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  1. zombieghoast

    8 interviews and no offer

    Its hard. I was part time AS a school nurse and they still didn't wanna hire me. Twice. They offered me a subbing job. I had multiple administrators on my reference list for that district. I eventually got an office job and their first day of school they called me asking if I wanted a job. Go figure.
  2. zombieghoast

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

  3. zombieghoast

    Weird reasons to come to school nurse?

    Any volunteers? Buellar?
  4. zombieghoast

    Snow Day!

    Monday and Tuesday were in the 60s. Yes. In the Chicagoland area
  5. zombieghoast

    YOUR Childhood School Nurse memories

    My mom was a teacher at the school I went to so everyone knew who I was. I never went to the nurse for anything when I was small but I was in the school's musical. I went to adjust the mic stand and I loosened it too much and it dropped and caught the webbing of my thumb and index finger. It was very bad and bleed a lot but I just stood there in shock. The nurse wrapped me up and didn't have ice that day so she gave me a frozen cranapple juice box and told me to just have it when it is no longer frozen. I STILL have that scar
  6. zombieghoast

    Re wrapping splints?

    Oh man I got you beat. The urgent care through my organization SUCKS. They honestly try to avoid doing work as much as possible and I referred a patient to UC because of a sports injury. They called me up telling me the athletic director "diagnosed" them with shin splints and that I needed to put in a referral FOR them. The doctor even made a comment that these directors are not doctors and shouldn't diagnose.
  7. zombieghoast

    Thought you guys may enjoy this

    Most of you guys in this thread know I was a school nurse but now work in a pediatrics office and just lurk on this site. Every so often I get a previous student who happens to be a patient of the doctor I work for. The other day I saw on my list of patient and behold one of my frequent fliers was coming in. He always tried to use me to get out of class and was just becoming a pain. Even mom at one point told him to stop coming to my office so much! He showed up. I say hi and he had the biggest on his smile and was actually happy to see me. I guess I wasn't Nurse Ratched at the schools after all!
  8. zombieghoast


    I'm always here watching! *can't comment too often because the last month has been busy with physical season and parents trying to guilt trip me*
  9. zombieghoast


    Glad to hear you are okay!
  10. zombieghoast

    Eclipse concerns

    More importantly tell them not to accept any strange plants that day.
  11. zombieghoast

    Non potty trained students.

    Not the responsibility of the nurse. Contact both principal and social worker. These children have to be potty changed if they aren't special needs.
  12. zombieghoast

    What is your dream job?

    Trophy wife
  13. zombieghoast

    Doctor's notes

    I totally understand. We never write notes like that and we make sure that the note gives the exact date when they can go back because a lot of parents will try to extend out the days.
  14. zombieghoast

    Doctor's notes

    I work for a ped's office. I never include the illness unless it is asthma or something communicable. Most parents bring their kids in to get an excuse for school and I type what the doctor tells. I had a parent call me to see if I can write up a letter excusing the son for the absences. He has over 30 unexcused absences.
  15. zombieghoast

    Life update from a former school nurse

    I literally no time to do anything at my previous job! Now I am able to manage my time better.
  16. zombieghoast

    Anyone leave over money/salary issue?

    I left school nursing to get a full time job. The school nursing position was only part time and now I almost make double of what I did before. I miss summers off tho