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  1. K9lover

    Why are nurses so sanctimonious.

    I've pondered this since I was eaten for lunch as a new grad upon discovery many fellow RNs just rejoiced at new grad mistakes. I loved school; very intelligent and aced everything from my degree through the RN program however RN program did not leav...
  2. K9lover

    Hair follicle

    Don't be ridiculous. This comment is rather akin to saying if they did not go to the police and report having accidentally ran a stop sign hence lying by omission next thing you know they'll be running red lights, driving 100 MPH in school zones and ...
  3. Wow you are a ***.
  4. Indeed, then my husband must have 'imagined' same officer being at our house on a non-cite report and officer telling my husband he (the officer) was concerned because he'd tried to 'help me get to work' on that day. Does officer telling a 3rd party ...
  5. It is not incoherent, just complex.
  6. It reads to me as 'wrote to DA myself as (my) attorney failed to mention this factoid.' I am not a lawyer however it is my understanding that law enforcement cannot legally advise someone to drive when individual states they cannot. It is also eviden...
  7. K9lover

    5th e-Cigarette Death Reported As Illnesses Double

    5 deaths is an 'exponential skyrocket'? Cigarettes killed more people in the time it took me to type this...
  8. K9lover

    What Broke our Healthcare System?

    I absolutely loathe this line of 'never smoked, drank, drugged etc...' because guess what? People do not choose to be addicts, they can choose to quit but not the former. Some people did not have horrific childhoods, genetics, poverty et al driven fa...
  9. K9lover

    What Broke our Healthcare System?

    Profit-based greed, greed and more greed. Healthcare should not be a luxury...
  10. K9lover

    I Was Fired...for Being Abrasive and Having Attitude

    When you state you have 'no filter' that indicates you say whatever is on your mind, this is not a chactertistic which serverves anyone well...unless, of course, the only thing on ones' mind is cute puppies and pretty rainbows. Levity aside I was onc...
  11. K9lover

    MVA, EMS didn't use a backboard!!

    For someone who states seeing all sides of the scenario you sure seem to accept everything this student states as gospel from EMS not knowing how to do a BP to c-collar on a 'body' in the road. 'Tis possible person iin road had fixed/dilated pupils e...
  12. K9lover

    Failed drug screen before ever utilizing license

    Cocaine is still a thing? Why the heck did you agree to a test knowing, at minimum, it would be positive for cocaine when you could have turned down the job? As for THC I am a bit surprised that would show however you state using that more frequently...
  13. K9lover

    IV Push Meds

    I don't know why they teach that narcotics must be diluted. Very few RNs did so, when I did bedside nursing I never diluted narcotics and the only problem I ever encountered was if the previous RN did so without explaining to patient so I'd get the r...
  14. K9lover

    Arizona licensure with criminal charges

    I was raised by an LAPD Sgt who retired after 30 years & went on to work at public defenders' office for next 20 years and we talked about law endlessly, I would have given a shot at law school had I been able to afford it. Law interests me so i ...
  15. Good Lord, you don't know how she feels about it, she could be crying herself to sleep each night for all you know and you have diagnosed her as a sociopath because she asked if this driving offense will have an impact on her nursing license! She ca...