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sistrmoon has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Inpatient Oncology/Public Health.

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  1. Even jurors don’t hear or view ALL the evidence. I guess you never have an opinion on any news story whatsoever?
  2. If there had been a full 2 degree increase between pre and post platelet vitals, that would have triggered a transfusion reaction investigation at my previous hospital. That was always the guideline. But it wasn’t a full 2 degrees. The only other pos...
  3. ...Was I being insensitive??

    I also had recurrent losses, including one in 2nd tri. I worked oncology, so one might think I’d never encounter a pregnant patient, but alas. After my 2nd tri loss, I cared for a patient who had to have a termination before starting chemo, a patient...
  4. Here are the body cam videos:
  5. I didn’t see a post about this case out of North Carolina yet, but I might be missing it. From video footage, it appears 5 detention officers were kneeling on a hog-tied inmate who stated about 30 times that he couldn’t breathe. The prison nurse is s...
  6. Albany Medical Center Review?

    I worked on the Onc unit for 13 years. It does have Med surg overflow patients and even some of our own staff nurses weren’t chemo certified. I actually worked there 7 years before I was certified. I always felt uncomfortable getting floated to neuro...
  7. Radonda Vaught Trial

    Am I a Wuzzie follower? I mean, Wuzzie expresses things well, but here I thought I was an independent person with my own thoughts on the matter. I haven’t seen anyone “unable to defend their position.” If the intent is to get people to drop off the t...
  8. Radonda Vaught Trial

    Something that didn’t involve just not labeling it a paralyzing agent. COVID is a poor excuse to just stop using important Med labeling like that. Looks like it was allowed for 4 months.
  9. Radonda Vaught Trial

    What. The. Heck. I went searching for what remedial actions Vanderbilt took and found this from 2020. Would not have affected this case, but how bad an idea was this? Let’s take the “warning: paralyzing agent” label off the top because COVID. https:/...
  10. Radonda Vaught Trial

    Pulled, but not administered. They really are two separate pieces of documentation. During emergencies(only then) I have pulled things but not administered them. That was always documented by the person administering it. And how often does a Med get ...
  11. Pretty well! It was a huge adjustment schedule and work load wise. I’m treated so much better, normal business hours, 35 hour week. I didn’t even take a paycut like I thought I would. I’ve done COVID testing, vaccination, and case investigation. I’ve...
  12. Radonda Vaught Trial

    “While the prosecutor noted that RaDonda did not act with bad intent, he alleged that she did act recklessly. However, ISMP believes her actions were either unintentional (human error) or at-risk behaviors, not reckless behaviors. RaDonda could not h...
  13. Radonda Vaught Trial

    Radonda herself said she was not overtired or understaffed, and was comfortable in her role. Go read the TBI/CMS reports and listen to the BON hearing.
  14. Radonda Vaught Trial

    Wow, they need to do way better than that headline. “Family of victim killed.” I was like WHAT?
  15. Radonda Vaught Trial

    The 2 large hospitals I worked at in 15 years did not support non-punitive error reporting either. Where are these utopian places with Just Culture? If you made an anonymous incident report, they would hunt you down and asked if you made it. If you m...