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  1. monica__

    USF ME-MSN Spring 2021

    I submitted mine a few days ago but noticed one of my recommenders hadn’t sent in his letter. I contacted the school to see what I can do & they gave me an email to send it to BUT they also noted that the letters need to actually be signed! I know it’s past the due date but this is so nerve racking, I have to contact my recommenders again to see if they signed it. Just a heads up for anyone applying
  2. monica__

    NYU ABSN Spring 2021

    letters through the app service & transcripts directly to NYU, the address is on their ABSN website. 🙂
  3. monica__

    Uni. San Diego MEPN Fall 2021

    Hey guys, I am starting this thread for us to talk about the process, ask any questions and anything else! Ill be applying soon, as I have a handful of other apps due at the end of this month to take care of first. Good luck to us all!
  4. monica__

    Southern Maine ABSN 2021

    Hey guys im starting this thread an an opportunity for all of us applying to talk about the process & ask questions Little bit about me- This is my first time applying to this program. I live in California, got my bachelors in Kinesiology from Chico State. My overall GPA is around 3.7 ( I havent done the complete calculation because I have completed courses at 4 different colleges and still have some in progress. ) Stats- B Anatomy-A Physio-B Micro-B Chem-B Psyc- A Human Dev- A Sadly, most of my prereq classes are Bs, I'm hoping my other supplemental information will hold me up. Good luck to us all!
  5. monica__

    USF ME-MSN Spring 2021

    *For University of San Francisco's Entry MSN program due Sept 1, starting in Spring* I wanted to start a thread to talk about thoughts, updates on the app process, decisions, etc. I should be submitting my application in a week or so once I finish the essays! Good luck to us all!
  6. monica__

    SF State BSN Spring 2021

    Hey guys, I thought Id start a thread for the SFSU BSN program since I havent found one yet. I should be submitting everything this upcoming week. Good luck to us all!
  7. monica__

    Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Spring 2021

    should be in about a month!
  8. monica__

    UC Davis MEPN 2021

    I used assist.org and UC Davis’s sample prerequisites, which is linked below their list of prerequisites, to match my classes to the requirements. I took these courses at Sierra College in Rocklin. Under communication prerequisites it notes group, verbal *and written principles. I included a screen shot of it stating public speaking as part of the verbal, not group requirement. It's also separated on NursingCAS when you fill out the app, it gives you an opportunity to fill in 3 different courses for the overall communication requirement. If you submitted your app without filling in a public speaking, or something similar, you must have opted out for assigning a course. I’m unsure if this will still place you in the running for the program because from my understanding, the change from last year and how the prerequisites were laid out, it seemed like you needed 3 different classes. I never actually contacted the program so I very well could be wrong. Hope this helps!
  9. monica__

    Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Spring 2021

    thank you! I already submitted my application before the priority date, do you know if we can access it again? I’m not sure if we can
  10. monica__

    CSU Stanislaus ASBSN Spring 2021

    can you list the address? Some of my schools will not allow me to send official transcripts to an email 😕
  11. monica__

    SFSU ABSN Summer 2020

    if they cancelled the whole application round, I hope the send refunds for transcripts & app fee 😕 I understand the precaution for health and whatnot but we put forth the effort to apply, not our fault something changed.
  12. monica__

    SFSU ABSN Summer 2020

    btw I just got an email stating my denial to the program so that should mean acceptance emails should be coming!! good luck everyone 🤞🏼
  13. monica__


    yeah! they totally wiped out the people who applied for Spring 21 originally & just using the people who applied for fall 20. I still haven’t gotten my evaluation back & turns out one of my transcripts is showing that it has arrived, I sent it before the deadline, but the transcript office still hasn’t linked it to my account. WTH guys😂🤦🏼‍♀️
  14. monica__


    following up on my previous post about me asking the program if we are being considered with other applicants from another cohort - finally got a response & they said that no we aren’t & decisions will be rolling out soon!
  15. Me and a few of my coworkers have gotten yelled at while stoping by the gas station to fill up after or before our shifts saying we need to stay home/ stop exposing everyone/etc. meanwhile they aren’t wearing a mask & I am 😂🤔
  16. monica__


    They just sent out an email solidifying the decision to make our cohort a Spring ‘21 start. I asked if we are going to be considered against more applicants who applied for Spring or our original bunch who applied for Fall, hopefully an update soon- it’s a bit nerve racking 😕