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I have a job that required me to be a licensed RN, but I do extremely little that has any to do with actual nursing. I work Mon-Fri. It's pretty nice but sometimes hard to take care of assorted chores and errands during the week. I get lucky though in that if my lunch hour lasts longer due to personal commitments that no one gripes as long as the work gets done.


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I work mon- fri and love it. I especially love no holidays. With two school age children the predictable schedule helps us spend more quality time together. But I have many nurse friends who hate the idea and thrive on shift work. That is the beauty of nursing- something for everyone. :)

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5 days a week sounds like torture to me. Give me my 3 on 4 off please. Bleh.

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I never thought I'd covet the M-F 9-5 cubicle desk job in the prototypical office microcosm until I became a full-time RN. All of my friends have such a schedule, and I am the only nurse. My only RN friend working 3 12s is my girlfriend and we seem to always have opposite schedules. She is mid-day shift 12-12, 1-1, 2-2; and I'm strictly night shift 7-7. We have to figure out a way to request schedules that allow us to spend more time together, but as for my M-F 9-5 friends it's looking bleak. The iron fist of adult responsibility tightens its grasp.


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I work a 40 hr week M-F. I get paid for 38. I get an ADO (accrued day off) once every 4 weeks. This day is nice for a long weekend or if I want to go to the dentist etc. My hours are flexible so if I need to leave early I come in early or work late the next day.

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I'm a weekend shifter! I love it.


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If nothing else, this thread ought to eliminate the idea that there is ONE perfect shift that everyone is just dying for! You'll often see the complaints that come from working holidays, weekends, off-shifts, rotating shifts, night shifts, etc etc etc. But then you'll see just as many from people who live for those same "awful" shifts!

I worked nights/weekends/holidays for years; it was sometimes good, sometimes bad. I worked 8's and 12's, and so I had midweek days off, and variable schedules---and later on, predictable schedules. They all worked, and they all sucked ;)

For the last few years I've been doing dayshift, M-F, no weekends, no on-call, no evenings, no holidays. Holy Grail of nursing, for the most part, for most folks (except those who hate that grind!). Having had much to compare it to, I really DO prefer my current schedule, hands down, over anything else I've worked. After all, who LIKES being late for family events (or missing them entirely) because you either have to work or sleep weird hours?

I can always get time off for personal appointments, things for the kids, whatever. No big deal at all. And I am never required to work weekends or holidays or nights, period. So I never ever have to miss out on time with family and friends (who also live "normal" M-F, daytime lives).

If most of my family and/or friends worked the goofy hours I used to, then it'd be different, I'm sure. But since I'm living on the Standard American Timeline I am so very thankful for M-F daytime work!


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I agree, of we all work 12 hour shifts then we could be much happier. Since most of America is on a M-F 9-5, it works out better for a family. I love 12s if I had no weekends or holidays. All schedules have pros and cons.


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I can't imagine ever working Monday through Friday. Five days in a row? And only two days off? No thank you. Nursing is a tough job, but one of the reasons I picked it was the flexibility in scheduling.


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I'm a weekend shifter! I love it.

I've wondered how people feel about that. It wasn't an option at the hospital I worked at. I think I'd miss out on weekend activities with people who are only off on the weekends.

Granted, the good thing about the hospital I worked at was that no one but nursing and a loan lab and x-ray tech were on-duty during the weekends along with the sleeping ER doctor.

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I work 6 days a week and it is insane. 4 hours Sunday (but I never get out after 4 hours -- more like 5 or 6), 8 hours monday, 6 hours Tues, 10 hours wed, 6 hours Thurs, 4-5 hours Friday. Not only this but we have 4 locations so I'm in a different office almost every day of the week. I have Thursday mornings off so that is my small window for getting things done. Seeing my kids is only on Saturdays.

I only do this because I'm in my first year in first job and it wasn't easy to find. I'm waiting until I have more experience and clout to either negotiate a better schedule/pay or get out of there.


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I love my M-F job. No weekends, nights, or holidays! Please and thank you. Especially now that I have a little one. But, I don't work in acute care so I think that makes a difference. I wouldn't want to work 5 days a week as a floor nurse.

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