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  1. Kooky Korky

    COVID-19: Different For Women

    What is BAME?
  2. Kooky Korky

    COVID-19: Different For Women

    How about HIV? No public health emergency declarations, with related public health measures such as quarantine and lots of public notification of how it spreads, was declared. This was to be politically correct and not offensive to the homosexual community. As a result, many innocent people, such as hemophiliacs, became infected, suffered, and died. With this so-called novel coronavirus, I think they knew it existed much sooner than the general public was informed, hence the name 19, as in 2019.. They didn't bother to tell the public until 2020. An immediate quarantine should have been put into place. Immediate, far-reaching, and long-lasting. Until a vaccine is developed. I think there might already be a vaccine. There has probably been a test for quite a long time before the public has had access to it. Trump and those near him have testing EVERY SINGLE DAY, if he can be believed. It will be interesting to see if the Russian vax works.
  3. Kooky Korky

    Gender discrimination in pay

    Time to demand the resignation or ouster of your union officials. How could they have so neglected you and those in your boat?
  4. Kooky Korky

    Gender discrimination in pay

    And just how will you be more careful?
  5. Kooky Korky

    Gender discrimination in pay

    Why would you feel guilty that others make less? Especially if they are aware of the mess at your/their place and don't join in the battle for fairness and equality. You probably volunteer for committees and come in on your own unpaid time off for meetings. Wake up!
  6. Kooky Korky

    Gender discrimination in pay

    If Man was meant to fly, he would have wings. Hmm, seems that reasoning was WRONG!!! Slap your face, Girl. Square your shoulders. Get organized, the whole fearful bunch of you. Organize a protest. Peaceful but do it. No one is going to give you women anything. Take your male colleagues up on their offer to march to HR with you. As a last resort, go public - as in TV stations and newspapers. Definitely try a more peaceful approach first. If you are good enough to train new guys, you deserve at least the same pay. At least. Or you can just do the running away you are thinking of doing. Did you have that interview planned before this shocking matter came to your attention? Best wishes.
  7. Can you put some zinc oxide between you and the mask? Or some cotton padding? I do cotton behind my ear where the strap cuts into it. Ivory soap? Dove? Piece of foam for padding?
  8. Kooky Korky

    Mask refusal

    This is when those making the rules need to come live them. You know - lead the way for their workers. 🤬🤣
  9. Kooky Korky

    Mask refusal

    How about the nurses' duty to remain healthy so he or she can be able to treat lots of other patients and be there for one's own family and protect one's own health?
  10. Kooky Korky

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I doubt it's HIPAA. But you never know. Ask your facility's HIPAA Officer.
  11. She is not critiquing. She is just asking a question.
  12. I don't think she's judging. She's just asking.
  13. Kooky Korky

    Multiple vaccine errors.

    Your doctor is a cheap jerk. Or he is unaware of the pressure your job holds. You need to speak up. If you can't or choose not to, get out. Good luck.
  14. Notify the doc, ask for parameters. A pox on your lazy coworkers for not notifying the doc when there are no parameters. And a pox on the doctors for not giving parameters in the first place. House?
  15. Do your own thing, Girl. You won't improve certain skills but you will be learning others and doing something you love. If I need the OR, I want someone who loves it. Go for it.
  16. Kooky Korky

    VIP Patient Demanding His Drugs

    She will be canned about 2 minutes after doing the things you say, even though you are right to give the counsel you gave. Always comes the advice to quit and go work elsewhere. Getting creative here - how about calling the police to be ready to pull him over the instant he moves his car? They can do the breathalyzer, all the tests for DUI at their disposal. If he's so rich, how come he doesn't get a chauffeur? And I guess the doctors are as afraid of offending Admin as you all are. Evil incarnate. Just evil incarnate. You could always tell the doctors that you will give them the Demerol for them to administer to their patient because you cannot do so in good conscience. I am glad the Ethics Committee will be getting involved. Why does someone need the procedures you mentioned every 2 weeks? Is that anywhere near normal? Maybe you can report his doctors to their licensing Board.

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