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  1. K+MgSO4

    Code Blue

    While you don't need a full handover on every patient do you not have a shift huddle where resuscitation status, unstable patients, falls risk, potential discharges and expected admissions are highlighted for everyone?
  2. So glad I work in the public system in Australia. Saying that I had the mother of the premier of the state as a patient and didn't know until the CEO rocked up to thank us for our care as she had great feedback from him. She was in a 3 bed room, ancient hospital and tiny! The VIPs I usually get are high profile prisoners that are too unwell for the prison ward at the hospital that has the contract.
  3. K+MgSO4

    Do you miss bedside nursing?

    I miss always having someone to handover to. Once my shift was done I was absolved of responsibility. I miss having someone to complain to about broken equipment or a wheelchair steering weird. Now I love my job but I am the one arguing with clinical engineering about condemning my ECG machine as it spends more time off the ward than on, I'm the one that is sitting at home trying to write another business case to prove we need more staff overnight (again). I am the one that knows nurse A husband is beating her, nurse B has zero family or friends in the country and uses me as a surrogate mother, nurse C son is going off the rails etc..... and all for 20% less pay than my peers in all other states in the country (come on April pay parity!)
  4. K+MgSO4

    Dealing with death

    Ok, Palliative care is an amazing thing for patients, their families and friends. This guy does sound like he is at the terminal phase of his life. As a nurse you have the honour of ensuring that he is comfortable on your shifts. Even if he can't talk use you non verbal skills to assess if he is in pain and medicate appropriately. If he is very gurggly reposition him after pain relief to help with the secretions. I am guessing that you are not on your own - you have an EN or AIN who has probably much more experience than you with this situation. Follow their example, if you notice a change on your shift call his family and update them, even after 12 years it is hard to guess when someone will die - I have seen someone who was phase 2-3 just go to sleep and never wake up and a lady at phase 4 for 10 days. I always say I will call you unless they don't want to be contacted. When he does die there is no need to panic, he is not in pain anymore. If you are the first there, check to confirm by looking for a pulse for 1 min. Take note of the time and document it. Follow policy around notifying the doctors, your manager etc. Treat him with the same respect post mortem as you did when he was alive, I talk to the patient, explain that I am washing them (warm water), tell them I am putting them into the shroud and body bag. I wish them well for whatever is next. Sometimes I am sad, distressed or at peace - usually depending on the way the patient was cared for before they died I get distressed with families that don't want their loved one to be "doped up" and they die distressed, I am sad if it a person or family I have known for a period of years (chronic liver), I am at peace if the patient has made peace with their death. There are not a lot of Aussie nurses here. Have a look on FB for The Nurse Path and New graduate nurse pages....one of my grads set up the VIC new grad page that has 100s of members. Discuss your concerns with your manager and ask for assistance.
  5. K+MgSO4

    Profanity in the workplace

    My level of F bombs at work dropped exponentially when my problem employee resigned....amazing correlation
  6. K+MgSO4

    Supportive gym shoes

    Agree, Every brand accommodates every foot type now. Get a gait assessment. It's a bit like asking us what glasses are best for you....
  7. K+MgSO4

    As seen on TV

    C collars and pillows ED doctors visiting patients on wards Not a single ID band check for ANY med or blood products Executive visable on the wards :)
  8. K+MgSO4

    Night Shift to Day Clinic - Circadian Rhythm Reset Tips?

    Your issue is in your first line...24hrs is not enough time to flip from night shift to a full week of days at a new job. As well as the physical tiredness you are battling information overload in a new job. I tell my new grads that it will take at least 2 weeks to stop the brain overload wearing you down. Add in the Christmas period with all the parties, catch ups, planning for a big celebration or organising to travel somewhere there is little chance of resetting before the New Year. If you are able keep the same wake and bed time every night, exercise, good diet (with all the goodies around at this time of year), take it easy on the alcohol, fizzy drinks and caffeine. Make some SMART goals to get some targets for you to achieve. Good luck! I am not sure if it is possible depending on the weather but get outside in daylight and fresh air even if it is just 20min, exercise and sunlight will assist resetting.
  9. K+MgSO4

    Tired of managing children

    Same, I employed a nurse as an internal transfer and I did her 6 month evaluation. She literally was shaking and wringing her hands. Her previous NM had a record book of every minutiae error, incident, feedback on each employee ongoing. I have a very different style and give feedback in the moment and that is it unless it is a pattern (I keep file notes but don't drag them out at catch ups unless it is a catch up about performance issues). It was absolutely PTSD for that nurse that had her responding in my office the way she did.
  10. K+MgSO4

    Adon selection criteria help

    Use your words...copying and pasting the job advert is of no help to you or us. What do you already have and what are you looking for help with?
  11. K+MgSO4

    Burning out

    This time of year if you have been studying and working all year and no proper break then you are probably getting crispy. Have you any leave available that you can take and NOT be using it to study? I have been in your shoes and I took annual leave just to sleep and relax. It really helped and highlighted the need to manage my own self care. I started outsourcing some tasks at home - gardener, hello fresh for meals etc. I also used EAP through work to get some counselling and while I have finished studying I have had some health issues which has left me still looping in crisis mode. I am working on getting a few things sorted and focusing on my health both mental and physical. Wishing you best of luck in balancing you life x
  12. K+MgSO4

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    I am single and my family is OS so I can avoid most of it. My biggest issue is that I have 3 Christmas mad staff who have made me enter the ward in the Christmas decorating competition and they have gone from being sensible, excellent nurses to being crackpots. I put my foot down and said no decorating until 1st Dec. I had the 30th Nov off so they may of gone rouge but not back until Monday so que sera.
  13. K+MgSO4

    How Much Junk do you Keep?

    Check your local recycling centres and dumps they often have free collection days. I managed to dispose of paint cans, my local Aldi has a free battery recycling bin. Maybe a pet store would have a shredder for rabbits, hamsters etc. bedding?
  14. K+MgSO4

    Which areas in hospital least physically demanding?

    Quality? Risk management? Nursing education office? EMR? Policy? Access and patient flow? Preadmissions? Nursing workforce? Strategy and planning? DOSA?
  15. K+MgSO4

    How Much Junk do you Keep?

    Yep I found prize bonds from the UK that I am trying to unravel currently.