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Glitternurse has 3 years experience as a LVN and specializes in pediatrics.

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  1. Glitternurse

    How many "school sleeps" until Holiday break?

    4 more!!!!! I'm technically out at 3:30 on Friday, but since it's a minimum day I will probably be able to go around 2 ish Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, enjoy your break
  2. Glitternurse

    Happy Thanksgiving

    i think most of us are off next week. . I hope you are all able to rest and enjoy family and friends and return to your clinics refreshed. I am thankful for all of you. I have learned so much and had a good laugh now and then. Happy Thanksgiving.
  3. Glitternurse


    I get asked, but it's because mt children attend here and I'm asked as a parent, not usually as staff.
  4. Glitternurse

    How many?

    There are 5 elementary and 1 preschool, around 2500-3000 students, lots of staff. The District RN and me the LVN cover all the schools. The assistant secretaries are also the health aides (like they don't have enough to do). The RN was on her own until my position was created, this is the start of my 3rd year. We stay busy. I always tell people I don't know what day it is until I know which campus I'm at.
  5. Glitternurse

    First case of flu

    No fever for 24 hours without fever reducer. Although, I will send them home without a fever if the student is clearly not feeling well and obviously isn't benefiting from being in school. It's part policy and part common sense and part mom instinct.
  6. Glitternurse

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    Pink blouse with polka dots, I'm headed to the cool kids table
  7. Glitternurse

    Unwilling link in the enabling chain...

    The other day I walked into the office 15 minutes before school started, there were 3 students all claiming not to feel good. I took temps, no fever, of course, so I said "I'm not calling anybodies parent before school has even started, go to class." Shockingly non of them came back.
  8. Glitternurse

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    At the last minute I remembered it was Wednesday and pulled out my pink blouse. Save a seat for mr at the cool kids table.
  9. Glitternurse

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    I never had a chance to make it onto the site yesterday, but I did remember to wear pink.
  10. Glitternurse

    Clinical Assistant

    Welcome back! It sounds like a fantastic position. I hope you continue to enjoy it. One of the things I love about working at my kids school district is when I'm at their school they come to my office during their lunch or recess, just to say hi and get a hug.
  11. Glitternurse

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    LikeTheDeadSea I'm glad you dug this up. Save a seat for me at the cool kids table, I'm so fetch in my pink polka dot blouse today.
  12. Glitternurse

    New year, new job

    yay for you!!! I hope this new position is everything it promises to be. I'm still in my same position, starting year 3.
  13. Glitternurse

    "Did someone call me?"

    Yep, everyday. I have gotten into the habit of letting the secretaries know when and who I've called so when the parent calls back they know to transfer it to me. To be fair my husband does the same thing when I call him. He just calls back without listening to the voicemail.
  14. Glitternurse

    Interview questions

    Congrat!!!! Good luck
  15. Glitternurse

    see you in August

    I know there are only a few of us left. This is my last day (just over an hour to go) until August 12. I hope the rest of your school year flies by smoothly. Have a fun and restful summer.
  16. Glitternurse

    Class Dojo??

    I'd be interested to find out too. It would be nice to have a way to pass on non-emergent info. 3 more wake ups for me, Wed, Thur, and Fri are minimum day for the students.

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