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During this pandemic many things have been said around the world. What is the most shocking thing you have heard regarding COVID-19? This could be from a patient, a child, celebrity, etc.

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"I've been putting my mask in my freezer to kill the germs so I can reuse it"

No sir, that will just give you an ice cold corona. ?

“Is the coronavirus crashing anyone else’s computer? My laptop is running really slow the past couple days”

Actual facebook post from a friend of mine who I love dearly but lord, she just needs to stop talking sometimes

2 hours ago, PCU_RN9 said:

"I've been putting my mask in my freezer to kill the germs so I can reuse it"

No sir, that will just give you an ice cold corona. ?

I do love me an ice cold corona ?

I’m pregnant and really miss alcohol

kbrn2002, ADN, RN

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Specializes in Geriatrics, Dialysis.

The most shocking thing I've heard is that there have been some people in the world that believed Trump's off-hand comment about disinfectant killing this from the inside out and decided it might be a good idea to try that. Yep, you truly can't fix stupid!

Seona, BSN, RN

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Specializes in Motherhood for SickKids.

"You shouldn't travel if you are a nurse. You should not go to see your children! Bad decision as a mom and nurse."

And I also remember... "My mom was a nurse, so you should know not to travel in this situation! Shut up and do not volunteer to answer anything! I will decide if you go back home or not!"

I was not clear at the moment... if he were upset because his mommy was a nurse or I was a "Chinese Virus". (FYI, I'm not a Chinese descendent, and I think the area he was standing should be the native Americans' lands, not white supremacy's.)

Two weeks ago, crossing the border, after not seeing my children in 3 weeks, but only visited (stayed home, never outside) for a week, then headed back to fulfill my commitment to work, since (3 days before) the border closure date was announced.

Although I had thoroughly researched border passing guidelines, confirmed with my manager for potential scenarios, and carried an HR issued letter asking permission to "travel" as an essential worker.

However, my one of ESRD patients assured me, that it should have not happened in any kind of situation, so I have accepted her version, for my sanity, so I can live on.

I feel so guilty for NY, which I also have my license, including all the nurses and my acquaintances who live and work fighting with COVID in so many places, more than ever.

Recovering from the trauma, and then read the doctor who killed herself in NY.

I feel like naive and immature, but as my manager said, "Our unit (though not COVID related at all) cannot close for any reason. We must go on."


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"My mouth gets so dry when I'm wearing my face mask. Can I cut a hole in it so that I can drink through a straw while wearing it?"

Specializes in Med Surg/Prison/LTC.

I can't get gas I don't have any lysol wipes and my gas light is on.

There's a chance you will get ccovid.

There's 100% chance I will wave as I drive past you on the side of the road cause you ain't got no gas.

Beep beep.

I was appalled when I saw a picture of a woman at a protest holding up a sign that said, “sacrifice the weak, open up the city.” What if she gets it and is considered weak or one of her family members, would she want them or herself sacrificed?

Specializes in Med-Surg., LTC,, OB/GYN, L& D,, Office.

As catastrophic as Covid-19 misconceptions combined with exaggerated fear can be as deadlly:

The news report of a story of a. husband and wife whose decision to ingest an aquarium chemical, with a similar sound and spelling to "hydroxychloroquine" that resulted in hospitalization and demise.

vmbennett, BSN

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vmbennett, BSN

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Me and a few of my coworkers have gotten yelled at while stoping by the gas station to fill up after or before our shifts saying we need to stay home/ stop exposing everyone/etc. meanwhile they aren’t wearing a mask & I am ??

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