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Neo Soldier has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. Neo Soldier

    Trying to help daughter

    It’s great you’re quite involved. The truth is that youth don’t have it all figured out and like you said, by the time she does, it may be much harder to stay on track. With children, marriage, mortgage etc, she may never actually return or may retur...
  2. @Quantum Entity I also want to recommend El Monte Rosemead and Hacienda La puente. They have the LVN program and they’re cheaper than NOCROP.
  3. Neo Soldier

    How long did you study for the NCLEX

    Excellent advice. Taking a mental break is necessary before the NCLEX. I took one as well.
  4. Three years? That's a long time. I'm sorry about that. I agree with the other suggestions regarding looking for an LVN program at a community college. One thing I want to advise is to check how much LVNs make in your area. You say you make $20/hour a...
  5. Neo Soldier

    Pasadena City College LVN 2021

    Here are some low cost LVN schools for people interested Hacienda La Puente. Cost for LVN: $7,637 El Monte Rosemead. Cost of LVN: $4,100 This is a 13 month program
  6. Neo Soldier

    I need some advice

    If you keep doing this type of work, I'm afraid to tell you that your body will give way over time. You will end up being in constant pain. I would recommend speaking up about this, or going elsewhere.
  7. Neo Soldier

    Seeking Advice! Failed 2-Year Program. Now What?

    Is there a possibility to get the LVN done there and then bridge to the RN program? Is there another program you can try?
  8. Neo Soldier

    Terrible at math

    I’m not the best at math too. It took a lot of practice. Thankfully, my college has a math and science building and because I wasn’t working at the time, I spent hours there doing homework, getting help, and going for workshops. I also used Youtube a...
  9. Neo Soldier


    I wouldn’t recommend West Coast. I had a brief super secret stint there. I think you should read reviews about the school before you go there; From over crowding to disorganization, the problems are endless. Think of the time spent getting your pre-r...
  10. Neo Soldier


    I know how hard it is to get into those classes you really need and it’s indeed frustrating. Keep your GPA up and take as many units you can (towards your major) so you can have priority registration. I attended Chaffey as well. Make sure to ta...
  11. Neo Soldier


    I would recommend finding out if those stand alone classes will transfer to Chaffey. Is Pacific College regionally accredited? You can also try other CCs like SBVC, RCC, and see if you can get into their science classes.
  12. How long are we talking? The reason I say this is because after your first semester in nursing school, you can actually take the CNA exam. You might as well enjoy your free time because nursing school is stressful and you will have little to no free ...
  13. Neo Soldier

    Breakroom Pet Peeves

    Minor pet peeve: people commenting on my food. I mean you can say that it smells good, but do I want to engage in conversation about what I'm eating? no. Heating broccoli in the microwave is a bad idea.
  14. Neo Soldier

    Should I become a nurse if I don't like bedside care?

    Not every single nursing role is bedside. In psych nursing, there's barely any need to do things like that. Not that they won't come up once in a while, it's just not as common.
  15. Neo Soldier

    Should I become a nurse if I don't like bedside care?

    When you become a nurse, you don't have to do bedside care. While in the nursing program, you will have to do bedside as part of clinical but it's only a few hours a week. If you want to get into the nursing program, you will need to complete so...