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K+MgSO4 has 12 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Surgical, quality,management.

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  1. K+MgSO4

    Address change violations!?

    I am suprised at the amount of paper that people are still receiving from nursing boards. My board sends everything electronically. Mind you I only get about 2 pieces of paper mail a week, anything that I can send electronic to email or SMS alert to log into a portal is the way to go!
  2. As a manager that is shameful. Huddles should be used to share information. If an incident has occurred e.g. A number of my nurses had reported dermatitis to me. We huddled about hand care and the importance of reporting the dermatitis so that IC and staff health could action something. Or as a debrief on any major incident that has happened e.g. MET call with a fatal outcome. It is not a name and shame period. That speaks to your department culture....yuck.
  3. K+MgSO4

    Email from dfpr??

    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Drama Llama Calm down and think critically.
  4. K+MgSO4

    My facility is restraining a resident and I feel that I can't help.

    I hate copying a full post so I'll just say big props to @Tenebrae a great answer. With regards to restraint have a look at this link https://www.bettersafercare.vic.gov.au/resources/clinical-guidance/older-people/guidance-on-use-of-bed-rails which came out today. I appreciate it is Australian but SCV has been working with IHI.
  5. K+MgSO4

    RN in Medical School -Should I keep this to myself?

    You will probably get "outed" during your placements. A doctor who was a nurse prior outed herself by the way she repositioned a patient in bed after taking an ABG. Another got busted by assisting with positioning of a hoist sling on a patient that had fallen. As a student being able to do that is pretty unique. Mind you this is how I find out my student nurses and graduate nurses are EN or PCW prior. That and the ability to multitask very early. PS congratulations on getting in to med school.
  6. K+MgSO4

    Job scopes of a dialysis nurse

    It will depend on what hospital you work for, chronic or acute dialysis. On hospital site or satellite. HD or PD. Role you apply for.
  7. We are planning to roll out in May. All annual leave has been denied, extra staffing strategies are being discussed now....part timers picking up extras, those on unpaid maternity leave coming back for "keeping in touch days" or returning on casual contracts. Each area will have superusers who will be supernummary to staffing. Mind you, I am in a country with ratios, proper annual leave and maternity leave entitlements.....
  8. K+MgSO4

    psychiatrically unstable crohn's patient

    No easy answer. IBD Consultation and psychiatric consultation.
  9. K+MgSO4

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    Agree, B vitamins STINK. I do like an orange flavour vit C though.
  10. K+MgSO4

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    Our potassium smells like blackcurrant (yum) but tastes like liquid metal IMHO. Love the adhesive remover wipe as well so citrusy. Many years ago the ward assistants used to wash the discharged beds with eucalyptus soap and water. No idea if it did anything but it was very fresh smelling. Also great to drop a little in an emisis bag for emptying a stoma, twist and in the bin. Much less gaggy. While not supposed to be used on people the eucalyptus soap was also great to add a few drops to a bowl with proper body wash for a sponge wash of a particularly smelly patient.
  11. K+MgSO4

    MVA, EMS didn't use a backboard!!

    this is going to put you and your students blood pressure right up...https://prehospitalandretrievalmedicine.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/spinal-immobilisation_evidence-review_170314_v3_eem.pdf Queensland and the Northern Territory in Australia no longer use hard C-collars or even Philadelphia collars in pre hospital care. https://www.jems.com/2015/11/02/an-evidence-review-of-prehospital-spinal-immobilization/ shows the risk of boards for extractions, delays to care and complications. I have been hard collared after collapsing at an ED triage desk and hitting the ground head first. It was extremely uncomfortable and I understood the need for it.
  12. K+MgSO4

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    Because it is outing...if I response with "o yes we use EMR X at this hospital " then it narrows down where I work. Or I respond with "well 5 yrs ago whwn I worked there we used EMR X" and in another post I mention I now work at hospital ABC people who I have worked with can put it all together and guess who I am. As an anonymous message board I am not outing myself like that. Nursing / health is a small world however much we believe otherwise. Things I say here would not be said in a F2F world as I am in a leadership position - well actually I would but in the right situation.
  13. K+MgSO4

    How would you handle this ....

    Formal cognitive assessment to see if he is in a delirium. If he is then he is not competent to leave. Sitter and delirium protocol. Probably too late in the episode but he could of been withdrawing from alcohol or other substances. Otherwise he is just an ***. You can't fix stupid, let him go.
  14. K+MgSO4

    Dealing with death?

    Agree you need to attend a debriefing session. Also use your organisation EAP, you need to process these emotions.
  15. K+MgSO4

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    Off topic but this is why I snigger with the new members who's first (and only) post is something like "what EMR does hospital X use? I start Monday" and wonder why nobody answers.
  16. K+MgSO4

    First Encounter, Help

    Few things No job - nursing, beauty therapy, astronaut are not going to sunshine and roses everyday. There are boring, annoying and downright horrible parts to all jobs. "Dream jobs" don't exist - see above. You are fixating on issue that multiple people have said is not your fault. You need to get over this or you will never progress. The only thing is if you have a doubt about something ask for help, but trouble shoot issues yourself first. Find one person e.g. your therapist and work on getting over this incident. It sounds like you have a good boss who is not letting you resign on such an incident.