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Seona has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Motherhood for SickKids.

"Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.”

- The Phantom Menace, Yoda.

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  1. Seona

    Is hospital near Minneapolis hiring new grad nursing

    Not near Minneapolis but further (Northern or Southern MN, and near ND/SD borders) areas always hire nurses because everyone goes to big cities, and there is always nursing shortage (ADN or BSN positions) even if there are new grad hiring and nurse residency programs in rural areas. Not only medical centers and clinics, but also nursing homes, assisted living, IHS connected facilities... etc. Search wider, maybe.
  2. Seona

    Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    "There is a reason why hairdressers should be essential workers... not you guys." ... I am quite 300% sure my husband would said that if I were like that, since he actually has that cartoon husband's facial expression on him. Real life, not imagination.
  3. "You shouldn't travel if you are a nurse. You should not go to see your children! Bad decision as a mom and nurse." And I also remember... "My mom was a nurse, so you should know not to travel in this situation! Shut up and do not volunteer to answer anything! I will decide if you go back home or not!" I was not clear at the moment... if he were upset because his mommy was a nurse or I was a "Chinese Virus". (FYI, I'm not a Chinese descendent, and I think the area he was standing should be the native Americans' lands, not white supremacy's.) Two weeks ago, crossing the border, after not seeing my children in 3 weeks, but only visited (stayed home, never outside) for a week, then headed back to fulfill my commitment to work, since (3 days before) the border closure date was announced. Although I had thoroughly researched border passing guidelines, confirmed with my manager for potential scenarios, and carried an HR issued letter asking permission to "travel" as an essential worker. However, my one of ESRD patients assured me, that it should have not happened in any kind of situation, so I have accepted her version, for my sanity, so I can live on. I feel so guilty for NY, which I also have my license, including all the nurses and my acquaintances who live and work fighting with COVID in so many places, more than ever. Recovering from the trauma, and then read the doctor who killed herself in NY. I feel like naive and immature, but as my manager said, "Our unit (though not COVID related at all) cannot close for any reason. We must go on."
  4. Seona

    Transfer to Canada

    It's been a while this post was on... but "transfer" that you meant is obviously school to school, which can be university to university, college to college, or college to university (easier than university to college, I heard). First of all, as above members, the tuition won't be easy to pay because there are 75% or more for international students, although Canada is one country so there is usually no difference from each province resident. ...and there are health insurance and other fees, et cetera, et cetera..., which all eventually cost twice more than Canadians. Except, nursing (either BSN or LPN) is quite high demanding program, waitlists might be hectic, but residents in the province (supposed to, or usually) have priority. Better acceptance than other health related majors maybe... cuz as far as I know medical, pharmacy, dental schools accept only PRs (Permanent Residents) and citizens for a loooooong time (only 11 medical schools? I think... similar numbers in other majors). Nursing used to be open, but any health relative program should accept (pretty much every college is like that, so I guess some kind of policies?) the current residents of the province first, so nursing also, would prefer accept their provincial residents first, as last decades. Anyway, the problem is, as CYXD has mentioned above, if they (whichever school that you contact) are going to accept your previous credits. There is RPL (or PLAR... abbreviation for credit transfer/challenge/evaluation programs; Recognition of Prior Learning used by universities and colleges... although each school can have some difference, but mostly similar... as long as you pay the application fee first. There is additional fees and these sort of policies are in US schools, too) For example, internationally, CGFNS does that kind of job, except it's a third party company to do works for college/university/boards (of nursing or other health professions) that don't have enough human resources to do internally. (needs experts in RPL / credentiality major or certificates, of course) The schools won't reply you for the details of whether they accept your credits or not, until they get your application first then process the rest... in the middle, "international credentiality" will be requested. I met some students who gave up on transferring "credits" to enter other major programs, (a US university to a Canadian college) and I even heard a Canadian college graduate was asked to submit "translated documents" to prove her prerequisite courses. ... she was not from Quebec, but I guess some far-away college assessors didn't know where Canada is. (well, a long time ago) A long story short, unless you are determined to do something in Canada, it would be a long journey with process, documents, communications, fees, and whatever might not be worth trying - especially time consuming... I went through CGFNS a couple times, so I think it would be easier if I were dragged by a same town college... that I can visit even sacrificing my time with long line-ups. Oh, and some programs might ask you for English exam, even if your first language is English. (mostly reading ... since there are less literate students, of course. More like just proving you are qualified to understand their lectures. Very high demanding language scores in some colleges... Sometimes frustrating because I have met people who barely graduated from high school but acceptable into colleges without English literacy because they were born there.) Anyway, you must research the potential schools first because every school has slightly different policies and procedures, even though all look same outside. (school is school? no way... administrations and student records are different too.) You need more averaged info and statistics. (It would be nice if there are "Compare Products" buttons on colleges altogether... *sigh*.) Good luck on your search and adventure.
  5. Seona

    Needing advice please

    You don't need to have a Canadian license if your intention is to US. NNAS process is under CGFNS service, but it's more expensive and not worth trying unless you want to work in Canada. (very picky to foreign educated nurses) You may apply for any state, such as NC or VA, but you probably need SSN to apply. New York Nursing Board does not require SSN for applications, many foreign nurses are applying for NY, then endorse to other states, so it takes long but if you have no SSN, then not many choices. However, NY uses CVS service under CGFNS, not CES or CP like some other states. You need to research NC Board of Nursing / VA Board of nursing websites for more details, as well as CGFNS services. Good luck.
  6. Seona

    Best positions for nurse with anxiety/ ADHD

    I, also, have anxiety and ADD... that I found out while working at a small biz office a couple years ago. Well, I am back to nursing now, on training, greatly stressed (anxiety roller coaster... but any training and any job, so not a news) period, but at least nursing is multi-tasking, and I like machines and computers, which is much better than 20+ yrs when I graduated. Someone said it is like riding a bicycle, that I have never believed, but so far so good since nice colleagues and patients... not sure when it changes. :S But already distracted to other things I can do while I'm hired... because I prefer technology related anyway. (and certificates, grad choices, continuing ed etc, even though I have to focus on what I'm learning right now... *sigh*)
  7. Seona

    APPEAL? GRIEVANCE? -help!!!

