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0.adamantite has 3 years experience and specializes in Acute Care - Adult, Med Surg, Neuro.

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  1. 0.adamantite

    Nurse Corps Loan Repayment 2016 Cycle

    I had no idea about this program. We will be done paying my student loans in a few months. I work at one of only a handful (less than 5 total) of facilities that provide mental health services in my state and I work in a urban hospital that serves a ...
  2. 0.adamantite

    Entitlement/ superiority attitude of some nurses?

    LOL. Sadly they are the hospital supplied graham crackers. The 2 crackers in the blue packet everyone is talking about. I hadn't considered the peanut butter, but I might now .... Shame on me
  3. 0.adamantite

    Entitlement/ superiority attitude of some nurses?

    Yes, please take away some of my responsibility. I want to be able to take a meal break and not cram 4 graham crackers in at the nurse's station so I don't faint.
  4. 0.adamantite

    'Right to Die', what's your take on it?

    Does the death penalty count as euthanasia? Do RN's participate in that process?
  5. 0.adamantite

    Dialysis Subclavian line antibiotics.

    The subclavian line has a larger amount of heparin instilled into it (I think at my facility it is 5,000 units). This must be drawn out before use or else the patient gets a bolus of heparin. We are not allowed to touch the subclavian and I wouldn't ...
  6. 0.adamantite

    African American patients - a cultural question

    Sorry if I offended someone. I was making an observation based on some things I saw in my nursing practice and was trying to be non-judgmental and understand if there was a reason for this behavior. I see now that this is not a cultural behavior. I w...
  7. "You need to speak respectfully to me." Has worked surprisingly well for me. The has startled a few patients in the their tracks and then they try to back pedal. I had one lady say, "I guess you're right about that." Then if they comply I do my best ...
  8. 0.adamantite

    Self defense and protection in a hospital.

    Okay, so on the topic of hospital shootings. We just had training on this. They told us that hospital shootings are usually targeted at one individual. Such as a patient / family member angry at a specific doctor for something that happened. Patients...
  9. 0.adamantite

    African American patients - a cultural question

    Yes, this is the behavior I am describing. I hope it's not my approach that is eliciting this response. I speak respectfully and always use "sir" or "ma'am." It is with the younger crowd. Now that you mention it, I can think of other cultures that I ...
  10. 0.adamantite

    "I would never want you as my nurse!"

    If you are someone that says "I wouldn't want you as my nurse," I don't want you as my patient. You sound difficult to work with. It will be a relief to dump you onto another nurse ... muhahaha. No longer my problem!
  11. I am not an American but from a European culture. I have cared for all kinds of patients and I have no problem with doing this. I have a question I have noticed about a trend I have noticed in some black American patients, but not in other patients I...
  12. The floor was chaotic and I was running around myself busy with a patient who had just vomited a large amount of blood and a critical hemoglobin came back (I think 5.3 or 4.7, can't remember). I was rushing to grab some supplies when I saw a patient ...
  13. 0.adamantite

    The ONE thing that will make your nursing life easier

    Staffing to acuity. So higher acuity = more nurses.
  14. 0.adamantite

    Medication error

    I have made med errors before that have no affected the patient in any way, thankfully. I have had 1 patient who transferred from a different area where there was a major med error that happened with them, but I can't go into details. It was due to t...
  15. 0.adamantite

    When Should You Call Off Sick?

    I call out for fevers greater than 100.5 and vomiting / diarrhea. Not a cold. If I am coughing a lot I will wear a mask at work.
  16. Yes, I will tell the family that the patient is confused and agitated, but in a polite / discreet way. I will explain that we are doing the best we can for the patient.