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BeccaznRN has 10 years experience and specializes in NICU, High-Risk L&D, IBCLC.

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  1. BeccaznRN

    Friending patient families on social media?

    Count me as another that refuses to mix my personal and professional lives; as such, I have never friended former NICU families or current coworkers. We have plenty of nurses that do, but that's on them. I like my personal life drama-free, and friending former NICU families seems like trouble waiting to happen.
  2. BeccaznRN

    Neonatal Education I can complete as a STUDENT?

    Yes, look into student externships. I was chosen for a summer externship going into my senior year of nursing school that included time in the NICU, among other units. You could also become active in nursing organizations such as NANN, which would provide opportunities for self-study and networking.
  3. BeccaznRN


    I'm with you. Nothing solicits an inward groan from me more than going into the room for safety checks and seeing a pile of sweet-ease, one of which is open, half-used, and sitting right at the head of bed.
  4. BeccaznRN

    scanning breast milk

    My facility is implementing barcode scanning of breast milk.
  5. I also had the certification as a professional goal. I enjoy staying current in NICU nursing practice and the certification ensures that I do just that through required CEUs. I regularly attend educational conferences for the same reasons. The extra $1.35/hr. (an extra $2500 per year for my full-time hours) more than pays for my continuing education.
  6. BeccaznRN

    Why Do We Continue to Harm Patients?

    Top-notch incentives and benefits for senior, experienced nurses to stay at the bedside. We need their knowledge and expertise to help keep our patients safe.
  7. BeccaznRN

    Extravasation in neonates

    Our vascular access team is involved with all infiltrates and extravasations. They perform initial assessments, make recommendations for treatment, and follow until resolved.
  8. BeccaznRN

    How has nursing changed you?

    Atheists are lazy? Says who? Ah....the one that is imploring everyone NOT to judge.
  9. BeccaznRN

    Mandatory Overtime

    All of our recent new hires are required to do one 12-hour call shift per 6-week schedule (call is on our normally scheduled shift). We work every other weekend and are guaranteed the other weekend off, but otherwise we don't get to choose the call shift - assigned per needs of the unit by the scheduling committee. Call is almost never cancelled. I'm thankful that I got hired before this new policy took effect and I don't have to take call; however, for all of us that were grandfathered in, call will be required if we take another position on the unit (ex: going from a straight night position to days or rotating).
  10. BeccaznRN

    Seattle Children's Pay

    The River parking lot is indeed free, but it's meant for patients, families, and visitors only (including volunteers). Staff cannot park there without risking disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  11. I'm unsure if they pay for the initial cert since I already had the RNC when I was hired to my current unit, but I get an extra $1.35 per hour for having it.
  12. BeccaznRN

    How late after your shift do you stay at work?

    I have 11 years of experience in the NICU. Just this past week was the first time in forever that I was still there 30 minutes past my shift. My night went to you-know-where in a hand basket around 5 A.M. and as I was trying to give the oncoming nurse report, I was constantly interrupted by every service imaginable coming by on early rounds to see my patients and needing some form of assistance (supplies, dressing changes, questions answered, etc.). I would say 95% of the time, I'm out on time or even early. The other 5% is usually over by just 5-10 minutes, mostly because the oncoming nurse is late and/or asking numerous questions. My employer doesn't require any explanation if we go into overtime.
  13. BeccaznRN

    Stlcc Forest park or Meramec?

    I took courses at both campuses and found little difference in the educational offerings. They are both part of St. Louis Community College, meaning your failing grades at Forest Park will show up on your transcript no matter which campus you attend.
  14. BeccaznRN

    PCS Military Spouse__Germany

    When I moved to Stuttgart with my husband, I planned on not working and continuing my education online. Most of the military spouse nurses start out volunteering with Red Cross or at the clinic while waiting for a possible job to open. The clinics utilize medics and LPNs as well, so RN jobs might be a bit more scarce. Other nursing opportunities pop up in the DoD schools and contract positions for programs such as New Parent Support (but this program highly prefers a maternal/child nursing background). The job situation for nurses (or any spouse) isn't the greatest. Personally, I wouldn't try to get a position at Landstuhl while living in Vilseck. You're looking at a VERY long commute just for the sake of working, and German traffic jams ("stau") are frequent and easily add hours to commutes. Not fun. Go and take full advantage of the travel opportunities - trust me, you WON'T be bored. I spent the best three years of my life in Germany and would do it again in a heartbeat. =)
  15. BeccaznRN

    Seattle Children's Pay

    Seattle Children's most definitely does NOT offer free parking. Nights, weekends, and holidays allow for employees to park on campus for around $3.50 per day. Normal M-F daytime hours, the cost depends on arrival time (going up to around $8.00 per day, I think). Driving alone - you park off-site and get shuttled in. Carpool/vanpool - you park on campus and split the parking fee between riders. Any alternate commute (bike, walk, bus, carpool, basically anything other than driving alone) earns a $4.50 commute bonus per day. They do offer a steeply discounted ORCA card for bus/Link commuting as well - about $130 per year.

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