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  1. katydidit1964

    Fired Because of a Rude Hand Gesture

    I happen to agree with Nurse Beth - find a job - any job- quickly as the longer you are out of the field the harder it will be to find employment. LTC facilities are usually always in need. And you might find that you love it! Everybody has a niche and you haven't had the chance to discover yours yet...
  2. katydidit1964

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    If your still in the determination process ask your HR contact or the nurse manager of the unit/Dept..if already hired then can go online to SharePoint.. HR and proceed from there
  3. katydidit1964

    VA RN and payscales

    A nurse 1 will receive within grade raise yearly until some point in the N1 grade 3 level. Nurse 2 is every 2 years . Can ask for reconsideration at that time. I believe N3 is every 2 yrs as well but not certain. Proficiency is due yearly regardless of pay status.
  4. katydidit1964

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Copied from another poster: The main thing for nurse 3 is to have a different example for each domain and everything must include: the problem, intervention, outcome, sustainability. All of these must be at the program ororganizational level. It must be outside of your unit. I think you are new to the VA so be sure to ask for the N3 clinical pathway example that is relavent to the position you have selected.
  5. katydidit1964

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Sorry I am still working on obtaining my NIII... But if the God's prevail and I'm blessed to write well enough.. I will definitely share....
  6. katydidit1964

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    I went to a proficiency training today. They stressed to utilize the Nurse 3 guidelines and use the language that is provided when answering how you met the goal. Also to make sure you wrap the section up with how it benefitted the organization/facility. Along with data or % of change/improvement. I submit again next year and we will see if it helps. I'm involved in everything from policy updates, nursing note creation to nurses week. I'm exhausted