indy

    Cough Syrup - wow!

    I'm not too keen on the chloroform, but the rest of it sounds like it would do the trick. I'd wake up three days later, on earth or in heaven, and presto! Cough is gone!
  4. Indy

    Theme song to your Nursing career?

    My favorite song to hear on the way to work: "The ****** is Back" by Elton John. And sometimes I mangle a Johnny Cash tune: "golightly on the ledge babe, golightly on the ground... I'm not the one you want babe, mag citrate's where it's found" Last week I had "mister hanky the christmas poo" stuck in my head. All the patients were serial poopers.
  5. Indy

    Dropping Magnet

    Ha! That's the first time I heard AIDET mentioned outside of my hospital! It's an entire program that basically means smile at people you pass in the hallway and talk nice about the oncoming shift. Seriously.
  6. Indy

    Sketcher's Skinny leg scrub pants to sexy for work?

    Tell your coworkers to mind their own business, wear something that moves with you when you bend, squat, walk etc and does not ride up or fall down, and wear a top that comes down to about the hip line so that it camouflages it a bit. Whatever that winds up being for you, buy it, wear it, and ignore what folks say about your weight; if it were easy to lose weight everyone would be the size they want to be.
  7. Indy

    Male Nurse Dons Dress To Protest Lack Of Uniforms

    One, do they have air conditioning? Two, why would he want his legs exposed? I like intact skin and I don't like body fluids to come in contact with my exposed skin. Also, women who wore dresses as nurses, wore some type of hose to cover their legs. So it's not less coverage, it's different coverage and pantyhose are HOT in the summer.
  8. Indy

    I Hate Being Bipolar. It's AWESOME!

    Marla, I have faith that you'll get through this okay.
  9. Indy

    What Is The Shift You Will Never Forget?

    There have been quite a few that were memorable. My first DIC patient I wound up sharing with another nurse, we did hour on, hour off for him- the hour out of the room we would snack, pee, chart and watch telemetry a bit. The hour in it was drips, give all the blood products, etc. I actually enjoyed that shift because we made a good team and we made progress with the patient, and never before or since have I been 2 nurse to one patient, no matter how sick they were. Then there was the night the 15 year old crackhead tried to kill us all (if you believe what he was screaming) and the floor nurses thought I was doing chest compressions when they answered the code button. We just needed warm bodies before the police could get there, and that was not cpr, it was me trying to hold a dude down. It was one of three nights in my whole life that I had a cigarette when it was done. Supervisor was not helping with other issues and the doc wouldn't sign off on this healthy psycho so he could go to jail; I just called the hospital DON at home, at 6 on a sunday morning, and said oh my god please help me. Help happened. My ICU boss was on vacation far away or she would have been there in a hot minute. Then there was the night on telemetry that everything went wrong. Let's see, the whole floor was full of about 100 plus visitors due to a traumatic, messy death in ICU, oh yes and in the middle of that right before our shift, a non-related lady coded in their waiting room so the tele nurses had to do that code, because she fell out due to the news her husband had died in ICU right along with the other lady. Ok. Before, during and after report every minute someone stopped us to say "how or where is XXXXX?" which was the very traumatic death in ICU. Holy cow. Then one of mine went psycho, thought I was his dog, took two IV's out and kept trying to PET me and take me for a walk. No. We had to call in a nurse just to be his nurse and tie him up good. Blah. A belly doc who had been in ICU walks into one of my pt's rooms with his toupee on sideways and blood all over him, says "ok we ready for surgery tomorrow? great!" and scared the bejeesus out of her. Not to mention all these shenanigans were LOUD. A mean, old, crabby CHF'er was found screaming in her room for folks to be quiet and find her daughter. The supervisor somehow collapsed in a laughing heap, tears running down his face outside her room, so much for help! I got her meds like, around midnight along with foolishly promising her that we would indeed quiet down. As soon as the words left my mouth I hear more screaming down the hall, come out of the room and the fire doors are shut. Hm?? I went and opened one and was yelled at "don't do that the bats will get back in!!" What the heck. The hospital does have a bat problem from time to time, and one got loose and was chasing the nurses up the hall from one end of our floor to the other. Somewhere on the other unit a heart patient was very upset that the nurse flung his door open to run into his room in the middle of the night all out of breath and wide-eyed, then refused to explain and walked back out a minute later. Hm. We all joked that if a baboon came charging up the hall next, it would not be a surprise. That one's probably the best story. I can wait a long while to have a night like that again.
  10. Indy

    Failure Failure Just another Failure....

