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I was a total frequent flyer, especially in 4th and 5th grade. My parents had recently divorced, I was in a new school and my mom was never around so I needed TLC. We didn't actually have a real... Read More

  1. by   amoLucia
    Anyone else remember the sugar cube vaccines?
  2. by   KelRN215
    I remember:

    In 1st grade, being really excited that the school nurse gave me an ice pack when I complained about a headache one day.

    In 2nd grade, I had a broken leg and was in a cast for the first 2 months of school/used the school nurse's wheelchair but don't really remember going to her for anything.

    In 4th grade, fainting at field day and the school nurse standing over me with smelling salt.

    In 7th grade, going to the school nurse once the first time I got horrible muscle spasms in my right thigh that, to this day/20 years later, I STILL get when I have my period and no one understands why.

    In 8th grade, using the school nurse's bathroom when I had my period because I was embarrassed to use the regular one.

    I don't think I ever went to the school nurse in high school. Don't think I ever even told her when I was diagnosed with epilepsy and a brain tumor my senior year. I do remember that her name was Tina, though.
  3. by   helen09
    My school did not have a nurse.
  4. by   BeccaznRN
    I think I was in second grade when I started crying in class and promptly threw up. Our awesome school nurse (who wore all white) came to walk me to her office and had to stop at least 3-4x during the walk with me so I could throw up. She was such a wonderful lady.
  5. by   NurseCard
    Lol, to be honest I don't have any memories of actual school nurses.
    I am thinking that none of the schools where I grew up had full time
    nurses for each school, that they kinda traveled around doing lice
    checks, giving vaccines, etc.

    I do have a funny story that I'd like to share. When I was in
    high school.. I was actually a senior... I faked being sick one
    day. I moaned and groaned, and rubbed my face raw so that
    it would be all red and warm. I sat in the office all doubled
    over until my dad came and got me.

    My reasoning for faking being sick? I was in band, had a
    concert that day, and had forgotten my concert dress clothes.
    My high school band director was a b**tch and I knew she
    would have laid the smack down on me, big time. So,
    I just went home. Sick.

    Even told my dad that I was faking it, and why. He was
    totally okay with it. My parents didn't like my band
    director much either.
  6. by   Glycerine82
    Snapped my radius and ulna in half during recess in second grade....ran to the teacher like "I think I broke my arm"

    My palm was touching the anterior portion of my forearm.... The nurse was very sweet to me, called my mom immediately and got me a ton of ice. Made a big deal about giving me a fancy sling and talking about how brave I was. I don't remember them setting it because they put me to sleep, but I had about 4 root beer floats when I was in recovery!
  7. by   NutmeggeRN
    I don't really remember the one in Elementary school but my Jr and and High school ones were awesome!! I actaully worked in my HS as an "aide". She was very instrumental in bringing a clinic to that school (long after I graduated. SHe was friends with my mom as well. So I knew her in a different capacity.
  8. by   Kooky Korky
    I guess she was decent enough, but struck me as a real sour apple.
  9. by   OyWithThePoodles
    None of the schools I attended had a nurse. In high school I would call home and fake sick if I was having a bad hair day. My husband still teases me about it.

    We got by, but I think there are a lot more chronic illnesses present now, at least it seems that way. I feel every school needs a nurse!
  10. by   SnugglePuggle
    I saw the school nurse exactly 3 times.
    1st grade - I woke up with pox. My Mom sent me to school anyway and told me to go to the school nurse because she thought I might have Chicken Pox. I did.
    2nd grade - Concussion on playground. I saw stars and had dizziness and confusion. Fell asleep in class, woke up and immediately vomited. I remember the nurse asking me if I could wiggle my toes. I went home. Never did see a doctor.
    7th Grade - Got my first period and I just felt weird.
  11. by   zombieghoast
    My mom was a teacher at the school I went to so everyone knew who I was. I never went to the nurse for anything when I was small but I was in the school's musical. I went to adjust the mic stand and I loosened it too much and it dropped and caught the webbing of my thumb and index finger. It was very bad and bleed a lot but I just stood there in shock. The nurse wrapped me up and didn't have ice that day so she gave me a frozen cranapple juice box and told me to just have it when it is no longer frozen. I STILL have that scar
  12. by   Eleven011
    Quote from amoLucia
    Anyone else remember the sugar cube vaccines?
    everytime I see a sugar cube, I get that taste in my mouth!
  13. by   scuba nurse
    I never went to the school nurse. I can't even remember who they were at any school!