They should be force to retire


I have worked with a few old school nurses who weren't their anymore and they were making BIG nursing mistakes, but they still have the licenses. Now as hard as it to get one do you feel that they should be forced into retirement and stripped of their licenses?

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"I have worked with a few old school nurses who weren't their anymore".

Weren't their what any more....?

Have to assume you meant weren't 'there' any more.

Oh and, homework?

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Running for a comfy chair and popcorn for the fireworks that are sure to begin.

But I'll bite...any nurse who is making 'BIG nursing mistakes' cannot hide for long. Others will notice and report it. From there its up to the powers that be, what happens to said matter WHAT his/her age.

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I've seen young nurses make BIG nursing mistakes. Should they be fired too?

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Let me guess. You're a new grad?


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Hope I don't make any mistakes when I'm not my anymore.


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Any licensed individual who is making "BIG" mistakes should be investigated for capacity to practice safely, regardless of the individual's age. This is not necessarily an age-related issue. However, newer, younger nurses should keep in mind that, eventually, it will be you the newer, younger nurses are criticizing because they want your job ...

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Let me guess. You're a new grad?

I don't think the OP is even a nursing student.

My apologies if I'm wrong.

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Given the large number of grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in the original post -- I'm not so sure the OP is someone I would trust with much responsibility for other people's welfare. Maybe he/she is someone that other people are trying to get rid of.

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This is gonna be interesting......


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I am just planning on working until a robot can replace me. hope I can make it that long without a big mistake.