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  1. Chrispy11

    Top 10 Nursing Apps You Need to Download Today

    Thanks. I've tried some and they weren't very good. Will definitely look into these.
  2. Chrispy11

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    My main stressor. The cost. One side of the family buys for everyone. So instead of just getting together and doing a sane secret Santa, I have to try and figure out what to get for 20 people. I'd rather just bring some food and cookies I've made and enjoy the company. Every January I look at the credit card bills and have buyer's remorse. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I might just have to deal with the guilt of taking and not giving because I cannot figure out what to buy this year. I just need the madness to stop.
  3. Hi Damion, another great article. Very relevant to me as I'm a new nurse after a longish career in another field. In my first job and passed the training. For me time management is the biggest issue. It really depends on what discipline you're working. :)
  4. Chrispy11

    Banish Negative and Self-Destructive Thoughts

    I'm a new nurse and honestly this post could not have come at a better time. I dread going in, but love the job once I'm there. Seriously doubt my abilities and beat myself up for not doing better. I've been in this cycle for a week. My silver lining is my great boss and the awesome people I work with. I've read some not so great experiences on here and am grateful for my supportive environment. :)
  5. Chrispy11

    7 Ways to Increase Your Patient's Health Literacy

    I had a whole chapter on this a part of my orientation learning. The more involved the patient in their care, the better the outcome. Only thing I'd add is the learning styles: visual, auditory and tactile. Plus the 2-4-8 rule. No more of two hours instruction at one time, and no more than 4 hours in a day and for 8 days total. :)
  6. Chrispy11

    I'm lost. I want to quit nursing.

    I didn't think of it as a person attack, but to say ortho is easy and the patients are only there three days and call for ridiculous things and tedious requests are fielded by the secretary. We're supposed to be empathetic and put ourselves in patients shoes. I unfortunately had to be a patient twice. It made me see why people might not be their best, but I knew better and only called when I had to. Yes having to pee is tedious, but so is a PCT having to clean a bed. I was in for 36 hours and the night nurse blow me off twice, so maybe as a nurse and a patient I can give some insight into what the some of those ridiculous/tedious things might be. You never know that someones experiences might be and how a post might be read. Having been a patient in an Ortho wing, I'd wondered if that was what the nurses felt about me and fellow patients. Just note I'd hurt myself on the job as a CNA while I was in nursing school and wound up in the Ortho wing. Could be anyone of us. Think if you'd want your peer (caring for you) thinking the way expressed in that post.
  7. Chrispy11

    Nursing Student Needs Cover Letter and Resume Help

    My school covered resumes and cover letters in Nursing Foundations in the last semester.
  8. Chrispy11

    I'm lost. I want to quit nursing.

    Dialysis is Monday though Saturday. No Sundays unless it's before a major Holiday. The holiday will be off. They do the same for bad storms. Busy but not overwhelming. Shift flies and you're home. Definitely has stability, routine and steady work. Sadly. people regularly destroy their kidney function with Diabetes and Hypertension.
  9. Chrispy11

    I'm lost. I want to quit nursing.

    You look for jobs on a site like Indeed and then go directly to the employer's website and apply. If you apply to maybe a dozen in a week that match your level of experience, you'll get calls for interviews from a decent portion. I applied to 13 in one week and had 7 interviews lined up. If you post your resume to one of those sites you mentioned, you won't get very far waiting for people to call you. I put up resume and pulled it down 8 years ago and am still getting calls.Tailor your resume and cover letter to the position. Explain how your skill set matches the company's values in the cover letter. If you get an interview, research the company ask questions about the culture, responsibilities, etc. Tons of interview questions you can Google and pick and choose from. If you know something about the company it may put you ahead of someone who didn't bother with the research. Its really only a few minutes of your time to improve your chances. The salary dance comes last and when it's your first job, not much negotiating. They will however sometimes come back with a higher offer if they really want you. Hope this helps.
  10. Chrispy11

    Nursing school at 38?

    My advice. Go for a CNA first. Inexpensive 6 week program. Do the job a few months. If you hate it, move on. If you love it, go for your Associates. Better to not invest too much time and money into something you may not like. They say two-year program but that's just the nursing courses. There is no way to take those with prerequisites. You usually have to apply the the professional phase of the program and there is a lot of competition. I had a previous degree in another discipline and taking just the sciences and nursing courses took three years. My class ranged in age from straight out of high school to mid 50s. 38 is young. Best of luck to you.
  11. I would've loved that. I felt I wasn't getting the full experience but she likened it to documentation, which she said should not take that long. 10 minutes on the assessments and I did the care plan on lunch.
  12. Chrispy11

    I'm lost. I want to quit nursing.

    Ridiculous and tedious like being in SCDs and having to pee? Pain medication? Have a surgery yourself and see what it's like to be in that bed unable to move. I know patients can be demanding and sometimes unreasonable but put yourself in the place of one of your patients. I had an orthopedic surgery and only called as a last resort. Loaded with fluid, told to lay a certain way and not get up. Where's the fluid supposed to go?
  13. Chrispy11

    Getting kicked out because of panic attack

    Simulations are where you're supposed to learn. It's one thing if you didn't adhere to the program's code of conduct. From what my Professors said, they want you to pass. It makes their program look better. Your situation makes no sense. In your shoes, I'd appeal. Is it just that or cumulative?
  14. Chrispy11

    Pay cuts

    MBAs get laid off a lot. It's why I went into nursing.
  15. The first thing I was told before setting foot into clinicals? DO NOT EAT THE NURSES' FOOD! This is in addition to a lot of things I already read. Every semester on the last day of clinical, the group would take up a collection and provide breakfast of bagels, spreads, fruit and coffee for the nurses and everyone on the floor that worked with us and we would sign a thank you card. We all had breakfast with the staff this day and thanked them. Other than that. Be prepared to work hard as if it were your own job. Do not give medication unless you are with your clinical instructor as you are learning under their license. Ask questions. No job is beneath you. Help CNAs and they help you work through the maze of your clinical rotation and you can learn a lot from them. Lastly, someone posted to not do homework but my last clinical instructor requested a Braden, CAM and Heinrich II Fall risk (assessment tools) completed after our initial assessment first thing in the AM. She also wanted our care plans hand written and completed so she could go over with us at clinical post-conference. It depends on your instructor. I will say that for every single clinical I had to go over patients and discuss nursing diagnoses on the PERSON format.
  16. Keep it simple. Truth without elaborating. "Resigned." I've yet to have anyone ask why when I put that word.

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