What topic did you use for C157 essentials of advanced nursing practice field experience?


I'm having a hard time with this because I don't work in a hospital, I work in an infusion clinic, and I've only worked here for 5 months...

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I don't know how helpful it will be to know what other people did their topic on, because it's going to be very unique to everyone and where they work. It's okay that you've only been there 5 months, because you're looking at a change initiative that has already taken place. So you will likely need to go back to something that took place before you started working there.

The one I did was on the initiation of follow-up letters to patients on "normal" lab results. Previously we would only contact them if their lab results were abnormal. We had low scores on our CAHPS regarding "did you receive follow-up on test results in a timely manner?" So it was decided facility-wide that each department was responsible for contacting patients on ALL lab results, not just the abnormals. So I looked at the implementation of this practice and how it affected the CAHPS scores for that question.

Since you've only been there a short time, your best bet is to talk to your supervisor or a coworker who has been there a while and ask them about any QI initiatives they've implemented in the past year or so. It needs to be something that's measurable. And of course, when you're stuck on something, the best resources are your student mentor and the course mentor.

Good luck!

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I did employee engagement drives patient centered care as well as patient satisfaction

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