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How many staff members work with you?  I am  finding overwhelm with just me, especially at the start of the year.  I have no assistant.


Piper98, ASN, RN

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In our district, only the high schools and middle schools have health aides.



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I am the only school in my district, PreK - 12, and I am the only staff for the health dept.   

k1p1ssk, BSN, RN

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Our district has the equivalent of 3 full time nurses - one for each building. The high school has two nurses, but their hours are combined to create the 1.0 FTE; Their other time is split - one of them handles health education on a PT basis, and the other makes up the other half as the district nurse leader. We also just hired a float "resource nurse" who is an LPN and will be spending dedicated hours in each building each week so that the FT nurse can get caught up on paperwork, phone calls, etc. She is also our dedicated sub nurse. I can tell that having the float is going to be a game changer - it will allow me to take my paperwork and laptop into a quiet space and focus on the nitty gritty paperwork without interruption! Would have been nice to have that last year - I didn't get through my data entry until 4 days before the end of the school year 😫 

Glitternurse, LVN

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There is 1 RN and me the LVN for our district of about 3500 PS-6th grade students spread over 6 schools.  


Keeperofbandages, LPN

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It's just me at my school.  I'm in a K-8 Public Charter School with about 880 kids and about 90 staff.



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Just me for Elementary school of ~400