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  1. Experienced NPs

    I feel very heavily that schools should assign preveptors. It is absolutely ludicrous to find your own trainer who isn't a university affiliate. I had to find four of them. One mediocre, one who did the job, one terrible, one awesome. I hold a grudg...
  2. I found out today that I'm open for any board review as a psychiatric NP. Apparently, the need is so high "psych nurse practitioners are open to any board until availability is met." This makes sense as I've withheld my reference letters not wantin...
  3. So regarding the initial training requirements, someone on Rally Point replied telling me BOLC was now in three phases. No other information.
  4. NP Salaries?

    Me: The South. 3-death? My oldest is 80+
  5. Experienced NPs

    Ideal NP master curriculum and no nothing you did in undergrad would be comparable. BSN Min cumulative GPA, min science GPA 1000 hours of RN experience as an understood intro to healthcare environment GRE Summer: anatomy, prosected Fall: cell bio, g...
  6. NP Salaries?

    Interestingly, as a RN I made substantially less than your survey and as a NP a whole other playing field more. Weird how life works. Next year, I might be working as a bouncer or something. You never know.
  7. NP Salaries?

    Annual income is all that matters at this point in life. I'm in the 28% federal tax bracket. Of note, after 118,000 you stop paying Social Security for the year. Awesome! 150,000 base salary plus productivity so far this year of about 34,000 so if ...
  8. Is age just a number?

    I just spent Thanksgiving in a rural area. Geez. Not a single decent restaurant for two hours and nowhere to to buy quality underwear. It's not like we were at a tranquil farm with granny. It was cousins who own a telecom company. I see why nobody wa...
  9. Which Level? Extending What?

    I absolutely love Full Metal Jacket, the boot camp first half at least.
  10. Experienced NPs

    It's interesting when I see academics wanting to enter advanced practice. I'm in advanced practice and would love to get in bed, if you will, with academia. I'd make 45% of what I make now, judging by the state salary schedule as an assistant profess...
  11. Which Level? Extending What?

    You need to get busy studying, mister. Then when you graduate, thank daddy for giving you motivation.
  12. Which Level? Extending What?

    Well dammit. I was going to get one of those degrees in my lotto retirement.
  13. Experienced NPs

    While I haven't notched five years of experience on my prescription writing pen, I have five with nursedom combined. So my qualms are with the schools primarily. If they taught adequately, experience, competence, and "independence" would quickly bec...
  14. Is age just a number?

    I can't reply in quote. The space won't work. In the ED, I honestly can't recall ever taking a psych patient other than stapling the wrists on a woman who slashed herself to die. With the jail nursing, lol, that's a whole different ball of wax. ...
  15. BOLC length. Two weeks, 26 days, training prior to or after. Thank you.