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Neo Soldier has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Neo Soldier

    No motivation, depressed

    ^^ This.
  2. Neo Soldier

    Low GPA Applicants

    I went to a community college and I noticed that a lot of community colleges have a point system. This means, they take into account not just your GPA but your TEAS or HESI, work experience, life experience, previous degrees, etc. See if it works like this where you live. You can try diploma RN programs, or private programs. You should bear the cost in mind. Some are unreasonably overpriced- avoid those. The first time, I started college, I was not prepared and my GPA was low. I got somewhat of a fresh start at a community college. My previous grades were incomparable to my grades from the community college. One showed a student who was young and lacked direction, the other showed a student who had motivation. Some schools will only look at your last 60 units which is very helpful.
  3. Neo Soldier

    West coast university HELP

    RCC, like most other ADN/RN programs was rigorous. The good thing about the program was that we had vacations. A lot of busy work that seem meaningless until you graduate and start working then realize that the information was important after all. You will feel prepared for NCLEX and you’re more likely than not to actually pass on the first try.
  4. Neo Soldier

    Protection During the Resurgence

    So... what you're saying is that our military should not spend adequately on defending the country because there are people living in oppression and poverty? This is not a third world country so I doubt these people living in oppression/poverty have no help whatsoever. Great point. The PPEs are for staff/patients. I'm sure the overall cost is more than the shields/helmets used by law enforcement/military to protect citizens.
  5. Neo Soldier

    Online PMHNP school programs

    Have you tried Brandman University (offers a DNP in psych), and Charles Drew (PMHNP). I believe you meet a few times in the semester but it's mostly online.
  6. Neo Soldier

    Fear-mongering in nursing school

    Agreed. I hope this OP gives us updates as he/she progresses through the upcoming semesters.
  7. Neo Soldier

    Would you do ADN or LPN then LPN Bridge?

    Go straight into the ADN/RN if you can. You're saving time and money if you do the RN straight away. There's no guarantee that you will get into a bridge program and if you do, there is no guarantee that you will be successful.
  8. Neo Soldier

    LPN program

    If your plan is to become an RN, then go to an ADN program right away. Bridging is more time and money spent. There is also no guarantee that you will find a bridge program in a timely manner. In the school I went to, there were only ten spots for those that wanted to bridge. I'm not sure what part of the country you're in but a lot of private schools are expensive. Think anywhere from $30-45 thousand. Start your prerequisites. Also consider a CNA class.
  9. Neo Soldier

    First Semester Nursing School - Tips??

    You can read an entire chapter and still fail if you don't know the rationale behind a process. Don't memorize- you're past anatomy and physiology. Time management is important. If you're studying for two hours, study for two hours. If you feel sleepy and staring blankly at a page for two hours, go to bed. You will learn nothing. If you must study with others, make sure you study with people who will add more knowledge than you started with. Ask if you can record lectures. Listen to your lectures on your drive home, and to school. Do practice questions and read rationales.
  10. Neo Soldier

    ADN or BSN??? I’m confused.

    This depends on you. Ultimately, earning a BSN should be your goal. Community college will most likely cost less, and if you eventually go on to earn your BSN by going to a RN-BSN program (one that is reasonably priced), you will have less in student loans. Of course some hospitals offer tuition reimbursement so that could be a good option too in the event you accrue loans. If you are able to get into a BSN program right away, and you can afford it, please go for it.
  11. Neo Soldier

    PMHNP Vs. Psychiatry MD

    You could get a doctorate and have a DNP. If you're willing to devote 8+ years to become an MD, I guess you could go for it. I don't know your situation and I can't say how realistic it is to tell you to start med school.
  12. This offense culture may very well kill us. If what this post states is accurate, then where is the racism? In parts of the world, food preparation is not regulated- this is just a fact. You could eat just about anything. I have seen actual videos on YouTube with people eating live rats. That may be their culture and while we should be sensitive, we know that rats carry disease. Lets not let our quest for sensitivity cloud our judgment as healthcare professionals.
  13. Neo Soldier

    Alternative RN jobs?? KY

    Would moving to a different area be an option? Also, consider getting the DNP (it's a doctorate which I hear will replace the NP- which is a masters degree). Also, consider psychiatry. It pays more and there isn't as much heavy lifting (if any) when you work as an RN.
  14. Neo Soldier

    What do you eat during your shifts?

    You can learn to cook simple meals; YouTube is a great resource. Also, you can cook on your days off and prep for the days you'd be at work so you're not doing it right before work. You can also buy your own snacks and put some in a Ziploc bag- that's cheaper than buying from the vending machine. A sandwich, some fruits, snacks, and a meal sound practical for work.
  15. Neo Soldier

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    Why sign up for a career where you will be serving people that require medical attention - with some even being immunocompromised - and not be willing to receive a flu shot (to the extent that you are considering a different career). I am really hoping you switch careers, or at least be in an area of nursing where you are not providing direct patient care, and/or don't have a lot of interactions with people.
  16. Neo Soldier

    Telling A Little Bit Of My Business

    I remember your post from when you said you were going into the LPN program. You made it. Congrats, nurse!!

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