To the new graduates and those about to graduate.....


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I've already started my next semester in my RN to BSN program and am going to be a bit busy to post often. So I'll post once to everyone! :chuckle

Just want to say in one post to all those who are graduating the next weeks, or are already done.....CONGRATULATIONS! It's such a wonderful feeling to be done and to be finally moving on.

Don't sweat the NCLEX, you made it this far and you'll make it through NCLEX. (Typically in a few months we'll see a lot of posts about freakin' out about NCLEX. All I can say is don't sweat the number of questions. Remember the number of questions is only the number of questions.)

Good luck to all of you in your careers, best wishes to those moving on to more schooling after this.

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Yeah! Thanks Tweety! I am so excited about graduation (less than two weeks now, yesterday was my last day of clinical)! Good luck with your school also! I'll be with you soon in BSN land (hopefully next spring). Thanks again! -Andrea

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THANK YOU TWEETY! Just what I needed this morning...

Take care everyone. :)


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I second that Tweety. I wish all new grads well! Good luck, that first year of nursing is a real ride, but you will make out ok if you find some good mentors and act like sponges------eyes, ears, nose wide open! Best wishes to all new grads.

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Thanks Tweety and Deb,

Graduation is tomorrow. I still feel stressed though. Getting the house clean because we have a houseload of people coming tonight so that has a lot to do with it. I WANTED to go to the mall to pick myself up a new outfit but I don't see that happening. Thanks again!

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Thank you Tweety & SmilingBlueEyes :balloons:

Good luck to everyone!!! :w00t:

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Thanks Guys!! :) This is such an exciting time for all of us finishing up the stressful experience we like to call "nursing school" :smackingf The feelings of relief are finally coming....after every last experience we have: last clinical, last lecture, last final, pinning, graduation.....It is like we finally are experiencing that light at the end of the tunnel!! We will all count on learning from you experienced nurses as we embark on our first year of nursing. Thanks for the support! :thankya:

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You grads are certainly to be congratulated. Take care, rest, take a deep breath and enjoy the sunshine. Take care of yourselves! judi

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Thanks everyone! It still hasn't sunken in yet. I'm done! Finished the last shift of my mentorship @7:30 pm. I still can't believe I don't have to be anywhere on Monday for the first time in years. Maybe when the weekend is over, it will sink in. For now, I still feel like I'm in school.

:balloons: :Melody:


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Thanks! Our pinning ceremony was yesterday and I'm just so happy to be finished with nursing school! Now I just need to pass the NCLEX and get a job...


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Yeah, right Tweety . . .you aren't going to be posting much. Uh huh . . :rolleyes:

You are a nice guy. I add my congrats too for everyone and as Tweety said, don't sweat the numbers on the NCLEX.



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Thank you so much!! I keep on thinking what assignments I have left to do, it seems surreal. Congratulations 2005 nursing graduates!

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