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  1. Neo Soldier


    I'm waiting to enroll in Capstone but I still have to wait for my final grades to be put in to register. From what I heard from someone who went there, it's one big paper that we have to do in bits till its complete...I'm thinking it's like the windshield survey from vulnerable populations. Also check out this thread. The last response on page 2 explains Capstone
  2. Neo Soldier

    help with getting back to study for nclex

    Is it possible for you to take a refresher course because you graduated a long time ago? Also bear in mind you would be an "old new grad" so get ready for employers to question you. If/when you do pass, please be open to taking what you can get to at least get some experience. Also I recommend you get up to date with your BLS, try getting a few certifications: wound care, suction etc. If you don't have your BSN, please start taking some classes.
  3. Neo Soldier

    ADN-BSN or CC-Transfer to BSN

    No it's valid...haha... I'm surprised you're a junior in high school and you have a plan already. That's amazing! I wasn't close to having a plan at your age.
  4. Neo Soldier

    Debating between BSN or ADN programs, please help!

    Please consider applying to ADN programs if you have a chance to. Don't sit out a semester because there is no guarantee that you will get into any nursing program even if you have good grades. Like mmwill said, the BSN is a requirement for magnet hospitals. You can still find work with an ADN in some hospitals but wherever you find work it still counts for experience. I graduated with an associate's myself and I found work as a nurse. With an ADN you save money and time and you can work on your BSN online. RN-BSN programs are more relaxed and they won't break the bank.
  5. Neo Soldier

    Would this shirt get me into trouble in class?

    I honestly don't find the shirt offensive at all neither do I find it arrogant. You have the right to your religious views and in fact you're protected by the constitution. However for the sake of PC and the fact you're still in school, I would refrain from wearing it out and proud (I guess) but once you're out of school you get to make the determination.
  6. Neo Soldier

    Need advice on picking best RN to BSN online program

    I am at UTA's RN-BSN program. It's accredited and it costs about $9000. You go at your own pace and although it is advertised as being as quick as 9 months, you can realistically be done in less time if you double up on classes. https://academicpartnerships.uta.edu/programs/rn-to-bsn.aspx http://www.uta.edu/conhi/_doc/unurs/AO_RN-BSN-programguidelines.pdf You can use intro to philosphy in place of technical writing. You need to take texas politics. You may need either British literature, world literature or US literature.
  7. Neo Soldier

    Ball of Nerves!!! Help!!!!

    I recommend UWorld; the rationales are more in depth than Kaplan unless you study with the ebook that Kaplan provides.
  8. Neo Soldier


    I had Kaplan from my school. I finished the q bank. The problem with Kaplan is that if you don't use the ebook, you may not do well on the NCLEX. The rationales are underwhelming. With UWorld, you get adequate rationales plus pictures as reinforcement. I used both and passed on the first try but I think it's because I used UWorld. Consider using both to study.
  9. Neo Soldier

    Thoughts on ADN to MSN then NP?

    MSN and NP are both masters degrees/programs. Why get two masters? If you can go from ADN to NP that would be great otherwise, get the BSN which could take less than a year and then you have more opportunities in nursing while working on your NP.
  10. Neo Soldier

    Lose vs. Loose

    I honestly didn't even know defuse was a word. Thanks for clarifying. I always thought it was diffuse.