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  1. twarlik

    Going back to the bedside?

    Thank you all for your input. I met with my manager last week and we are working to find a way to make my position a better fit for me. She thinks I'm doing a good job and wants to try and keep me in my current role. For the time being, I have decided to stick it out and see how things go. Thanks again for your replies. Todd
  2. twarlik

    Going back to the bedside?

    After two years at the bedside, I accepted a management position. I was sure it was what I wanted to do, but after 6 months I am feeling the desire to go back to the bedside. I'm a little concerned about how my manager will react when I tell her this and was wondering how you other managers would feel. Have any of you had an experience like this? Is 6 months too soon to leave my current position? I appreciate any advice you can all give me. Todd
  3. twarlik

    Staff "refusing" to work a schedule

    We have two secretaries; one is usually day shift and the other is for evening shift. They both normally work M-F on their respective shifts. They share holidays, in that on holidays one of them works 8-5; covering most of day shift and the beginning of evening shift. The secretary in question is working Christmas Eve and Christmas day. She has Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, and New Years Day off. Thanks again for all the input. I will probably be speaking to her tomorrow about this.
  4. twarlik

    Staff "refusing" to work a schedule

    Thanks for your response. I plan on speaking with my manager first. Our system for determining holiday schedules involves a few factors. First, all staff sign up for the holidays they want off by ranking them (1 being their first choice, 2 being the second, etc.). Second, we look at what holidays the person had last year in the event there is a problem with giving someone their first choices. In other words, if you didn't get Christmas off last year and you want it this year, you're more likely to get it than someone who had it off last year. This system is well known by all the staff. We currently have two unit secretaries who typically split the holidays. The other secretary worked Christmas last year and was wanting it off this year (she does not have children). I personally think this is fair and don't believe that holiday requests should be based upon the fact that someone has children and someone else doesn't.
  5. I am an assistant head nurse on my unit, and as such am responsible for putting together staff schedules. I recently posted the holiday schedules and am having a big issue with my unit secretary. She had requested Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas off this year. All my records indicate that she had these days off last year (this is my first year in this job). This year, I am unable to give her all of these days so have scheduled her to work Christmas Eve and Christmas. She is now "refusing" to work those days and tells me that it is an unreasonable thing to ask since she is a single mother. I am planning on speaking with her Monday, but would like some input from some of you experienced managers. How would you handle this situation? Todd
  6. They are offering this degree at a university here in Portland and I agree that the new role seems somewhat poorly defined. I asked someone who is enrolled in the program about it and she even had a difficult time telling me what the function of a "Clinical Nurse Leader" would be. I do believe that some of the hospitals out here are working with the program to incorporate this new CNL role once they start turning out graduates. Will be interesting to see how it develops.
  7. twarlik

    What do you do when you see this??

    I also provide my pts with a warm washcloth after toileting if they didn't stop at the sink. I usually find this a whole lot easier for everyone, especially if they've got a lot of lines, tubes, etc. I agree with the poster who said that a lot of usual habits fly out the window when you're hospitalized. I think most people just want to get back into bed as quickly as possible, so they sort of forget the importance of washing their hands after using the toilet.
  8. twarlik

    But you're a MAN!

    I feel your frustration. I doubt anyone would be as accomodating to a pt who requested that they not have a black nurse. Why is it still acceptable for someone to refuse a male nurse?
  9. twarlik

    But you're a MAN!

    I used this tactic with a pt once and it did actually work. Usually when a pt refuses me (it's only happened a couple of times), I tell them that it's going to be a few minutes until a woman is available (I work nights). Quite a few times, they've just allowed me to help them and I've done my best to respect their privacy. Frankly my opinion is that if someone refuses to have me as their nurse, it's their problem not mine. I'm a good nurse and it's a shame they can't get over their hang ups.
  10. twarlik

    Working nights versus working days

    I completely agree with this post. At nights as a new grad, you simply don't have the number of resources that you have during the day. You have to be very independent very quickly. This works for some people, but others just can't handle it. Everyone is different, but I really can't agree with your instructors assessment of days vs. nights. ~Todd
  11. twarlik

    Where do you buy your scrubs?

    I just bought some scrubs from AllHeart. You can get a pretty decent set of scrubs for about $20. http://www.allheart.com/
  12. twarlik

    OHSU acceptance

    Congrats on your starting nursing school! I applied for the new grad program at OHSU and am still waiting to hear something. Getting nervous about finding a job since I graduate in less than a month. Good luck with school! ~Todd
  13. twarlik

    Nursing shortage in Portland/Vancoover????

    I'm graduating next month and am planning on moving to Portland in June. I've looked at just about every facility in that area. My impression has been that there isn't as great of a shortage in Portland/Vancouver as there is in many other parts of the country. As for St. Vincents, I've heard good things and I know they have a new graduate residency program. There are also new grad programs at OHSU and Legacy. ~Todd
  14. Ditto. Hated my research class. Though it did change the way I read research and I do have much more respect for the process now.
  15. twarlik


    Yeah, I realize the weather was unusual. Thanks for the warning. I have read OHSU's website. I've gotten pretty much all I can from it. I hope to hear from someone this week about the internships, so we'll see. Appreciate all the info! BTW, what school are you going to and when do you graduate? I'm getting my BSN from Florida State University. Graduate April 30th.
  16. twarlik

    Nurse soon...too good to be true?

    I know how you all feel. My final exams are next Tuesday and I start my internship the following Monday. I keep thinking that something is going to happen that will prevent me from graduating. I have dreams about it! Can't wait for it to be over... Good luck to everyone who's getting ready to graduate! :smiley_aa