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  1. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Pure curiosity :)

    My recertification is coming up and I'm curious to know, what level of CPR certification do you currently hold? Did you just stay with BLS or have any of you ventured into PALS or ACLS for your school nursing gig? I was looking for some courses that were coming up so I can get recertified, and got to wondering if anyone had thought about something other than BLS.
  2. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    When do you call?

    Morning all! I've continued to watch our flu numbers rise. Is there a certain number I have to reach before I need to notify the health department? This is our first year where we've had illness hit this hard so it's new territory for me. I'm located in Texas, btw
  3. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Return after flu

    Hahahaha I have heard this phrase a bagillion times!!!
  4. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Return after flu

    We have 2 confirmed cases, but several that have been sent home for flu like illness. I won't be surprised at all if more come up. With a campus of only 250 that includes K-12, my admin is a little concerned about the attendance rate. But yep. My teachers are just panicking because "FLU!".
  5. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Return after flu

    We're public!
  6. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Return after flu

    Ok great! This is what I've told them already! I think I just needed to hear some reinforcement since I'm getting so much push back right now. I did speak with the student's dad who personally said they were fever free yesterday as well as this morning. My admin assistant checked their temp when they got to school and confirmed there was no fever. I feel confident in my decision to let them stay. I think I just needed someone else to say they agree. Thanks guys!
  7. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Return after flu

    What are your guidelines for students returning after having the flu? My campus is currently in freakout mode because a student who was diagnosed on Tuesday is here today. However, per their MD note they returned on Tuesday, they could come back to school either yesterday or today or once they are fever free for 24 hours w/out meds. According to parents student had no fever yesterday and is not running a fever today, therefore, they are here. Teachers are panicking due to the cough this student has. Is there anything else I can do? Technically this student is cleared to come back per MD note (and assuming parents are telling the truth about no fever yesterday), but we're a really small school. It won't take much to make our attendance drop to the point of closure for illness. If you consider the several I've sent home the last 2 days for ILI, I have to say I'm a little on edge too. Thanks for any help!
  8. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    CPR Instructor

    You know, its not anything I've done before but I *think* I would enjoy it. I'm trying to find ways to make myself "more valuable" to my school and this sounded like something that would be easy to integrate into my job duties.
  9. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    CPR Instructor

    Morning all! Anyone here a certified CPR instructor? I'm toying with asking my district to certify me so that I can do the staff renewals and student classes. I was just curious if anyone else did this as well for their district and, if so, where did you get your supplies from?
  10. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Immunization Rate Question

    I'm curious to know too! Following to see what those wiser than I am say.
  11. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    C'Mon Now!

    You know, it would probably be a curse if I was actually informed of every call in. I just wish they would clue me in when they see the ones who HAVE been sick back in my office the same week. Especially the little ones who don't usually complain.
  12. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    C'Mon Now!

    That's what I tell everyone too. There is always a stomach bug or some kind of virus or something going around. It just spreads easier in the winter because we're all inside and around each other more due to the cold temps outside.
  13. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Had a Kinder sent down earlier this morning for a temp check. No reason why. Kiddo denied feeling bad. Temp was normal. Sent him back to class. Fast forward to about 30 mins ago and same kiddo is sent back due to vomiting. As he's sitting up here, New Office Lady casually states "oh, well you know, either him or his brother were throwing up earlier this week". Uh. No, New Office Lady, I did NOT know that. That would require someone to actually tell me these things. Made the comment to our veteran office lady about wishing there was a way for me to be informed of things like this because it would vastly change my assessments. She responded with "well I don't know how it would work. With the 100's of calls we get, it would be impossible to let you know about all of the sick kids". Uh, what? First of all, we have like 250-ish kids on this campus. If we're receiving "100's of calls" about sick kids, our attendance rate would be such that our school would have to be closed due to illness. Secondly, if you know of a kid that was vomiting earlier in the week and you see them in the office at the beginning of the day, why would you NOT say something to the nurse at that point. C'mon now.
  14. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Charter School Nurses

    Public charter school nurse here, in NETX. We, too, follow the same state requirements as the public schools as far as vaccinations and medication administration. I haven't worked in any other kind of school setting, but from my experience at my son's school, parents are much more involved and present here. We also aren't required to have a SHAC, which is nice. We do have a Design Team though, which is kind of the same thing, but not as involved as a SHAC. We also don't serve lunch. Every student has to bring their own lunch everyday. This is because we release earlier than the other schools in our area (2:15 pm), so we opted to serve just breakfast. Our teaching models are different as well. We do Project Based Learning so the students are usually moving all over the campus doing hands on assignments. Lots of scavenger hunts done here where they have to follow the clues at various locations. You also won't see students sitting at desks all day. They're constantly up moving around the room or the campus applying their topics to real life situations. Lots of group learning done here.
  15. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    C'Mon Now!

    I have a kinder who started ADHD meds this week. We're monitoring them and all that jazz so we can report any issues to mom. Kinder complained of a headache all day yesterday and twice they fall asleep, once was in my office. Open conversation with mom all day who states she actually has a doc appointment for him because the headache complaint has been around for about a week. Kiddo ends up spiking a temp so I call mom back who sends grandma to pick them up. We have a new office lady helping us out (well, she's not new to the school, just to the position she's in now) who has a tendency to know everything there is to know about anything. Including ADHD meds. She starts hounding grandma about what med the kinder is on, what the dosage amount is (grandma isn't sure, but thinks it MIGHT be 1 mg), what color the pill is because she can then tell her the dosage amount. So on and so on. Grandma is trying her best to answer all of this lady's questions but in all honesty, she just simply doesn't know the details. Ya know. Because she's not mom and she hasn't been personally involved with this new medication. I end up just walking back to my office because New Office Lady literally cuts me off every time I try to speak to this grandmother about their grandchild's visit today. Grandma and kiddo finally get to leave campus. New Office Lady then comes in my office and is all kinds of riled up. She says to me: "I can't believe they'd put him on 1 mg of that medication! That is too high! Even my oldest son doesn't take that much and he is so much older and bigger! They usually start with the lowest dosage amount. Something just isn't right here!!" and she storms out of my office. I'm just sitting at my desk like New Office Lady, I appreciate your concern, but perhaps we should leave the med talks up to the professionals and those who are actually involved in the administration of said medications. C'mon now.