Sick and tired of wiping butts...HELLP


I've been a CNA (per diem) for a little over a year now. I really want to move on from this job to something else healthcare related that is not butt-wiping related. Don't get me wrong, I really like working with my residents but I feel like I can do more. Also, I should mention that I'm not trying to be an LPN or an RN, I only took up this CNA job to get some experince in healthcare while I try to figure out what I really want to study in healthcare (and not nursing). With my CNA experience, what can I progress onto? If I need to study something addition, I don't want to invest too much time (like a year). I was thinking taking a phlobotomy and EKG course to be a patient care tehnician, but I heard that it's basically the exact same thing as a CNA, so it doesn't make sense to throw my money away. How about hemodialysis technician?

ALSO, I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Biology that I got this May.

Please give me some tips...and remember NO BUTT WIPING


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I have worked with CNA's in out patient surgery the past 17 years. There is the occasional butt wiping but it is not a daily or even weekly occurrence.

I don't know what courses phlebotomist or EKG techs need but that would get you away from butt wiping. I am not very familiar with the distinction between patient care techs, medical assistants, and CNA's.

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Pharmacy tech


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How about something along the lines of Radiology, Ctscan, X-ray tech? Or maybe a Respiratory Therapist?

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Does psychiatry sound good to You? They are always looking to hire men. There is far less butt wiping there- compared to the SNF or nursing home. Just speak politely to the patients and you might find that you actually like it.


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For something medically-related, dental hygiene seems like a good option.

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Dialysis Patient Care Tech. Some companies train.

Fresenius trains, has an extensive program


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That seems a bit callous for a path that you chose. I was a CNA for years and never considered it 'butt wiping'. I didn't like it, but I didn't complain about it as I knew the job and had to just go with it. Yeah nursing is not for you, as you would see vomit, stool, pee and even 'death'. And even have to examine the rectal area for erythema!..yuck

EKG tech, pharmacy tech...up your lines of work. :happy:


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Medical aide at a school or camp.

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I feel you. I've been working as a CNA for six months to get experience while I am in RN school. It has been great experience and will make me a better nurse, but damn it's rough some nights.

There are some CNA jobs with no ass wiping but they are harder to get, e.g. psych hospital. But if you have a Bachelor's in bio you don't want to be a CNA, anyway.

As others have said: med-tech, pharm-tech. You might look into EMT and then becoming EMT-paramedic. Do a ride along with your local ambulance company. You might get puked on or exposed to TB, but you won't have to wipe asses and it is a really fun job


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Respiratory or any of the mentioned above