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katydidit1964 has 17 years experience as a MSN.

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  1. katydidit1964

    Fired Because of a Rude Hand Gesture

    I happen to agree with Nurse Beth - find a job - any job- quickly as the longer you are out of the field the harder it will be to find employment. LTC facilities are usually always in need. And you might find that you love it! Everybody has a niche and you haven't had the chance to discover yours yet...
  2. katydidit1964

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

  3. katydidit1964

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    If your still in the determination process ask your HR contact or the nurse manager of the unit/Dept..if already hired then can go online to SharePoint.. HR and proceed from there
  4. katydidit1964

    VA RN and payscales

    A nurse 1 will receive within grade raise yearly until some point in the N1 grade 3 level. Nurse 2 is every 2 years . Can ask for reconsideration at that time. I believe N3 is every 2 yrs as well but not certain. Proficiency is due yearly regardless of pay status.
  5. katydidit1964

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Copied from another poster: The main thing for nurse 3 is to have a different example for each domain and everything must include: the problem, intervention, outcome, sustainability. All of these must be at the program ororganizational level. It must be outside of your unit. I think you are new to the VA so be sure to ask for the N3 clinical pathway example that is relavent to the position you have selected.
  6. katydidit1964

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Sorry I am still working on obtaining my NIII... But if the God's prevail and I'm blessed to write well enough.. I will definitely share....
  7. katydidit1964

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    I went to a proficiency training today. They stressed to utilize the Nurse 3 guidelines and use the language that is provided when answering how you met the goal. Also to make sure you wrap the section up with how it benefitted the organization/facility. Along with data or % of change/improvement. I submit again next year and we will see if it helps. I'm involved in everything from policy updates, nursing note creation to nurses week. I'm exhausted 😋
  8. katydidit1964

    I'm lost. I want to quit nursing.

    I also went thru the ringer trying to figure out the best fit for me. With your love of having a connection with your patients you might want to try psych. Right now most of my patients have drug additions as a way of self treatment in addition to having that 'high'. So that makes it more difficult. However those that are severly mentally ill deserve all the services we can provide to help them be functioning members of society.
  9. katydidit1964

    MSN degree leadership and management / administration

    I finished my MSN ML at WGU whose format was perfect.last year. ML teaches soft skills as well as introduces you to business concepts. This year I will complete the MBA HA which offers a more financial approach. Since I have completed my MSN I will have less classes to complete so hopefully can be done in 1 semester.
  10. Please contact me at katydidit64@yahoo.com. I would be happy to either help you or connect you with someone.
  11. katydidit1964

    My manager is interrogating staff, what does this mean?

    Not to be redundant and repeat everyone.. however I worked in a facility that required the DON to round with the supervisors quarterly to review their meetings and documentation on their quarterly rounding with the employees. At first it was interesting..then it became annoying as I felt each time like I was being called the the principles office. It wasn't until after I let her know how I felt that she explained the reasoning. After that it was a good time to catch up and discuss situations that maybe didn't go as well as I'd have liked. I really miss that aspect...
  12. katydidit1964

    VA Hire Time

    Depends on the need of the facility and the timeliness of your responses. We recently had new hires that took 6 weeks from interview to start date. But that is not the norm. Our applicants were very motivated, and our facility was motivated as well. The longest aspect was boarding process as that took 3 weeks in itself.
  13. katydidit1964

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    I observed a boad hearing recently. The most important thing I saw was to obtain the checkoff sheet they use when evaulating your proficiency. Use the most important words in each sentece followed by how you determined the change, the rrasearch or background of the change overview of steps that implemented change followed by data showing what outcome. Use same information slightly changed to show sustainability. How a unit manager can reach 3 for program or facility change seems almost impossible to me at this time. I have been involved with medication policy change throughout the facility, assisted with education of said change. Have data showing outcome but no dice. I also was involved in opening a new unit for specific gender treament modalities (not my unit) and have data showing useage outcome in terms of $$$ still no go. I am in this same boat . Unit change and outcome is easy...
  14. katydidit1964

    Am I being short sighted? Advice on employment needed

    I like others agree that the commute would be awful, and what an awesome advantage if u decided to up your credentials í ½í¸€ On a side note... Do they have openings? Sounds fabulous!
  15. I don't believe the OP is targeting management just employment opportunities that require less bedside care. Those type jobs include positions with insurance companies, case management, utilization review, QM, chart review, possibly even drug reps. That is not saying that many of these jobs don't require experience as they do. But if that's your goal know that at the start of your career and work towards that goal.
  16. katydidit1964

    Western Governor's University- Leadership & Management

    That would be a huge blessing!

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