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K+MgSO4 has 12 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Surgical, quality,management.

Irish RN down under!

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  1. K+MgSO4

    Student Elective Nursing Placements

    OK. There is a massive difference in nursing education requirements between the 2 countries, however if you are going to come I would suggest something that you haven't experienced at home. Bush nursing, RFDS, working in an Aboriginal controlled health service. It may be of some benefit to work in metro or regional centres due to the difference between nursing in the 2 countries but I would suggest the first option. Try NT, WA or QLD health services. They have the biggest areas of outback due to sheer scale so have a different set up to my state.
  2. K+MgSO4

    Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    Inpatient gastroenterology is just ulcerative colitis and crohns disease, jist young people needing infusions and inpatient bowel prep for diabetics needing colonoscopy. In truth crohns and colitis are on a ton of infusions as we try and prevent needing surgery. Gastroenterology includes the acute haematemisis and malena unit, liver failure, hepatic encephalopathy, training patients to go home with enteral feeds before their head and neck surgery, home TPN training for intestinal failure.
  3. Hi, if you are looking for nature in Ireland then once you are outside of Dublin you can have it on your doorstep and still have an OK commute to a job. I believe that An Bord Altranis requires 7.5 in each area of the IELTS for registration. Not sure of the other requirements but I would hazzard a guess at requiring a BSc as that has been the undergraduate requirement for 14 years now. Best of luck with your move. *check out the Wild Atlantic Way for some amazing natural beauty.
  4. If the patient is competent and refusing care and refusing to be discharged as the NM I speak with head of unit and go in as a combined force. If they still refuse to leave the CMO, CAHO and EDON review the process. If they agree then the pt is provided with a letter from the executive asking them to leave. If they don't leave then security escort them out. They will be provided with outpatient appointments. If they chose not to come to that appointment then they are discharged back to GP care. Competence is the key assessment, mental health and occupational therapy MOCA vs PTA.
  5. K+MgSO4

    If Truth Be Told...

    We have time. Something that we have not talen for granted. We have sat and worried as we planned and planned, each morning checking the news before we get up. It has been eerie when I see my classmates in Ireland struggling through and friends and family all over the world in health on the "frontline" and count my blessings of my choice to migrate to Australia. We have been waiting for the tsunami that never came and for that I am truly grateful to the government and the people. On the flip side the chances of a trip back "home" to Ireland without quarantine are a futuristic dream at this point. But we have technology to keep in touch with each other. If we were in a position like many of you I doubt that the same level of consultation would of happened.
  6. K+MgSO4

    If Truth Be Told...

    I am very fortunate to be in Australia. We have had time to plan, prepare and flattened our curve. I see the anxiety in my EDON and CMO faces. I see them working 12 hr days and coming in on the weekend to deal with new suprises such as a cluster of cases in a facility close to ours and investigating if there is any crossover of staff or spouses of staff. I get the phone calls from them as a clinical manager to ask if the idea they have is practical and applicable in real life. (This is what happens when you are the squeaky wheel for years ). They take my suggestions and the mapping of the process and listen to it. I don't doubt if we were in a different position that they would be trying their best but would not have the luxury of asking for advice and time to consult. I don't doubt that the non clinical leaders in the executive office have my best interests either. The director of finance and logistics is arguing and advocating for us and our PPE needs at a state level- but all PPE is now centrally ordered by the department of health and distribution is managed by them. This guy only joined the organisation 3 months ago. He has been shown how many little bits of out lying facilities we have and we all have PPE no matter where we work. My friend works with the COO and she has been working non stop on plans to turn every area that was once clinical back to being able to take patients if needed at 24hrs notice. Basically if there is medical gases in the wall she can do the rest. Our CEO is managing the lunacy of some of our medical directors irrational demands and knocking some sense into them. Our board on the other hand has been deathly quiet. Not a peep. It is disappointing to not have heard anything, even an email from them. We have the great news yesterday that federal government is ready to reduce restrictions to level 2 and a plan for a new normal by July. My state has been dealing with a little outbreak in the past week of 17 people so we may be a few weeks behind in relaxing restrictions but we are getting there I hope.
  7. K+MgSO4

    Famous person as patient?

    Borris' NZ nurse did her ICU post grad at my hospital....
  8. Single payer has less costs to the tax payer. UK, Ireland and Australia and NZ all pay less tax for health than US (have the textbook somewhere with the reference). Also less outgoings for nurses as not paying massive HI premiums. Disagree about ratios. Everywhere I worked ICU 1:1 HDU 2: 1 med surg 4-6:1.
  9. Of course. The surgeon does not know when the pt leaves PACU for a ward. Also, while the pt should go to a specific ward if there are no beds the bed manager may allocate them to another ward. How does the surgeon know this? With regard to discharging or transferring same. The discharge coordinator may have set everything up but does not know when transport is going to arrive. Pre COVID we would often have told families that we were transferring to our subacute campus with transport booked for 10. However due to traffic, roadworks and other issues it could have been 1 PM before the pt left. If the family was waiting for the pt they would be freaking out. We have a nice piece of tech that helps. A NoK text messenger. We can choose a pre written format to send to the NoK. Very useful. Can you imagine, especially in the current climate waiting at home for your dad to get out of surgery and not hearing when he was settled on a ward. Health background or not your imagination would be in overdrive. Is he dead? Did the surgery have complications? Is he in ICU? People worry and part of the role of the nurse is the care of the family as well as the patient.
  10. K+MgSO4

    Unit Schedules for staff

    Rostering rules helps. People get to prioritize 3 requests per fortnight. Anything extra they request is given as possible. The split of senior staff vs juniors is known so a senior nurse cannot swap a shift with a grad if that leaves a shift unsafe. Each staff member fills in a roster preferences form every 6 months. E.g. I have a staff member who cannot work a specific day as she takes her dad for chemotherapy as he can't speak English. Some level of suck it up is required by both sides. Rosters are a thankless task. People always complain about them until you sit them down with the binder of notes and setvthem to it. If needs be pull out the binder and ask them to find a solution to the problem they are moaning about.
  11. K+MgSO4

    What's your dream specialty?

    While some of it is the specialty I think a massive part is the team. I manage a less glamorous specialty but have a waiting list of staff who want to work with the team.
  12. K+MgSO4

    Famous person as patient?

  13. K+MgSO4

    Famous person as patient?

    Bahahahaha Poor lady was florridly psychotic. I may of been a bit naughty and said that I was Irish and did not answer to the queen as head of state, now roll over depot time!
  14. K+MgSO4

    Famous person as patient?

    I had a patient who toldme she was the Queen of England.....
  15. K+MgSO4

    WHO is dissing hot baths?

    People are looking for an easy solution. Social distancing and regular hand washing are not easy to the population, they require persistence and consistency. A scalding bath would be a very simple solution. Australia is mortified by a moron of a chef that is claiming some gizmo can protect you from COVID. Thankfully this is not his first crazy statement so most people are ignoring him but there will be a number of people who believe. This group reduces the 90% people complying with social distancing that we need to flatten the curve.

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