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While I was in school I worked as a "cardiology technician" in a hospital. It's entry level just like the CNA/NA/PCT/MA so it was only like $15/hr, but no real hands-on care. I actually took it thinking I'd be similar to an aid (because I wanted practice outside of clinicals) on a cardiac unit, but was pleasantly surprised.

I ran different kinds of stress tests with cardiologists and other techs & technologists (echo, nuclear med, etc.), and did EKGs on floors where the staff wasn't trained to do them (mental health, L&D, M&Baby). It was actually a pretty good learning experience, in an office type setting within the hospital, with a lot of down time (I used it to study). And room for advancement.

Maybe something like that? I didn't even know it exsisted! They hired me because I had done clinical as a nursing student, so I'd bet that your experience as an aid would be useful. I just don't know where you'd go up from there. I never looked into it since I was planning on nursing.

Good luck! An aid is a hard but very important job. It's not for everyone. I don't think it's all that bad to say it's all "wiping ***" online, but I hope you don't say that in real life. It's so demeaning, and I really appreciate the people who do that job.

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