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Piper98 is a ASN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. When Should I Start Applying For Jobs?

    That is really up to you and how competitive your area is. I applied a week after passing NCLEX, and within a week or so, had 4 offers. I didn’t want the added stress of job search with finishing school and studying for NCLEX. But most of my classmat...
  2. How many preceptors did you have?

    Just curious…how many preceptors did you have as a new nurse? Or what is to be expected? I assumed as a new nurse you would have one, maybe two, and follow their schedule. I have had nearly a new nurse each shift and am finding it not ideal. It is so...
  3. Passing exam

    What are you using to study? How many questions are you doing a day? How many times have you failed? When did you graduate?
  4. Dismissed from ABSN program

    I’m in Indiana. Unless you were dropped for something illegal, I think you would be fine as long as the grades are there. Keep in mind all nursing programs are competitive.
  5. Dismissed from ABSN program

    I went to a CC and there were several students that were dismissed from a BSN program and then decided to go the CC route. I don't think you will have a problem at all!!
  6. Active Job Offer Help!!

    Just my opinion, but if the drive doesn't bother you, I would go for the first job. It seems like the residency has a lot of negatives that you have identified. The clinic job would not give you the bedside skill set you would need to get into L &...
  7. New Grad Options

    I would recommend talking with a recruiter for the health systems in your area. They will be able to give you an idea of what shifts they are hiring for. Have you thought about outpatient? Those jobs are generally 8-5, no nights or weekends. Best of ...
  8. New nurse-too old for bedside?

    Thank you all so much!! I appreciate the feedback!
  9. Studying For NCLEX: Feeling Like Its Going No Where

    Good luck! I took mine last week and passed. It was an odd test. Just take your time and don’t overthink those SATAs! Also, my state posted my license in less than 24 hours, so check that the next day.
  10. don't like nursing, should I accept the job?

    I worked as a nurse apprentice in surgery last Summer and HATED it. But the reason I hated it was because I had no patient interaction. It was so cold (literally and figuratively) and so procedural and boring. All I did was help position patients aft...
  11. New nurse-too old for bedside?

    Hello, I am a recent ASN grad and recently passed NCLEX. I have started applying for jobs, and have my first interview for ICU/stepdown next week. I eventually see myself in a outpatient clinic or even a school (I used to work in a school clinic ...
  12. I Passed the NCLEX-RN

    Congrats! Not sure where you are located, but I tested on Tuesday at 1pm and my state had issued my license by 11am yesterday, so I didn't need to worry about the quick results from Pearson VUE.
  13. The more I study, the dumber I feel...

    Update: PASSED in 75!?
  14. Studying For NCLEX: Feeling Like Its Going No Where

    I test Tuesday, but I feel like it helps to have a system/plan for each day. Also, the biggest thing is reading those rationales regardless if you got it right or wrong. I have been studying 6-ish hours a day for the past month and still feel complet...
  15. Studying for the NCLEX-RN

    Are you in your final semester? I used UWorld my final semester to help me get through Complex Med/Surg, and am now using it to study for NCLEX. The rationales are amazing. The Saunders book is also good to brush up on weak areas.