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Seona BSN, RN

Motherhood for sick kids

Return of the Newbie... nope, the Rise of Retiree.

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Seona has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Motherhood for sick kids.

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  1. Seona

    CNN Test Prep

    Did you check out ANNA's [Practice - Apps and Other Practice Resources] under dropdown menu on their page top? https://www.annanurse.org/professional-development/practice/apps-and-other-resources-your-practice And some CE providers have nephrology focused courses too... Of course, there are lots of free lectures on Youtube these days. Good luck!
  2. Seona

    Sanford Relocation Help!

    Sanford Health is still hiring crazy, so must be still lack of hands, since it is spreading from western North Dakota (Bismarck) to northern Minnesota (Bemidji). Four major medical centers are located in each of largest cities in MN (1), ND (2) and SD (1), but there are so many clinics and units, of course. (connection with Good Samaritan Society) Also there are student internship and nursing residency programs (Bismark and Fargo, ND; Aberdeen and Sioux Falls, SD; Bemidji and Worthington, MN) by Vizient/AACN, as well as new grad job postings. Weather-wise, well, it's northern Prairie, duh... If prepared, and survive the first Winter, not too bad. https://sanfordhealth-nursing.jobs/RN/new-jobs/ Two weeks orientation every month, (twice a month, I guess) and well organized... except lack of hands... busy busy. (not managements' faults so far... since not many ppl are committed to far away from large city jobs unless really desperate like me... I hate metropolis so not a problem.)
  3. Seona

    Nursing in South Korea

    As Korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute shows, http://www.kuksiwon.or.kr/EngHome/context.aspx?page=sub_2_1&sub=5 https://www.kuksiwon.or.kr/Examination/OccuLicense.aspx?PageName=Foreign_college&JobCode=05&SiteGnb=8&SiteLnb=7 □ Eligibility - A person who graduated from a university, college, or junior college with a major in nursing. Those who are expected to graduate in Korea must confirm that they have graduated within February of the following year of the application. If they fail to have graduated from the school within the period, their passing will be invalidated. - A person who graduated from an overseas university majoring in nursing recognized by the Minister of Health and Welfare; and has been licensed as a nurse by the competent authorities. - A person who was studying at an overseas nursing school recognized by the Minister of Health and Social Affairs as of July 8, 1994 and graduated from the school with a major in nursing. Pretty much same to apply other country's nursing exams, you must prove that you graduated from a nursing school which is equivalent to Korean nursing school education, and all the contents of materials are in Korean language, so if you are unable to read and understand Korean, it is impossible. It is given only once a year, usually after mid-January. (application process starts in early October, so foreign school graduates should start the process in May as above website in Korean language)
  4. Seona

    CA Nurse moving to MN

    Mine was done a long time ago, so might not helpful... I can't exactly remember, but about 5-6 weeks from NY to MN. I hope you've been enjoying the cold weather.
  5. Seona

    Endorsement of License from USA to Canada

    First of all, Canada is not a part of US territories, even though they are neighbouring, like Mexico, so it is impossible to endorse a state nursing board RN license to any Canadian nursing board (College of RN in province, in Canada), no matter what. As Silver* says above, you have to go through NNAS, which is on CGFNS.org's Canada (click the flag) site, and read the handbook for applicants. You might get waived for English Language Proficiency since your ENTRY NURSING education is done in English, but everything else (its process) will be same as other internationally educated nurses in Canada. (who arrived as immigrants or newcomers in Canada.) If you have taken NCLEX-RN between 1984 and 2014, the exam might be waived too, but it is totally up to NNAS' decision, after then, you have to apply for the college of nursing in the designated PROVINCE. (separately, and the college will be 'referred' to see your result of NNAS) And I have heard some provinces do not give the license right away if you are not landed immigrants. CNO has no power or whatsoever answers, that I ever heard. You better ask the college of nursing in whatever province you are pursuing the license. So far, Ontario seems generous since they have lots of experience with foreign nurses, but no one can predict the result until it ends. Good luck.

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