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  1. I live in Oklahoma. I'm looking forward to branching out to a different form of nursing. Can't wait to get started!
  2. Probably earliest would be October. What are the best hospitals and why? Where are the best areas to move to? I'm used to quiet, safe, upper-middle class areas if that helps. Schools don't matter because my kids are college-aged. Thanks for any help you can offer!
  3. I'm having a hard time with this because I don't work in a hospital, I work in an infusion clinic, and I've only worked here for 5 months...
  4. jenrninmi

    Grand Rapids Hospitals

    I loved working for Metrohealth.
  5. We use Centricity also, our hospital system is Epic though. Vital signs interface but nothing else. We just switched to Epic in May but had Cerner before that. Same thing, no interfacing except vitals. At least with our package. I have used OB trace vie before and I like it better than Centricity.
  6. jenrninmi

    Nursing wages.

    It may depend on the hospital, but Integris does.
  7. jenrninmi

    Dialysis RN hourly rate in OKC

    Of course we get paid more with more experience we have. My base pay is $31 an hour. Considerably more than a new grad that makes maybe $20 an hour. Out of the hospital as in infusion RN I only made $25 an hour. So if you are looking to work out of the hospital I would say probably with your experience about $25 an hour.
  8. OA is done and passed, it's the PA I'm having problems with. I've spoken to my coworkers, I have an idea of the possible subject that I've sent to the course mentors to see if it is a good topic. I don't really have a supervisor. Well we have a business Manager, but she has been no help and has no medical background. We don't have a QI team and I've also sent an email to the course mentors I am so stuck. I haven't heard anything from the course mentor yet.
  9. jenrninmi

    So excited!! After 5 years away from the bedside...

    That's funny, Klone. I did too. Started back in August.
  10. jenrninmi

    New grad in L&D. Are these things normal?

    OMG! No! Not normal! You aren't safe there (at least your license isn't) and neither are your patients. Protect yourself, find another position in another hospital.
  11. jenrninmi

    Best labor and delivery hospital?

    Where did you end up going? I hope you've had good luck.
  12. Or if you've completed this course, how was it? Which disease process did you choose? I am pretty sure I'm choosing depression.
  13. But I'm getting myself back on track today! I'm not technically behind, but I wanted to be finished this course sooner than this weekend. I'm working on C158 Organizational Leadership and Team Development. What did other students think of this class?
  14. jenrninmi

    June 2015 start date MSN

    I was able accelerate 4 classes so far. Hopefully another 2 classes as well.
  15. I am happy with this, and am excited! I love my current job. I am an infusion nurse at an arthritis clinic. Only just finished my 6th week there. My issue is there has never been a lead RN here. The nurses didn't think it was needed. As it is, the infusion suite works like a well-oiled machine. The facility's administrators are not medical at all. I've never worked in a facility where my manager wasn't a nurse. Weird, right? How do you handle becoming a lead to nurses who don't want change? Also trying to figure out why administration is asking me to fill this new position? I am in school for my MSN in Management/Leadership. Administration knows this. I'm also thinking that because I'm new, I guess They could mold me? I didn't become an employee at this place to go into management here. At least, not this soon. Maybe when I'm finished with school (sometime next year). I feel like if they move me to lead, we may lose some very talented nurses that have been there several years.
  16. Done! I chose depression. Also passed pretest for C352, now to schedule OA exam.
  17. jenrninmi

    New to current facility, being asked to be team lead...

    Both comments are the points I was thinking of.
  18. Done and passed with flying colors! On to C155!
  19. jenrninmi

    Nursing Capstone at WGU

    Yep! So far I like it a lot.
  20. jenrninmi

    Nursing Capstone at WGU

    Ugh. Not looking forward to that.
  21. jenrninmi

    WGU - off to a bad start

    I'm sorry to hear that. My enrollment advisor was great right off the bat. Good luck to you!
  22. Have you watched the videos? They have been very helpful for me. Done with section A, on to section B! :) On to section C! Just updating to make myself feel better;)
  23. I'm very excited! I've been trying to get into a health department position for a while. Wish me luck!
  24. jenrninmi

    Public Health Nurse

  25. My advisor told me I have a start date of April 1st as of a couple of weeks ago, but I am so anxious to start right now! I've done all my part, now I'm just waiting for them to say go! I got everything in the day I talked to my advisor over 2 weeks ago. I guess I'll contact him and see what he says. How long did it take for you to start from the time you submitted everything?

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