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  1. 0.adamantite

    Nurse Corps Loan Repayment 2016 Cycle

    I had no idea about this program. We will be done paying my student loans in a few months. I work at one of only a handful (less than 5 total) of facilities that provide mental health services in my state and I work in a urban hospital that serves a very disadvantaged population. I'm sure I could have qualified. I wish there was more information about this program available to people. Good luck to all of you that apply. Student loans are a huge burden and anything helps!
  2. 0.adamantite

    Our units acuity is at an all time high.

    Same story here. Short staffed constantly, beds overflowing with patients. Very ill patients, too. We can barely keep up, some nights most area hospitals are full and we are sending patients to the next city!
  3. AMEN to this post! This happens at least several times a week. Me: (Puts in 1900 labs) 1900 comes, and the phlebotomist is blowing up my phone. Phlebotomist: Do you need those labs done on room 8 at 1900? Me: Yes. (in my head: OMG, why did you have to ask, I didn't enter those for farts and giggles). My patient will have an x-ray ordered and the x-ray tech will call and ask me all sorts of questions that I would have no idea of knowing unless I was the MD's mind reader. I.e. "Do the doctor want it in this view or this view, what kind of contrast, blah blah blah. Do we really need in STAT?" I grind my teeth and have to page the doctor, but I know they can check with the doctor themselves. One time I asked why they didn't just page the MD themselves, and the guy was stammering on the phone "Well ... uh ... it's just easier if you do it."
  4. 0.adamantite

    Poll: Nurse and law enforcement couples

    Nurse here with future husband in law enforcement.
  5. 0.adamantite

    Cried at work today.

    Thanks for the support, everyone. I am saving up for something specific and am almost done, so the OT should end in a few weeks. The patient was admitted with a GI complaint and had been having complications (multiple abcesses), and had an extended length of stay. I think the family members had been googling things and presented a lot of scenarios/diagnoses that the hospitalist found unlikely. He stated to me that he thought he could handle the case and that a GI specialist didn't need to get involved. I remember him specifically yelling at me "Since when do we let family dictate plan of care?!" at one point. I doubt he would have come back to speak to the family, as he was driving in his car when answering the phone. I know our hospitalists are so busy that swinging back around to see a patient for the second time is often a hardship. I think I ended up telling the family the doctor's decision and encouraged them to speak to him in the morning if they had further concerns. I guess I'm not sure of their rights in this situation. I know patients and families always have a right to a second opinion, right?
  6. 0.adamantite

    Cried at work today.

    Today I had a mini meltdown at work. I had a patient who was quiet ill and the earlier in the day, the family had requested a specialist consult. The nurse previous to me had checked with the hospitalist, who denied the family's request. The family had left at that time, and I'm not sure if this doctor's decision was communicated with them or not. However, when I came on shift, they returned and filled the room. When I entered, they started asking questions and I answered as best I could. Then they asked when the specialist was coming. When I explained to them it wasn't ordered, they became irate & demanded to get one involved. I admit I was a bit intimidated by their attitude and numbers, so I caved. The hospitalist had left for the day but was still on call. When I paged him to ask him about the specialist as well as a few other questions the family had, he returned by call and ripped me apart for asking him about the specialist yet again when we he had already said no. He hung up on me and I felt the tears coming. I excused myself to the restroom, took a few deep breaths, and did my best to return to work and talk with the family. The hospitalist called back to apologize for his reaction an to address some of the other questions, and that almost restarted the flow of tears again. I think I've been working too much OT lately. Does anyone else cry when frustrated or being berated? I want to be able to handle these situations with grace and not dissolve into a blubbering mess.
  7. 0.adamantite

    Withheld meds

    We have a feeding tube declogging protocol. Otherwise I would have tried harder to get in touch the MD. The call centers I talk to have the MD's cell phone number and if they do not answer their pager in 30-40 minutes you can call back and they will patch you through to the MD's direct line. All they need to do is put in an order to replace the tube.
  8. 0.adamantite

    Engagement/Wedding Ring Question

    I have a CZ ring but nobody knows the difference. I can get it replaced whenever I want for free at the jeweler so it looks brand new. We were able to afford a much more expensive setting ($4k) with the centerstone .5 carat CZ (which was free). Eventually my partner will replace it with a real diamond, or maybe not. On topic, I think wearing rings at work is gross. There is no way to clean the germs from all those nooks and crannies. I also think that the alcohol hand foam can eventually damage the metal. Although all of my jewerely is insured, I fear loosing it or damaging it or loosing a stone at work. So therefore, I save myself the trouble and leave my rings safe at home. Or I've heard of wearing them on a chain around your check, however I have been strangled by my shirt collar at work by a patient and wouldn't fancy wearing a necklace for that same reason.
  9. 0.adamantite

    how much do you pay on student loans per month

    46k down from 80k+ in a little less than 3 years. Our combined income (me & partner) is 70k. We pay roughly $1200 a month towards the loans, but our minimums are about $350.
  10. 0.adamantite

    Your worst nightmare (Part deux)

    As a PCA - I used to work at a nursing home with the same group of residents. I would dream about doing a toileting round on them, taking each one to the bathroom in my sleep, in the same exhausting pattern I had been doing for years. I would never wake up refreshed! As an RN - I have recurrent nightmares about forgetting I had a patient on my assignment. I'll get to end of shift report and then the horror dawns on me that I forgot about the patient in room "7" all shift - never assessed them, checked on them, or gave them meds, even though they were assigned to me. I have nightmares about missing entire med passes (i.e. I suddenly realize it's 1030 and haven't done my AM med pass). I had a dream I got a new job in LTC and they assigned me 120 patients, and it was 3:30pm and I was still trying to get through my 8am meds! And then those times you wake up in the middle of the night, and in a foggy haze try to get up and "check that IV pump in room 8." I have talked nursing jargon in my sleep and confused my significant other.
  11. 0.adamantite

    First Patient Death Experience

    Something just happened. You may never know. I've had this happen once or twice. These deaths are very devastating and unfortunate. It could be that she threw a massive clot. There may be an autopsy depending on the medical examiner's protocol or family wishes. Just so you are aware, a bowel obstruction is not a benign diagnosis. A family member of mine died of one last year after their bowel perforated while in the hospital. Depending on symptoms and clinical presentation patients can need emergent surgery to save their life. Fluid balance & electrolytes are important. Also a good abdominal assessment and watching for changes in pain. Keeping a close eye on those pesky NG's. I am always wary around patients with an obstruction, let's just say I have seen them go terribly wrong and not just with my family member.
  12. 0.adamantite


    I would totally do this!
  13. 0.adamantite

    You should know better

    I don't exercise and my eating habits (quality of food, quantity of food, times of meals) are atrocious. I have to take 2 pills a day and forget to take them constantly!! I also enjoy a malt beverage or two. I curse too much while not at work.
  14. 0.adamantite

    Why don't you just read the chart?

    This is an easy one .. I do read the chart Floor nurse extraordinaire! Except some questions can't be answered by the chart.
  15. 0.adamantite

    Scripting sounds patronizing

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! I could have written this post!
  16. 0.adamantite

    Burnout/ Compassion fatigue

    Haldol and a few big security guards after calling a Code Restraint Personal Requested (RPR).

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