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  1. PCU_RN9

    Writing opportunities

    Thank you! I’ll definitely look into this! Thanks! That’s a good place to begin!
  2. PCU_RN9

    Writing opportunities

    Does anybody know of any nursing/ medical magazines/websites/blogs I can potentially write for, or any other writing opportunities for nurses? ( I love writing and think it would be awesome to use my writing skills and nursing knowledge together)
  3. PCU_RN9

    Barriers to care

    What are some of the most prevalent barriers to accessing care that you’ve seen as a nurse?
  4. PCU_RN9

    Health care needs

    I’m writing this to get some feedback from my fellow nurses regarding some of the biggest health care needs you’ve noted in your practice. I work with an insurance company and I’ve noticed that so many customers have a multitude of chronic conditions and see so many specialists but there’s nobody to “put the pieces together” if you will. Is anyone aware of any integrative type doctors who really look at all of the pieces to come up with solutions? I understand a PCP should do this to some extent, but PCPs often have such limited time with patients that it’s not possible.
  5. Hi all! This is my first time posting on here in nearly a decade. I’m currently in a dual MSN/MBA program. I am interested in hearing from nurses who may have gone this route and what types of positions you’ve gotten with this degree. I would love to do something “out of the box” but I don’t know exactly what, haha. I would also love to hear if anyone has any other opinions/ thoughts on what someone with this degree could do.
  6. PCU_RN9

    New Grad Problems?

    When people start taking jobs for much lower than normal pay that starts a precedent. Then employers think its okay to keep wages down because someone out there will take that low unfair pay. You need to find out what the normal new grad range is and call them on it.
  7. PCU_RN9

    First Day At Clinical Falls Flat

    HAHA. Very similar story. It was my first day in the hospital and I had my clinical day before we even had our first class! Anyway we had our clinical instructor tell us a room number for a pt for each of us and we were to go in and basically just introduce ourselves and ask how theyre doing and feeling. Well I'm trying to play out in my head what I'm going to say and I'm so nervous at this point. I walk in and say I'm PCU_RN, I'm a nursing student at so- and so college. The patient cuts me off mid sentence and says to me "I need to go to the bathroom" (and like you, I was thinking "this was not in the script, this wasnt supposed to happen") This pt was up to the chair with multiple IV's, oxygen, and was obese. In my head I was like UHHHHH????? I did not even no where to begin. The patients nurse and another nurse ended up assisting the pt to the bathroom and I watched their technique and helped out standing the pt. Its crazy how far you come in such a short period of time. You definitely will look back on your first day and laugh at how such a simple task caused so much anxiety. I know I do! Good luck with NS.
  8. PCU_RN9

    Splitting pills outside of nurse's scope of practice?

    Beckster, That is CRAZY! What type of floor do you work on? A general floor? Are ICU and ER nurses still allowed to push those drugs? I think that is so ridiculous!
  9. PCU_RN9

    Education of nurses

    Now I know this may upset some but... I think that all nurses should be BSN prepared at minimum, and all LPN, ASN, and diploma programs should be eradicated. My reasoning for this? How many other fields can say they are "professionals" with less than an associate degree? Education is never a bad thing and the more education one has, the better. I believe nurses would be seen as more professional, and there would be less people trying to get into the field as a "fast and easy way to make decent money" as many nursing programs advertise. Perhaps then, nurses would see better wages and easier opportunites to find employment. I would love to hear what others think on this topic. I turly hope this goes into effect in the near future!
  10. PCU_RN9

    Are nurses professional?

    I fully believe that to be an RN you must have your BSN. I think not only it would be better for the profession but the public sees becoming an RN as easy due to all of these schools advertising how quickly one can become an RN. More education is never a bad thing.
  11. PCU_RN9

    RN for the disabled?

    I would love to work with disabled adults and/or children. Does anybody do this? Is there anywhere in the Pittsburgh area I could work? any info would be appreciated!
  12. PCU_RN9

    Hospital nursing question

    R*Star, was case management even more stressful than your previous job? Is that why you are trying to get out of it, or is it just not the type of job you thought it would be?
  13. PCU_RN9

    is it just me?

    LOL! just today I had a pt go into rapid a fib 5 minutes before the start of report, he also vomitted everywhere right before that, AND his IV infiltrated! funny you posted about this
  14. I am looking for a lower stress work environment and I am looking into urgent care centers. At the interview I am certain they will ask why I want to work there, and not the ER at the hospital I am currrently employed at. Is saying I am looking for a lower stress environment with normal hours ok to tell them, or do I need to come up with a sugar coated reason?
  15. PCU_RN9

    Medical Observation Unit

    I do not work on an observation unit but I have been floated there before and I know how they run, at least how the one runs at my facility. It is a fast paced environment, you get many many admissions and discharges everyday because they are there only a ahort period. Usually 24 hours or less. You usually will get CP, abdominal pain, syncope, etc...there is some cardiac monitoring for the CP. You usually will not deal with things like ng tubes, TPN, post op surgery etc. Many of the patients are in fairly good condition and there are many a/ x3 walkie talkies. Its just hard at times to keep up with all of the testing that they have to go to so the doctor can determine whether they can be discharged or be made an admission and get transferred to a different unit in the hospital. Hope that helps some!
  16. PCU_RN9

    Break from nursing?

    Lately with my job (as well as my life) I have been feeling extremely stressed out. I have been thinking about taking a short break from nursing and getting a low key, low stress type of job until I can get get my life, and the stress I am dealing with under control. The type of job I am talking about : coffee shop, secretary, hostess, etc. I am starting to see a psychologist and I feel like once I get things under better control I will return to nursing as I do truly enjoy it, other factors right now are getting in the way. Has anyone ever taken a short break from nursing like this? And does this sound like an ok thing to do? Just looking for some others' experience and possibly some advice, thanks!

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