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  1. perfectbluebuildings

    Where are the candy stripers?

    I was a candy-striper about 10 years ago- had the red and white striped dress and everything I did enjoy it. Our hospital does still have teen volunteers, mostly in the summertime, but they don't wear the "candy-striper" outfits.
  2. perfectbluebuildings

    You're On Stage

    Or someone's been bothering them too much about TPS report cover sheets. love that movie!!
  3. perfectbluebuildings

    Lab draw tips??

    Haha, yeah, I got what you meant :) thanks! Yeah, twice is the limit here too.
  4. perfectbluebuildings

    Lab draw tips??

    Hey all, I am in serious need of some advice. On our unit, we only draw labs from central lines or with IV starts (except of course bedside blood sugar checks.) However, we float to critical care sometimes where they are supposed to draw all labs, including peripherals; mostly with fingersticks or heelsticks. I have very little skill at this and am hoping for some tips. Problems: No matter the age of the kids, or how well they bleed, and how well others have been able to obtain labs- after a few seconds their whole hand or heel seems to have blood on it but my lab tube has very little. If I miraculously manage to get enough, it's usually clotted by the time it gets to the lab because it took me so long to obtain. Tips I've gotten from co-workers/experience: Heelwarmer or warm washcloth to the extremity for several minutes before drawing labs. Use a wet cloth/alcohol wipe to clean the site when it gets covered. Use a vaseline gauze to help the blood "bead" better to get into the tube. Use a helper with the little ones. So that's what I have tried, and yet I still can't get good labs. Is it some kind of hand-eye coordination thing, or what? It's very frustrating for me. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. perfectbluebuildings

    Would YOU recommend to a friend/family member, etc..

  6. perfectbluebuildings

    Would YOU recommend to a friend/family member, etc..

    I would lean towards no. Not any more. Even shadowing a nurse for a day I don't think would give a person a real idea of what being a nurse means (either the good or bad parts). I know it didn't for me. Some days I love my job; kids are special and I love seeing them bounce back and feel better after only a few days. I enjoy mentoring newer nurses to be good at taking care of kids. I love seeing the strength and the capacity for love and joy that human beings can have even when faced with terrible situations. (I see it in both patients/families and co-workers.) But things like high stress, low respect from other disciplines, five million extraneous paperwork requirements beyond the day-to-day patient care and charting, the increasing pounding in our heads of customer service that makes it seem nothing you do will ever be enough, the people (co-workers and patients/families) who always find something wrong no matter what you do or how hard you work... those are a few of the reasons I would not recommend it. I guess I should add a caveat to take this with a grain of salt- I need a long vacation.
  7. perfectbluebuildings

    You know it's going to be a crazy night at work, when

    -The parking lot is completely full. -Anyone from the previous shift says either... "It's been a horrible day, run while you can!" or, "It's been a really good day, you all should have a great shift!!" -You get off the elevator and immediately you can either A)hear the multitude of screaming babies and pulse ox monitors or B)smell the rotavirus :)
  8. perfectbluebuildings

    Time for some introspective criticism perhaps?

    I will say, I can't stand when people do the above (call from a personal cell phone to try to get people to come in.) I never do that when I'm in charge or working. If I said I couldn't come in, there's a reason and I don't need to be hassled about it. It puts people in an awkward position if they are exhausted or whatever, or maybe not a prior commitment but just too tired or something else they don't feel like sharing with someone, but here is their friend asking them to do it. To me, it's kind of taking advantage of the fact that you have their number for outside reasons than work. But I do agree with being flexible and doing what you can within reason to help your unit out.
  9. perfectbluebuildings

    Sick call?

    Hey, edited the original post it gave way too much detail. But turned out I did get pretty sick later in the day. I ended up calling in- must have just been starting up when I first posted. anyway... that's all. hopefully better in a couple days. Thanks for your thoughts!!
  10. perfectbluebuildings

    Call for the Priest!

    That's a great story :) I am sure your patient appreciated you all a lot!!
  11. perfectbluebuildings

    Sick call?

    ...Never mind, silly topic/question; did a search and found answers...
  12. perfectbluebuildings

    Snow Days....

    I can see both sides of this issue. I am also in a southern state hard hit by this recent storm, and also not nearly as well equipped as more northern states to deal with this kind of weather (though our dept of transportation people have been working very hard!) It is as much as possible our responsibility to get there as scheduled if at all possible, and to plan ahead for weather emergencies. I have never called in because of weather. Always been able to find a way to get there. (Have learned a LOT about winter driving this year!!) But sometimes, that is not possible for some people in certain situations, and I think there should be some leeway. I guess I just want to revisit a question one poster asked a few pages ago that I haven't seen other opinions on. What should be the cut-off? I.E. how early should you go into work to avoid a snowstorm? For example, if a snowstorm is predicted to come on, say, a Monday night and your next scheduled workday is Wednesday or Thursday morning, but the snow still isn't cleared by then, should you have gone in before the storm on Monday? I'm really wondering how more northern cities & states deal with this issue every winter- do you have some kind of system? That may seem like a stupid question, but it's a genuine one. We usually have maybe one big storm a year, that doesn't amount to much and is gone by that afternoon or the next, so I'm not used to this kind of thing. Thanks-
  13. perfectbluebuildings

    When it all starts to seem like too much

    Thanks for the recommendation- that looks like a REALLY good book (I checked it out on Amazon) I think I'm going to order it, sounds like it has a lot of good insights.
  14. perfectbluebuildings

    When it all starts to seem like too much

    Thanks for your insights. I actually got called off (for now) for tonight for low census, which I'm glad about, and tomorrow I'm going to see a friend for coffee and chat and I think that will help. I do have a quote that I like and try to remember, "we cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love." But it can be hard to remember. I am not very articulate but when I figure out the best way to deal with this for me, I will keep you all posted.
  15. perfectbluebuildings

    When it all starts to seem like too much

    How do you cope when the things you see at work all seem to be too much, and you don't feel like you're doing enough? Patients dying young. Patients neglected by the ones who are supposed to love them most. Patients physically hurt by the ones who are supposed to love them most. Patients suffering beyond our capacity to help them. Knowing you will see this more and more every time you work, with little ones you come to love. And looking at the why's of these situations, which I know have no answers. But I still keep asking. I feel extremely selfish letting all this get to me, or worrying why wasn't I the one to be able to help that certain patient better; when it's not about me at all. Any insight or just if you understand, will help. I'm really not feeling going to work tonight. It has been rough the past few weeks.