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  1. Chrispy11

    New grad at 44. I'm overwhelmed and ready to quit.

    I'm older than you. Second career. I am off orientation 6 or 7 weeks and feel I can't do anything right. I've missed this site because it was down when I started feeling this way and is just getting worse. My job has been super nice with coaching, I just can't get out of my own head. You are not alone. Right now I'm wondering if I should go back to the original career. It's not looking so stressful anymore.
  2. Chrispy11

    Holiday Bonus

    One of my patients handed out cards with a scratch off lottery ticket. I won $5.
  3. Chrispy11

    Top 10 Nursing Apps You Need to Download Today

    Thanks. I've tried some and they weren't very good. Will definitely look into these.
  4. Chrispy11

    Children's Heart institute putting kids in danger

    The last paragraph about the team from the top rated Texas Children's hospital coming to evaluate them. I believe Jen Arnold (From TLC's who "The Little Couple" might have been one of those people. On the show she moved from Houston to St. Pete's to become that hospital's medical director of healthcare simulation.
  5. Chrispy11

    Woman dies from tap water netipot use

    Not that long ago there was a television program about three kids who got amoebas from swimming in lakes. Two died. From what I recall, southern states.
  6. In my school you couldn't change groups. Unless you get assigned a project together, it's possible to get through a semester with minimal interaction. Every group I was ever in seemed to split by gender. It will all work out. :)
  7. Chrispy11

    Would you? Do you?

    First few weeks it needs to be kept moist. If it dries, it gets itchy. Scratching can remove scabs and cause possible infection. Lots if care involved for the first few weeks. Like caring for lots if punctures.
  8. Chrispy11

    Rising insurance premiums through work

    This! I was trying to take my MIL in for a bad cough. It got so bad I had no choice but to go to the ER.
  9. Chrispy11

    New Nurse, feeling depressed

    This is so true. I started my job the month after you. I dreaded going to work, but liked it once I got there. I was miserable. Confidence came and went. I read all about the first year on here. So I made it past my probationary period. Listened to my preceptor train an experienced nurse whose experience was in a different specialty. That nurse made mistakes just like I did. It was an eye opener for me. Ironically you're in my dream specialty. I found something else. I can only reiterate what others have said about seeing someone. Maybe research other areas that may be of interest to you. So many areas. Just look through specialties on this site. Chin up and nurse on.
  10. Chrispy11

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    My main stressor. The cost. One side of the family buys for everyone. So instead of just getting together and doing a sane secret Santa, I have to try and figure out what to get for 20 people. I'd rather just bring some food and cookies I've made and enjoy the company. Every January I look at the credit card bills and have buyer's remorse. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I might just have to deal with the guilt of taking and not giving because I cannot figure out what to buy this year. I just need the madness to stop.
  11. Chrispy11

    What do I need for nursing school?

    A good stethoscope. A penlight. Pencils and highlighters. Index cards. Look at the study guide. Read the required reading. Make sure you know everything on the study guide. Answer tons of questions on your topics. I went to a nursing site that had a ton of free questions. Oh and just fair warning. You won't have a life till you graduate. Well maybe till you finish orientation on your first job. Best of luck to you.
  12. Chrispy11

    Injection Leaked! A lot!

    Longer needle?
  13. Chrispy11

    Verbally Abusing a Nurse

    You do understand a hospital is a business. They need people to come there to make money. They want to smooth over the customer, not irritate them. Word of mouth is very powerful. A reputation once lost is hard to regain. You're going to find rude customers in virtually every business sector. No getting away from it. Unless the behavior puts employees in danger, administration us always going to try and keep them happy. People are going to be rude and employees cost money, not bring it in. So I learned from many years in business services.
  14. Chrispy11

    Verbally Abusing a Nurse

  15. Hi Damion, another great article. Very relevant to me as I'm a new nurse after a longish career in another field. In my first job and passed the training. For me time management is the biggest issue. It really depends on what discipline you're working. :)