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  1. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Help? Guidance? Suggestions?

    Hello all! I'm looking for some guidance on a situation. I have a new student with a trach in place. Student is self sufficient with almost all care (they are unable to re-cannulate on their own). However, all documentation that we have received...
  2. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Therapeutic communication for anxiety

    I ask them if they want to go outside for a little while. Mental health is not my strong suit by any means, but I'm a huge fan of getting them outside when they reach this point. Especially with the older ones. I've noticed the fresh air, change of s...
  3. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    I'm tired!

    Ya know, its sooooo easy to get stuck in your own mindset, especially this year! My husband and I tend to think completely opposite of each other so I truly appreciate his point of view on almost everything because he is so good at bringing to light ...
  4. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Tired of being "the bad guy"...

    Yes, and honestly, my admin is extremely supportive and has had no problems discussing things with the teachers. I'm just so tired of them doing their own thing "when no one is around". I move around a lot this year to minimize unnecessary visits so ...
  5. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Tired of being "the bad guy"...

    One of my kinder kiddos called me a "Mask Monster" last week and originally, I laughed. Today, I'm feeling like a "mask monster" because it seems like everyone dreads when I walk in the room. I also feel like the ONLY one on my campus who is actively...
  6. KeeperOfTheIceRN


    OK, great! Thank you!!
  7. KeeperOfTheIceRN


    We do not have a school physician 😕 that would make getting stock epi much easier!
  8. KeeperOfTheIceRN


    All of your "typical" school nurse duties 🙂 I maintain all health records, perform all State mandated screenings, provide training to staff for various topics, handle all office visits (when on campus), perform all health related data entry, I travel...
  9. KeeperOfTheIceRN


    Trying to see if you guys would have done things differently... Had an afterschool staff member approach me today stating they felt like they were having an allergic reaction to the dipping sauce they ate with their chicken wrap. They stated the...
  10. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    40 days left!!

    55 days! We've been in person since we started back and truly, I think it went the best it could have gone! It's been a year, and parents have been mean, but y'all. My kids have done AMAZING with the mitigation processes we have in place this year. I...
  11. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Staying or Going?

    I'm returning, no doubts. I'm hoping they approve my request for a raise (we hired 2 new nurses this year which makes me a supervisor) but will be happy to return if they don't. I legitimately love my job and this year has made me (and my admin!!) re...
  12. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Medications For Staff

    I don't keep them for staff. I have my own supply and will occasionally share, but I don't have a problem saying "sorry, I'm out" with a full bottle (that I bought with my own money) sitting in my desk.
  13. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Second guessing myself

    Hello all! I'm looking for some guidance I suppose. I had a high schooler hurt themselves at the end of last week. They jumped over a small stream while walking outside in class and apparently landed wrong. Got them up and to my office where I ...
  14. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Faculty Falls/Injuries

    Hi all! I just found out about a fall that occurred early this morning on a campus that I am not housed at. Because of this, I did not assess the teacher after their fall. The principal filled out our incident report form and then reached out to...
  15. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Glasses for students in need

    Good morning friends! I had to clear my cache yesterday due to some technical issues and am struggling to find the Sight for Students info I need. I have a student who needs new glasses and parents get get them right now due to finance struggles...
  16. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    G-tube medication delegation

    Another Texas nurse here, and while I can't offer any better guidance than Ruby did, I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who struggles finding specific guidance via the BON!! There have been multiple times that I have not be able to find the gu...