    I am not sure of what your school policy states, but, whether it is from outside instructors or not, since it is a part of your credit course (that you paid tuition for the clinical practice), all the students have right to appeal their course results if they do not agree. Well, I don’t think anyone appeals for good result, but it is your right to do, no matter what... any kind, any small doubt of any major or minor stuff. (as a previous college instructor’s experience) Good luck.
  8. Too much of too much...never ever for any professional position in North America, or English language countries. Unprofessional, and especially, it can cause discrimination, as amoLucia has well pointed it out. Even I myself had a short experience of looking at someone's resume to vote (to consider as a candidate), and immediately closed the file as soon as I saw her picture... even though I already knew her.
  9. Seona

    Nursing in South Korea

    As Korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute shows, http://www.kuksiwon.or.kr/EngHome/context.aspx?page=sub_2_1&sub=5 https://www.kuksiwon.or.kr/Examination/OccuLicense.aspx?PageName=Foreign_college&JobCode=05&SiteGnb=8&SiteLnb=7 □ Eligibility - A person who graduated from a university, college, or junior college with a major in nursing. Those who are expected to graduate in Korea must confirm that they have graduated within February of the following year of the application. If they fail to have graduated from the school within the period, their passing will be invalidated. - A person who graduated from an overseas university majoring in nursing recognized by the Minister of Health and Welfare; and has been licensed as a nurse by the competent authorities. - A person who was studying at an overseas nursing school recognized by the Minister of Health and Social Affairs as of July 8, 1994 and graduated from the school with a major in nursing. Pretty much same to apply other country's nursing exams, you must prove that you graduated from a nursing school which is equivalent to Korean nursing school education, and all the contents of materials are in Korean language, so if you are unable to read and understand Korean, it is impossible. It is given only once a year, usually after mid-January. (application process starts in early October, so foreign school graduates should start the process in May as above website in Korean language)
  10. Seona


    MN government site has some information as follows: https://mn.gov/boards/cbc/process/fingerprinting-locations.jsp Local Law Enforcement in any State or Foreign Country Services, fees, location, and hours will vary by agency. To find a local fingerprinting service provider, contact local law enforcement and ask the following questions: Do you offer fingerprinting services? What is your fingerprinting fee? What days and times are fingerprinting services available? Do you use the current official FD-258 card? If not, may I bring my own? Should I fill out the top part of the card prior to my appointment or will the information be printed on the card? Not all law enforcement agencies provide fingerprinting services, but they are usually able to assist in referring other law enforcement agencies or private vendors in the area who provide the service. FD-258 Fingerprint Card https://mn.gov/boards/cbc/fingerprint-card/fd258-card.jsp https://mn.gov/boards/cbc/fingerprint-card/sample-cards/ Related article: https://www.registerednursing.org/why-fingerprinting-required-nursing-license/
  11. Seona

    Endorsement of License from USA to Canada

    First of all, Canada is not a part of US territories, even though they are neighbouring, like Mexico, so it is impossible to endorse a state nursing board RN license to any Canadian nursing board (College of RN in province, in Canada), no matter what. As Silver* says above, you have to go through NNAS, which is on CGFNS.org's Canada (click the flag) site, and read the handbook for applicants. You might get waived for English Language Proficiency since your ENTRY NURSING education is done in English, but everything else (its process) will be same as other internationally educated nurses in Canada. (who arrived as immigrants or newcomers in Canada.) If you have taken NCLEX-RN between 1984 and 2014, the exam might be waived too, but it is totally up to NNAS' decision, after then, you have to apply for the college of nursing in the designated PROVINCE. (separately, and the college will be 'referred' to see your result of NNAS) And I have heard some provinces do not give the license right away if you are not landed immigrants. CNO has no power or whatsoever answers, that I ever heard. You better ask the college of nursing in whatever province you are pursuing the license. So far, Ontario seems generous since they have lots of experience with foreign nurses, but no one can predict the result until it ends. Good luck.
  12. There is a link to Approved Refresher Course Providers (PDF file) on MN BON. https://mn.gov/boards/nursing/licensure/continuing-ed/ And, there is another link for RN & LPN Review Course > "... Requirement Information" (PDF file) https://mn.gov/boards/nursing/licensure/rn-pn-review-course/ under MN BON website. They keep updating their site quite frequently, so you better check out almost every year.
  13. Seona

    Border states and licensing

    Lincesure by Endorsement (After you pass NCLEX-RN in the where you belong, and get licensed) was easy process for me although a long time ago... Not sure of border state license but see the below link: https://mn.gov/boards/nursing/licensure/border-state-registry/bsr-facts.jsp I hope this helps you.