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jenrninmi has 11 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in L&D.


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  1. Probably earliest would be October. What are the best hospitals and why? Where are the best areas to move to? I'm used to quiet, safe, upper-middle class areas if that helps. Schools don't matter because my kids are college-aged. Thanks for any help you can offer! 😊
  2. I live in Oklahoma. I'm looking forward to branching out to a different form of nursing. Can't wait to get started!
  3. jenrninmi

    Botox Certification RN

    What did you find out? I was under the impression that because you're administrating medication you would at least have to have a physician or NP prescribe for you.
  4. jenrninmi

    Is starting at a medspa the best way?

    I am interested in doing the same thing. I just registered for a class for Botox and dermal filler training in March. Excited to get started! Tired of hospital nursing
  5. jenrninmi

    Applied for aesthetic RN position, advice?

    Any updates?
  6. jenrninmi

    Postpartum Nurses being the Baby Nurse?

    I work in a level II LDRP and we are baby-friendly designated. Baby never leaves room unless absolutely necessary and for circs. All of our nurses have specialty of L&D or special care nursery nurse but we all do m/b. Any of our nurses can transition the newborn as we are all NRP certified. If we're busy sometimes we have a second RN in the room just to make sure baby is stable and then the l&d RN will finish up with mom and baby. That includes all meds, assessments, footprints, measurements... No bath until at least 12 hours (I had no idea hospitals still gave baths so soon after delivery). Even nightly weights , cchd, tcb, newborn screens and hearing screens are done in mom's room.
  7. WOW!, Klone, 3/4 of what you do , I do as a charge nurse. I need to be paid more.
  8. jenrninmi

    Grand Rapids Hospitals

    I loved working for Metrohealth.
  9. We use Centricity also, our hospital system is Epic though. Vital signs interface but nothing else. We just switched to Epic in May but had Cerner before that. Same thing, no interfacing except vitals. At least with our package. I have used OB trace vie before and I like it better than Centricity.
  10. jenrninmi

    Nursing wages.

    It may depend on the hospital, but Integris does.
  11. jenrninmi

    Advice for outpatient OB to inpatient

    I don't know about where you work, but everywhere I've been you can't get a prn position if you don't have any experience in that particular job. Such as, if you're looking to get a prn position in l&d, you have to have experience in that position first. I'd say at least a year. I would just get a part-time or full-time position and leave the job you hate.
  12. jenrninmi

    Low L&D Census, losing hours. Does this happen often?

    We have on average 50 deliveries a month. So, yes there are going to be times we place a nurse on call. But those are also the times we welcome gyn surgeries. We are only a 10 bed unit. Now saying this, there are a few of us that welcome a day off work. Me included. :)
  13. jenrninmi

    Can't land a job on labor and delivery

    Whoohoo! Congratulations! I hope it's what you're looking for! :)
  14. jenrninmi

    Labor and Delivery Salary in FL

    You might want to try posting in the Florida board. Doesn't really matter what tour specialty is, you'll get paid the same unless it's a position no one wants then they may pay you more.
  15. jenrninmi

    L&D nurse looking for career change?

    I left l&d and while earning my MSN in nursing management and leadership, tried PACU - 6 months. Hated it, I prefer my patients awake and not combative when coiming out of anesthesia, 14 months in an infusion clinic, job was fine, pay was way too low and worked with some of the worst, meanest nurses out there, then did a short time in teaching before I went back to my beloved 12-hr-shifts in labor and delivery. I now know what I was missing and I hope I don't ever forget what else is out there. I don't know how people can possibly enjoy working 5 days a week. No thank you! Lol
  16. jenrninmi

    ACLS & circulating

    Neither place where I've worked l&d ( where we also have our own OR suite and circulate and recover our own patients) do they require ACLS. I am certified though because I worked a small 6 month stent in PACU, so just keep it up every 2 years.