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Bulldogs has 5 years experience as a CNA, EMT-B.

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  1. Back to School Night

    My school allows me to clock in for this. It makes the first day of school so much easier.
  2. Who's almost done???

    Kids get out at noon on 5/24. Work till June 9. Bring it on!!!! Then I report back August 1.
  3. Spring BREAK

    T-minus 30 minus and we are on break. When we come back the kids only have 50 days left before Summer. I will have 62 days left and cannot wait for some down time this Summer!
  4. Elementary vs. Middle School Nursing

    I currently serve special education, prek-3 thruough the 12th grade give me all the littles all the time!!
  5. Vision/Hearing exams on preschool age children

    We call in the lions club with photo screeners for the 2-4 year olds. However I still do hearing on all of them the best I can and the ones that are uncooperative or no response are referred
  6. 1 day left

    We made it all YEAR in PERSON. We are down to 1 day left with sstudents it has been one crazy busy and stresfulo year. Now to get ready for next year.
  7. Summer Summer Summer!

    My contract runs until June 10. May 26 is the last day with kids. Then I am Taking my 6 weeks and not even thinking about this place. Water Sunshine and Texas heat!
  8. 40 days left!!

    48 days left here and 2 weeks of work after the kids leave. We have been in person all year. Started in August.
  9. Opening Texas

    TEA says it is up to each School board
  10. Opening Texas

    My district is awaiting word from TEA and the health department before making any changes.
  11. Opening Texas

    Im curious how Tea will handle this. Kind of scary going right into Spring break.
  12. Just Can't Make This Up

    We have been f2f since August about 10% of students are still working from home. It has been an adventure for sure.
  13. Just Can't Make This Up

    My favorite one yesterday was....Why does he have to be out longer than his positive sister........( she was trying to use the excuse that they have been split between mom and dads house. sorry mom they played basketball in the school gym on Thursda...
  14. Just Can't Make This Up

  15. Exhausted..Trying to stay positive

    I feel like I cant catch up. I refuse to work from home on the weekends. I am taking care of me LOL How is everyone doing? What are some of your favorite relaxing activities?