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  1. I'm shocked-- shocked-- to find out that the Tennessee BON is protecting Vanderbilt's reputation by not taking action against a demonstrably dangerous and reckless nurse.
  2. Luchador

    Kellogg Community College Part Time Nursing Program

    I'm a KCC alumni (not nursing)! Lived on Chestnut St. and could walk to class. Good luck!
  3. Luchador

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    No wonder the DA and the Grand Jury decided to press charges. Only option to stop this dangerous RN from killing more folks, since the BON gave her a pass.
  4. Luchador

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I'm in nursing school and we're already discussing it in class. We're dumb-founded on how reckless she was and ignored very basic things we have hammered into us during the first semester. For example, we had a simulation with a Pyxis and passing a pt's morning meds. When it was my turn I spotted the following things- I was ordered to give a med the pt was allergic to. The Pyxis was stocked with the wrong med but said it was the right one. The pt was not that right pt There were a couple of other traps dealing with contraindications The other day in the hospital I had to give a postpartum woman an Ibuprofen. I checked it 3 times. Who passes a med without even looking at it? That's not just crazy, it's reckless.
  5. Luchador

    Whiskey peg tube flush?

    What kind? Jameson? Maker's Mark?
  6. Luchador

    Which program would you choose?

    Find out which one gives students a better clinical experience. My school is awesome with a 4 to 1 or even 1 to 1 teacher/student ratio. At another school in the area the students can't even find their instructor during clinicals.
  7. Luchador


    You contradicted yourself earlier in your post when you acknowledged the DEA could arrest folks in CO for pot. I don't understand how somebody can get things completely wrong. If state law takes priority over federal law why were southern states forced to integrate? The US army was sent in. If state law takes priority why did Roe vs. Wade legalize abortion nation wide? How do you dismiss the supremacy clause of the Constitution?
  8. Luchador

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    It's funny you say that. One of the guys in my RN program had to leave because he was driving recklessly, got in a wreck, his wife was ejected and killed. And now's he facing manslaughter charges.
  9. Luchador


    Sorry Tony, you need to go back and take a high school government class. You have everything exactly, 180 degrees wrong. I really hope nobody reads your posts and thinks they are getting sound advice. Look up Article 6 of the Constitution. The Attorney General could send in the DEA tomorrow to kick down doors and make arrests in every recreational pot store in Colorado if he wanted to (he won't because of the apocalyptic political fall out, but he could).
  10. The ant-vaccers must be proud. https://www.vox.com/2019/1/27/18199514/measles-outbreak-2018-clark-county-washington
  11. Luchador


    Not this tiresome topic again. As long as weed is illegal on the Federal level you will get fired; you will get kicked out of school. Like another poster, I'm in Colorado and even though I can walk into a store and buy THC soda or candy or skunky dank pot, if I test positive I will get kicked out of my ADN program- and we are tested randomly every semester.
  12. Luchador

    Most ADN programs near Boston have warnings?

    I wouldn't go to a school that lacks accreditation. This forum is full of horror stories of people getting screwed over by unaccredited schools.
  13. Luchador

    It's too late, isn't it? Advice and more+

    Even if you had gotten a C the chance of you getting into RN school with grades like that is pretty mulch zilch. I'd start looking into different routes, like somebody mentioned LPN to RN.
  14. Luchador

    Advice would be appreciated :)

    You flunked it 3 times. I seriously don't understand why you would want to keep banging your head against the wall. The classes ahead of you are even harder. Find something related but that you're good at. Social work. Teaching.
  15. Luchador

    RN students with ADD- sound off!

    You'll crush it! And the clinical experience days increase each semester, so the gap between lecture and practice gets more narrow. Congrats on starting your program!