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  1. PulselessNine

    When did this trend start??

    That's been going on forever. I saw some crazy stuff 30 years ago when watching my aunt graduate. I'm hoping I can come up with something as entertaining for those in the audience to watch. Don't take it too seriously.
  2. PulselessNine

    Army vet looking to go back on AD as a nurse

    ROTC may require you to go non-medical be careful on the contract and talk to an Army Medical Officer Recruiter for straight scoop
  3. PulselessNine

    Mandatory flu shots????

    At least we now know that bananas cause motor vehicle accidents. Knowing is half the battle.
  4. PulselessNine

    Need some comic relief from all this Ebola-ness?

    If you like your Ebola, you can keep it.
  5. PulselessNine

    What gives with the unsupportive spouses?

    My wife today is highly supportive. My previous wife received the benefit of a six figure income and a man who would leave early to be home for dinner. I made sure that she could stay home and be a mom IF she wanted to. That income came with a requirement that I be available for clients at off hours and sometimes on weekends. I was accused of getting break all day while she struggled with kids at home. The kids were in elementary school for several years when this accusation came along. She left because it was unfair to her that I worked from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM and got a break from the household chores everyday. My only point here is that spouses are often self centered no matter what we do. I have been blessed with someone who loves me for me and understands that we share each other with our obligations at work. I hope that things change for the OP and that support will be the new norm.
  6. PulselessNine

    Male modesty double standard

    OP - Perhaps you could advocate for a policy change to protect Pt rights within your facility. Show us some data that proves there is no need for the protective presence of the officers and that Pt outcomes improve. Perhaps
  7. PulselessNine

    Nursing Dx

    OP - I imagine you started the thread because someone told you that you overstepped your bounds with your chart entry. If you correct every little typo in the same manner as you have in this thread you can expect your supervisors and coworkers to be hyper vigilant for the opportunity to correct you. They may even allow you to embarrass yourself when they could have otherwise helped you out. You can be always right and alienate those around you or you can step back and observe your limitations and watch the helping hands come from all directions. Have a great day.
  8. PulselessNine

    LSU or charity uniform

    For clinicals - white on white with white trim and add a little white to them just to mix things up. At LSU for regular class - closed toe in lab. The polo shirt with SON logo and dark blue or black pants. I only see the charity students in full white.
  9. PulselessNine

    Vial Openers?

    Inject the diluent with a sterile syringe Mix it Pull the mixture with a sterile syringe
  10. PulselessNine

    LSU BSN Fall 2014 Semester

    No worries. We have a lot of time to work together through this program. I value the friendship we will make and the classmates in the program far more than a few study aids.
  11. PulselessNine

    LSU BSN Fall 2014 Semester

    Is it wrong that I feel like the kid who showed up first and got ignored? Let me know if anyone else in your class is in a charitable mood. Thank you for offering the support.
  12. PulselessNine

    LSU BSN Fall 2014 Semester

    Check PM, I'm interested and can meet you in the NOLA area anytime.
  13. PulselessNine

    BOLC June 2014

    It's not a bad place. Allows me to finish the BSN and then do the active duty remix.
  14. PulselessNine

    BOLC June 2014

    I spend a fair amount of time at Ft Couch myself. LOL
  15. PulselessNine

    BOLC June 2014

    Hey 504medic, you in Hammond or Jackson BKS?
  16. PulselessNine

    BOLC June 2014

    I was there as part of operational training and thankfully never needed medical attention so I know nothing of the hospital there. If you have family there in Southern CA then it may be okay. There are significant PhilAm communities throughout the region as well. As for remote. It is desert remote not jungle remote. I need a little humidity in my life and that dry heat is tough on my lungs and nose. At least you'll make an informed decision. Congratulations and good luck.