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  1. K9lover

    5th e-Cigarette Death Reported As Illnesses Double

    5 deaths is an 'exponential skyrocket'? Cigarettes killed more people in the time it took me to type this...
  2. K9lover

    What Broke our Healthcare System?

    I absolutely loathe this line of 'never smoked, drank, drugged etc...' because guess what? People do not choose to be addicts, they can choose to quit but not the former. Some people did not have horrific childhoods, genetics, poverty et al driven factors. It comes across as saying those among us who did not escape addiction deserve our healthcare punishments. I have been clean and sober since 1989 and still battle nicotine, until you have walked a mile in my horrific childhood, genetic-infused, lived on Top Ramen shoes you don't have the right to judge...I realize off topic but people say this constantly.
  3. K9lover

    What Broke our Healthcare System?

    Profit-based greed, greed and more greed. Healthcare should not be a luxury...
  4. K9lover

    I Was Fired...for Being Abrasive and Having Attitude

    When you state you have 'no filter' that indicates you say whatever is on your mind, this is not a chactertistic which serverves anyone well...unless, of course, the only thing on ones' mind is cute puppies and pretty rainbows. Levity aside I was once fired from a clinic job when a particularly unpleasant and never happy (that I could ascertain) after I uttered a curse word; the clinic was not open yet, she and I were only staff there. She freaked running to nearest phone to advise manager of my curse word. Well, when manager arrived she told me "FIRED" and had me sit in a corner, I wasnted my clipboard and they told me it was to be collected by another...so freaked out were they I was tempted to say "I probably shouldn't have brought the gun collection in either (this was decades ago but still I could see levity would not be appreciated.) It was treated as if I had something under that tiny clipboard... Ironically I almost never curse anywhere! Just no filter that day after RN unpleasant went with one to many blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...about something until I'd stated "how the %$# was I supposed to know this?" My colleague told manager she'd never heard that word causing me to wonder how she knew it.
  5. K9lover

    MVA, EMS didn't use a backboard!!

    For someone who states seeing all sides of the scenario you sure seem to accept everything this student states as gospel from EMS not knowing how to do a BP to c-collar on a 'body' in the road. 'Tis possible person iin road had fixed/dilated pupils even with someone breathing and we only have her word on 'EMS not knowing how to do a BP...unless she is wonder-nurse she'll encounter everything from "son did get ANYTHING for pain in days!" to Mom did not have a BM in a week!" on her watch...
  6. K9lover

    Failed drug screen before ever utilizing license

    Cocaine is still a thing? Why the heck did you agree to a test knowing, at minimum, it would be positive for cocaine when you could have turned down the job? As for THC I am a bit surprised that would show however you state using that more frequently, when I had a background for corrections the detective with whom I interviewed told me in no uncertain terms that marijuana was disallowed even though recreational use is permitted in my state. It was not anything which floated my boat to begin with. He did not so much like my extensive use of drugs in the 1980's although I did not do IV and had never tried heroin (both of which would have disqualified me.) When asked how many times I'd used cocaine between heaviest use '85-'89 I told him I honestly could not recall due to my blackout drinking, that and it sounded better than telling him I used it every day which ended in 'y' during those years; be cautious with it, I tried it 1st time age 15, thought it was sort of boring but used it on and off and did not become addicted until age 24. Cocaine is sneaky, if used with any frequency the crash coming down is brutal, most God-awful depression I'd ever known and I would do anything to avoid it (and the only way to avoid it is to keep using until too exhausted to continue.) Being an alcoholic I already had that misery to deal with. Meth was beginning to take the place of cocaine and the very few times I used it I thought my mind was becoming unraveled, thankfully I was only a few weeks away from getting clean and sober. I took various electives and did not begin my pre-nursing until I was sure being clean and sober was a true commitment. You do not sound as if you have any addiction which is good, don't let any get you and best of luck with this.
  7. K9lover

