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Neo Soldier has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. Neo Soldier

    CNA license for Nursing Students

    The information is on this website: Fill out this form: Document Library/ControlledForms/cdph283e.pdf Complete this form and take to a li...
  2. Neo Soldier

    NP/PMHNP Work Culture

    This reply is long overdue. I was formerly under the impression that pharmacy was a lot more rewarding than nursing, and so I truly didn't understand why you felt the way you did. I have a family member who is a pharmacist, who has expressed a desire...
  3. Neo Soldier

    CSU Long Beach Fall 2022

    Does anyone know if this school requires (admitted) students to commute or is it online only? I’m having a hard time finding this information on their website. Thank you.
  4. Neo Soldier

    Working as a CNA while in nursing school? Thoughts?

    Keep the job you have now. Don't make any major changes while in nursing school. When you graduate, be willing to get in where you can to gain the needed experience. I have a friend who didn't have any work experience but was able to ...
  5. Neo Soldier

    Experience before first year of clinicals?

    If you don't have experience now, don't sweat it. It costs money anyway. I would recommend enjoying your free time while you can because nursing school is quite tedious. Besides, after the first semester of nursing, you should be able to take the CNA...
  6. Neo Soldier

    Advice for those struggling to get an acceptance?

    I agree with poster above suggesting you get your CNA certificate. I recommend a private (accredited) school because some of them are as short as 3 weeks. Community colleges take more time. The problem with getting your LVN is that it will take an...
  7. Neo Soldier


    Sounds good. Looks like you have your priorities in check. Agreed. However, something has got to give especially when it comes to making a transition. Convenience may just not be an option. If you're not willing to mak...
  8. I agree with this. If you haven't already gotten certified, do it. Find a short program that doesn't take more than 5 weeks. Get a job and see what the world of nursing is really like while also getting a paycheck.
  9. Neo Soldier

    NP/PMHNP Work Culture

    I'm really curious as to why a pharmacist would switch careers to become a nurse.
  10. Neo Soldier

    Trying to help daughter

    It’s great you’re quite involved. The truth is that youth don’t have it all figured out and like you said, by the time she does, it may be much harder to stay on track. With children, marriage, mortgage etc, she may never actually return or may retur...
  11. @Quantum Entity I also want to recommend El Monte Rosemead and Hacienda La puente. They have the LVN program and they’re cheaper than NOCROP.
  12. Neo Soldier

    How long did you study for the NCLEX

    Excellent advice. Taking a mental break is necessary before the NCLEX. I took one as well.
  13. Three years? That's a long time. I'm sorry about that. I agree with the other suggestions regarding looking for an LVN program at a community college. One thing I want to advise is to check how much LVNs make in your area. You say you make $20/hour a...
  14. Neo Soldier

    Pasadena City College LVN 2021

    Here are some low cost LVN schools for people interested Hacienda La Puente. Cost for LVN: $7,637 El Monte Rosemead. Cost of LVN: $4,100 This is a 13 month program
  15. Neo Soldier

    I need some advice

    If you keep doing this type of work, I'm afraid to tell you that your body will give way over time. You will end up being in constant pain. I would recommend speaking up about this, or going elsewhere.