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  1. I live in Oklahoma. I'm looking forward to branching out to a different form of nursing. Can't wait to get started!
  2. jenrninmi

    Botox Certification RN

    What did you find out? I was under the impression that because you're administrating medication you would at least have to have a physician or NP prescribe for you.
  3. jenrninmi

    Is starting at a medspa the best way?

    I am interested in doing the same thing. I just registered for a class for Botox and dermal filler training in March. Excited to get started! Tired of hospital nursing
  4. jenrninmi

    Applied for aesthetic RN position, advice?

    Any updates?
  5. jenrninmi

    L&D charge nurses required to have patients

    Where I work, the charge nurse will take a couple of post-partum patients. Really, sometimes they would just be sitting around...I don't see what the problem is...
  6. jenrninmi

    Cook catheter for cervical ripening

    Yeah, I've never heard of using a liter of fluid. We usually just inflate the balloon with 30-40 ml of saline and apply traction to the leg with tape.
  7. jenrninmi

    new grad jobs?

    Spectrum Health and Metro Health on the west side of the state are hiring
  8. jenrninmi

    PCA in OB/GYN

    We have pca's in our mother/baby unit. Not l&d though.
  9. jenrninmi

    labor nurse circulating for C-sections

    We do, but we also have our own OR.
  10. jenrninmi

    OB "Freebies"

    We have formula diaper bags (from Similac, Enfamil and Carnation) for formula feeding moms and breast feeding diaper bags for breast feeding moms. We also have another bag that is filled with a bunch of baby things including diapers, a camera, birpcloths and more. We give them a pack of diapers, wipes, a knit hat and comb
  11. jenrninmi

    Charting System at Mills Peninsula - Burlingame

    We just switched to Epic. We still have OB Trace Vue too, but chart in Epic Stork. They don't interphase, so I don't like it...
  12. jenrninmi

    WBH - Troy Formula

    Typically, hospitals supply all types of formulas. Although, if she's going to be participating in WIC, she'll have to use Enfamil. That's all WIC supplies now a days. That, and Prosobee whitch is the soy version. I think they use Pampers Swaddlers.
  13. jenrninmi

    breastfeeding gone wrong

    but i don't know one experienced l&d nurse who wouldn't notice an audible deceleration no matter how involved she was in doing something when it happened. so true, nursenora!
  14. jenrninmi

    I want to come home

    I agree with pp pay, but I love the Grand Rapids area. Cost of living is also less here. There are openings at Spectrum Health and Metro Health. Not sure about St. Mary's. I'd go to their websites and see what they've got open.
  15. jenrninmi


    No, we give it like it is...I tell them to take it like a they're drinking a shot.