Who is back already?

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    I am back for my fourth year working as a school nurse. Urban elementary charter school in Massachusetts. Kids start school Monday. Back to School night is tonight. I have been back since Monday.
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  3. by   BettyGirard
    I go back officially on Monday. The kids start on Wednesday. Seems like we just got out a couple of weeks ago. I am in today to setup a few appointments with students I need to see before Wednesday. Of course, they want to wait as long as possible, but my office is a zoo on the first day, so I need them to come in no later than Tuesday afternoon for their procedure. At least, one of the kids on the list the parents had their own provider take care of. Leaves only three for me to deal with.
  4. by   MrsNurse08
    I got back on Tuesday and the kiddos started yesterday...hoping for a safe and wonderful school year here in California!
  5. by   OyWithThePoodles
    We started on the 1st. This is my fourth full time year (subbed for half a year) and I am at the same school. Have a great year y'all!
  6. by   ABRN2012
    We started back last Thursday. The other nurse for our county quit the week before school. So I am now running between 2 campuses each day. Yay me!
  7. by   MHDNURSE
    Quote from ABRN2012
    We started back last Thursday. The other nurse for our county quit the week before school. So I am now running between 2 campuses each day. Yay me!
    That stinks- and to wait and quit now? Why not in June. Sorry!
  8. by   aprilmoss
    I guess I'm lucky. I'm not due back until the day after labor day (Sep 4) when the kids return. Of course, we didn't get out until June 15.
    I'll usually open up the clinic on our orientation day (the previous Thursday) to take in inhalers, EpiPens, glucose meters, etc... even though it's not a contract day for me. Other than that the office secretaries are trained to get the paperwork and put it in my ziploc boxes for me.

    Still, as Betty says, opening day is a zoo. Everybody seems to show up with stuff at the last minute. I can't even imagine covering multiple buildings at opening.

    Procedures, Betty? I don't tend to have to deal with things until the students are actually here.
  9. by   kidzcare
    I am back! 6th year as a school nurse and second in my current role on the special education assessment team

    Let's do this... 178 days until summer!
  10. by   iggywench
    I'm back as of the 7th for my 6th year of school nursing (public high school in TX), and school starts on the 15th. I am deep into vaccine verification, chasing doctor's orders for medical conditions, and trying to avoid attending meetings... I've been asking parents to bring medication for schedule pick-up on Monday, in the hopes that the first day of school will be a little less hectic, and there will be a shorter line of parents at my door.
  11. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
    I'm semi back! We don't technically start until the 20th, but I've been popping in a couple of times to organize a little and tweak a few things to hopefully help this year go by smoother. I am stressing about my spinal screens this year as the Grand Ol State of Texas has decided to change the process up on us hopefully it will go smoother than I'm expecting it to!!
  12. by   OldDude
    I'm back...today is first day with kidlets.
  13. by   RobotechTD
    I have another two weeks until I'm back in the health office. Then another week until the kids are back in school.
  14. by   LikeTheDeadSea
    6th year, no kiddos until after labor day which means I'll be going to school til the end of June again. Yikes!