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BSN-to-MSN has 9 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in SCRN.

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  1. BSN-to-MSN

    Religious Exemptions

    Not much into religion, either. But people believe what they want to, religion is not based on facts and outsiders cannot argue with it. If the patient had a religious exemption for COVID vaccine, would we threat him/her differently? becaus...
  2. BSN-to-MSN

    Fear of Floating | Life of a Nurse

    The core reason of floating anxiety.
  3. BSN-to-MSN

    I'm Out... (Cue Mic Drop)

    I am starting MSN immediately after BSN - in September! I'm almost done with BSN- 2 weeks to go! Theoretically, I could quit, but I'm not there (yet). Dropping to part time, though, I do need health insurance for my 2 kids, and husband enrolling...
  4. BSN-to-MSN

    How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    Agree, our facility received Magnet last year, and so much talk about it, but clinical advancement program (and incentive) was cancelled. It means nothing to me, it felt like things were forced on nurses to become Magnet.
  5. BSN-to-MSN

    I don't want to be Charge!

    Good for you standing your ground. Now, I tell them I do not have what it takes to be charge ( in my head it goes more like "not dealing with other staff BS").
  6. BSN-to-MSN

    I don't want to be Charge!

    Nope, not stuck doing 2 jobs for one pay. Still refuse. They can fire me if they want, but they did not. I'd rather wash hospital windows under the "other duties assigned". Outside. LOL.
  7. BSN-to-MSN

    I don't want to be Charge!

    Refuse. Say no on the spot. They tried to put me as charge a couple of times, no warning, just bam, show up for the shift and there it is, my name in the charge row. I said no, you can't make me. I know how it works, first no patients, then t...
  8. BSN-to-MSN

    Nursing Staffing Post COVID Quagmire...

    Taking some welcome break in the form of maternity leave until end of the Summer. Would not call this a vacation, but hey, no COVIDS until then...
  9. BSN-to-MSN

    COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

    agree 100 percent. incentives do work to some degree, so let them offer the darn incentives
  10. BSN-to-MSN

    BSN - no experience and lots of children

    Yes, correct! Consider gaining a few years of experience before the NP Program, it will serve you well. After having this child, maybe go work part time ( 2 shifts a week?). With 4 children, your best bet is at home sitter. I have had several re...
  11. She seems like she has no regard of your time, her time matters more. I encounter people like that at work, too, the ones who will come in to the patient's room from behind the curtain when they hear me talk, and start talking about things unrel...
  12. BSN-to-MSN

    Seeking Advice! Failed 2-Year Program. Now What?

    I would look into being re-admitted to the program, talk to the advisor. Otherwise, go for LPN at another college. I do not think you should apply to the accelerated program, if you failed the regular-pace, it will not be any easier. You're...
  13. BSN-to-MSN

    Social Skills Should Be a Bigger Focus in Nursing School

    The subject to be taught is effective communication in healthcare and emotional intelligence strategies. It needs to be a side course in the ADN and BSN programs.
  14. BSN-to-MSN

    New Grad RN: Should I hang in there or leave?

    Take the responsibility of making an error, don't blame others, but learn from it. What are you going to do differently to avoid it next time? Request to follow one nurse's schedule, to have one (max 2) preceptors. ER is fast paced, and tra...
  15. BSN-to-MSN

    Reality Check.

    I wouldn't check the Reddit anymore. Consider going part-time for the time of Master's program. You will most likely have to pay more for health insurance compared to full time, but it's doable. Best of luck! If being a provider is what you...