    I recommend the Sylvia Rayfield books- one on meds and one on basic nursing. I recommended them several times, to folks who didn't pass NCLEX the first time. They passed using that course. This is only good advice if there is still time to take the test, I don't remember how long they give you.
  11. Indy

    Scrub Warm-Up Jacket That is Actually Warm

    Fruit of the Loom long sleeved tee shirts are comfy and do help. Also LL bean makes silk undershirts if you have a pricy budget (I don't, well I might could try one but I keep forgetting about them.) Uniform stores sometimes sell jackets out of fleece, I've seen them.
  12. Indy

    This year's flu vaccine not too useful

    I got influenza A this year from a patient, and gave it to my husband before either of us knew what hit us. Our entire household was vaccinated. It wasn't a good week. I shudder to think how it might have been with no vaccine. My daughter took one look at us and said "oh no" and got out bleach wipes for the bathrooms and the kitchen. Then she promptly stayed away from us. Smart gal.
  13. Indy

    Different Types Of Coworkers

    The Witch I Wish I Could Be: She's my mother's age and she says all the things I want to say, but somehow makes them sound funny or interesting instead of crass and rude, which is how they would sound coming out of my mouth. The Twin: This is a nurse I run across very rarely, and would move mountains to work with. When we go into a mess of a room, we work together, we don't have to talk, the one does what the other isn't without thinking, and somehow the work, no matter what the work is, gets done and fast. We didn't spend time figuring out how to work with each other, it just happened. The [expletive]: There is no word for this nurse. Well there is but it will get my post deleted or edited. This nurse has mania and hypermania as her two states of being, a mouth that never stops, brags about her or someone else's accomplishments till your ears bleed, and always manages to get someone else to do things for her, without ever coming into anyone else's rooms to help them. This is the nurse that I wish would dip into the narc box so she could shut up once in a while! It is also one of two things that I keep in mind when doing my schedule, the other being my family.
  14. Indy

    Sandy Storm whom do I serve?

    I don't see much in the way of natural disasters where I live. There are snow/ice storms once in a while. Nobody here knows how to drive in the rain, let alone in snow. My previous employer had two years between snowstorms. One was 2009 and I was stuck there for 3 days. There was a bed provided, we raided the pantry a wee bit, and the dude with the truck who brought a bunch of our relief to work stopped by mcdonalds and got a huge bag of sausage biscuits for us the first morning. Then the paycheck came, and we were paid double-time during the storm. Ok. Very nice. I had packed a bag and with the aid of benadryl and hard work, slept very well and finally went home when the ice was a little bit melted. Two years later and I had a week off, quite by accident, when a nice snow/ice storm hit. No I did not go in. The rooms were full, they made no accommodation for the nurses other than maybe they could sleep in the chapel. Well sleep didn't happen very well in the daytime, the secretary wouldn't stay off the overhead pager. There was no raiding the food. There were no biscuits, no overtime or double-time or incentive. There were people who stayed at a hotel nearby, and the company didn't pay for it. I don't remember if there was anyone to pick people up and help them get to work. Such a difference in two years! No I don't work there anymore.
  15. Indy

    How to give a fun lecture on death and dying?

    I don't think the subject matter itself is funny; however sometimes funny things happen. The audience or class can still be included whether the tone is serious or light.
  16. An alcohol pad can slip and doesn't provide adequate protection, especially if the ampule breaks unevenly. Wad up a glove and use that to cushion the break.