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USF ME-MSN Spring 2021

*For University of San Francisco's Entry MSN program due Sept 1, starting in Spring*

I wanted to start a thread to talk about thoughts, updates on the app process, decisions, etc. I should be submitting my application in a week or so once I finish the essays!

Good luck to us all!

SO nervous! I sent my application in July. I've been doing everything possible to keep my mind off of it. 

I submitted mine a few days ago but noticed one of my recommenders hadn’t sent in his letter. I contacted the school to see what I can do & they gave me an email to send it to BUT they also noted that the letters need to actually be signed! I know it’s past the due date but this is so nerve racking, I have to contact my recommenders again to see if they signed it. Just a heads up for anyone applying 

I believe it needs to be on letter head as well! 9 more weeks to go !

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Hello, I received an email saying my application was still incomplete - “Missing Proof of Instructional Change for Anatomy”?. I finished my anatomy (with laboratory) course at my university with an A at the end of Spring 2020 (this was mid-way colleges in the US closing schools and changing to alternative online learning). I explained this in the email. 

I re-uploaded my most recent unofficial transcript in the application page for additional document, (as they requested in the email), but I had to upload it as English Test Score since there wasn’t a “Transcript” option for the type of material uploaded. 

Additionally they asked, “Is the degree in progress until 1/2021 or 12/2020?” - to which I stated in an email response: January 2021 is the month I will have access to my grades and electronic version of my diploma. 

If anyone may have information regarding any this above, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. 

I tried calling them as well, but I believe their offices close at 5:00 PM and I received the email 10 minutes after. 

Contact your school for further assistance and documentation


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