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  1. shiftingtides

    Nurse accused of impregnating women in vegetative state

    Awful. I was hoping that it wouldn't end up being someone responsible for caring for her. What a terrible thing and he is a terrible human being.
  2. shiftingtides

    Online DNP programs

    I'm curious (and I hope you don't mind me asking in your thread, SarahP1), does anyone know of any online programs for FNP or PMHNPs that provide clinical placement, even if you have to travel to their campus a few times a year? I'm planning way ahead for me, but seems like it might apply for the OP's question, too. Even the local state programs in my area don't seem to do much to provide for clinicals for NP programs, and I find that worrying.
  3. shiftingtides

    Full time RN- Part time Real Estate agent?

    I have a hard time, like others have said, with the idea of a part-time real estate agent. It's not so much the part time bit, but the fact that you will not be available to take calls, show homes, complete contracts and addendums, etc. I have bought and sold quite a bit of real estate over the years, and it quite frankly annoys me when my agent makes me wait more than an hour for a call back. Working 3 12s during the week could greatly reduce your ability to be available for your clients. There are still ways you could use a real estate education. Real estate investing is a fabulous way to make money, for example, and having a good understanding of the laws and contract and such would give you a leg up.
  4. shiftingtides

    CLEP Test

    The schools in my area have the same general policy. I love CLEPs. I tested out of psych, sociology, English Comp, and HG&D.
  5. shiftingtides

    Dismissed From Nursing School, Not Sure What To Do Now

    Colorado is definitely bad like that. I'm guessing Long Island would probably be worse.
  6. shiftingtides

    eBook vs Physical Book

    I tend to buy the physical book, or at least a version behind if it's too expensive. I don't mind reading some textbooks on my ipad, but the information sinks in better when I read it on paper.
  7. shiftingtides

    Thinking of quitting...

    Have you considered going to school to become a PA instead of an NP? It sounds like the nursing aspects are not something you're going to enjoy, and if you mainly want to diagnose getting your PA may be a better path for you. I would have said you might want to consider medical school, but if you have a progressive disease pushing through medical school might not be the best option. Good luck to you.
  8. shiftingtides

    How to fight procrastination and sleeping in?

    For sleeping, I'm also a night owl and the only thing that works for me is to get up at the set time no matter what. No sleeping in - period. And to make sure i practice good sleep hygiene and go to bed at the same time if I can. But sleeping in once will mess me all up, so that' my biggest piece of advice. For procrastination you really just have to make good, new habits. In my experience, there isn't much room for procrastinating in nursing school. Setting a timer helps me to get started. I'll tell myself I have to work on X for 20 minutes, then can go to something else after if I still need to. Once I get in that groove, I am usually find continuing working on the thing I'm avoiding. If not, I'll take a break then do another timed session.
  9. shiftingtides

    Beefing up that resume

    Just posting to listen in so I can plan out a little for myself, too. :)
  10. shiftingtides

    National University regional accredited?

    This National University? They are regionally accredited: Accreditation
  11. shiftingtides

    Crash Course - Hank Green

    I think these are great to watch. Especially before a lecture or before diving into a chapter. Thanks for the reminder that they are out there! :)
  12. shiftingtides


    I'd be looking elsewhere for work. That is BS on so many different levels. I'm sorry you're dealing with that.
  13. shiftingtides

    How do I become stronger clinically?

    I love this thread so hard.
  14. shiftingtides


    I live in Colorado, and testing positive for THC will get you dismissed from every nursing school in the state, as far as I know. It definitely will with all of the programs I've looked into.
  15. shiftingtides