    IV Push Meds

    I don't know why they teach that narcotics must be diluted. Very few RNs did so, when I did bedside nursing I never diluted narcotics and the only problem I ever encountered was if the previous RN did so without explaining to patient so I'd get the rare patient who thought the previous RN gave them half a 5 CC syringe of all Dilaudid. I'd tell them that 5 CC's of Dilaudid would be lethal and most of that previous dose was NS, if they wanted it pushed fast I'd push it fast...they'd get their 2 second rush (and know it was Dilaudid.) I am not their 12-step sponsor, this sort of thing did not faze me.
  8. K9lover

    Arizona licensure with criminal charges

    I was raised by an LAPD Sgt who retired after 30 years & went on to work at public defenders' office for next 20 years and we talked about law endlessly, I would have given a shot at law school had I been able to afford it. Law interests me so i read up on it frequently (that and I want to know what new laws go into effect such as having to use headlights if windshield wipers are being used etc...) However much of what my father advised me on was legal matters prior ro 2002. From what I have read on this site everything will show up when it comes to BRN being able to see it. Your last DUI was quite some time ago however you have 3 so hope you no longer drink at all. Why is the prostitution arrest a felony? I thought that was a misdemeanor...that being said getting everything expunged is wise. I don't know about endorsement, I'd ask Az BRN on that as you posted this in July and have not received a replay on that one. As mentioned getting them expunged is a good idea and the DUIs' will go much easier on you if you no longer drink. As for showing up on background from what I have read here and elsewhere in matters of healthcare licensure everything shows up.
  9. Good Lord, you don't know how she feels about it, she could be crying herself to sleep each night for all you know and you have diagnosed her as a sociopath because she asked if this driving offense will have an impact on her nursing license! She came here to ask a question specific to a traffic ticket and you have determined she lacks judgement, should have her nursing license effected and is beset with severe psychiatric issues. Would you suggest she prefaced this question with statements that she attempted suicide over the remorse, ran to the bus begging forgiveness of the children as a sobbing wreck, offered the parents half of all her future earnings after changing careers to a school bus crossing guard and, if Catholic, completed 50000 hail Marys? Wow, you sound like the detective with whom I interviewed for work in corrections who adjudicated me as having gotten away with 100 felonies for 1980's cocaine use prior to getting clean & sober (also in the 1980's.) Really, nobody knows anything about this nurse other than the traffic ticket she received and I have seen some harsh replies but yours tops this list.
  10. My dad was a 30 year LAPD vet and an invaluable source of all matters legal which he impressed upon me in driving-related matters. That and my adult son had his share of 'driving adventures' when young. I would get a lawyer and attempt to get that misdemeanor reduced to an infraction given even with no effect on nursing license it will effect your insurance rates dearly and if you wanted to work in home health/hospice would effect that. It is 2 points on DMV record and you want to avoid that if possible (a DUI is 2 points also so that does impact insurance et al) If you can get it reduced it would be worth it, if you say slide in the snow and hit a car this winter that is one point for DMV, that leaves you one point away from an automatic 6 month drivers license suspension. So while it will not likely cause any issues with the BRN you want to avoid issues with the other less than forgiving governing bodies...the DMV and your insurance carrier. I'd get an attorney and at least find out what your options are. best of luck.
  11. K9lover

    Bullied psych nurse commits suicide

    Beat you up? Tough nursing school...sounds like the attempted initiation I encountered 1st day at continuation high school.
  12. K9lover

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    It is over-inflated, some were hospice and we do not know how many were comatose, actively dying. If death was hastened by one minute by heat the families who did not take them home will sue. Given it was heat rather than a hurricane where were the families taking them home? While I am sure they were not all aware of this scenario don't different residents get visits such that there would be a number of visitors at any given time because, of what I've heard (of) SNF facilities they crawl with complaining family members. Again given it was not a hurricane/earthquake/totally flooded out where was the rest of staff? God, I hope that the tiny number of staff all of whom were new to facility is not all they used!
  13. K9lover

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    California ratios are in acute care. I don't know about SNF.
  14. K9lover

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    Remember it well..
  15. K9lover

    Everyone is white?

    What was the discrimination? All you mention is that upper management is all white.
  16. K9lover

    Everyone is white?

    You do not indicate much behind the hospital demographics of the hospital, are these thoughts based upon any actions against you or is the thread based upon anything? I have worked in many areas wherein I was the only white person and never given thought to it.