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  1. Paws2people

    What did you miss the most while allnurses was "closed"?

    Oh no! Never say the "Q" word in nursing. That's when all hell breaks loose...
  2. Paws2people

    I'm a CNA, will I lose my license?

    I'm curious... Who took care of your patients the hour plus you went missing? In the future when you are sick, notify the proper higher ups and get the okay to leave before you go home.
  3. Paws2people

    Loud Cartoons for Elderly Patients

    This is simple. It started to happen after that resident passed away? It's him...
  4. Paws2people

    Sick and tired of wiping butts...HELLP

    How about something along the lines of Radiology, Ctscan, X-ray tech? Or maybe a Respiratory Therapist?
  5. Paws2people

    Old nurse won't retire

    Gee. And here I thought it was only my hospital that this went on in! Lol. :)
  6. Paws2people

    Burnout as a CNA and the impact on nursing

    Don't let this discourage you from nursing. Use it as motivation that you will not be that type of nurse. Plus being an aide versus a nurse are very different from one another. Try and stay positive, ask for help when you need it, and keep moving for...
  7. Paws2people

    C.Diff Waste on Floor?

    The no gloves and lack of handwashing bothers me more than the trash bags. After all, the trash is just sitting there. Those unwashed/ungloved hands are going from room to room. Patient to patient. Coworker to coworker...
  8. Paws2people

    Cna incident investigation

    For sure. I always say that once they break a hip, they are never the same.
  9. Paws2people

    Newly Promoted CNA Lead -- Seeking Advice/Suggestions

    Why did they chose someone who has only been there for 3 months as the lead CNA?
  10. Paws2people

    Peer feedback

    This. Plus don't forget about your aides! HELPING them when they stressed. Nothing upsets me more than when I have 16-30 patients and all the nurses are chilling in the break room. Meanwhile calls bells and alarms are going off while I'm in the middl...
  11. Paws2people

    How do you deal with personal attacks at work?

    Reality set in. Honeymoon phase is over :-)
  12. Paws2people

    CNAs sleeping on the job... What can I do as a new nurse?

    Have management address it first in a group meeting, but tell them you don't want the CNA's knowing the complaints came from you. Then when they are sleeping, wake them up and say, "You fell asleep, I am waking you up so you don't get in trouble." Th...
  13. You need to get an admin to edit this post for you. Besides the nursing home's name, you also put the DON's name. That combined with your user name and the specific details of your post is risky. Plus you even have the exact time of the incident. As ...
  14. I hope I don't find the patient "finger painting" in bed. (At least the stool softeners finally kicked in!)
  15. Paws2people

    Are You Really a Nurse?

    A nurse in my mind follows this path: Go to nursing school, graduate, take NCLEX, pass, receive license, get job. Once you pass the NCLEX and get a license, you are a nurse.