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  1. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    MD Orders??

    Hello all! Texas over here Our governor has stated that everyone over the age of 10 years must wear a mask in public places. This includes schools. Obviously there are exceptions to his orders (I.e.: those with medical conditions that contraindicate masks). I'm curious to know, are your districts requiring MD orders to exempt students from wearing a mask d/t a medical condition which a mask is contraindicated? My superintendent and I agree that that is going to be necessary or we're going to face a lot of situations where little johnny suddenly has a new onset of anxiety where they can't wear one. What are you thoughts?
  2. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Incoming Seizure Disorder

    Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying your Summer so far. Ya know, considering the current state of the world Anywho, I have a new student that will be starting in the fall who has a "significant" seizure disorder. I have not seen any paperwork or MD orders yet, but we have a meeting coming up that I am gathering all of my pertinent info for. My only hang up is the possible administration of Diastat. I'm assuming this will be the medication (again, I haven't received any paperwork yet) that they will have on campus for this student and I do not have any personal experience with it. Specifically, IF I can delegate the administration of the med and WHO (any staff, administration only, etc. etc.) I can delegate it to. I've tried to find guidance on it through my BON and DSHS but I haven't found anything that specifically states what the guidelines for Diastat administration are. Any help or links to governing documents will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Oh! I'm located in Texas, by the way
  3. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Hearing Screening and Hearing Aids

    Same as KPRN! I note on their form that they are currently under the care of a specialist
  4. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    What will school nursing look like after this pandemic?

    No changes as of yet, but I am anticipating a very busy Summer to establish just that. New protocols. New policies. New screening of sick kids. All of it. I think we're about to become very popular and it wouldn't surprise me to see an increase in the number of school nurses in schools because of this. Like OldDude use to say, we're not valued until something major happens. Well, it doesn't get much more major than what we have now. But this is just my opinion
  5. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Now that we are working from home . . .

    I've decided if my area gets to an emergency point, then I will absolutely go help. However, we are not at that point right now, so I will continue to keep my distance and care for my kids from home. I've been talking to some friends who are still at the hospital and in various other community settings (I.e.: hospice/home health) and none of them have expressed the feeling of being overwhelmed yet. But I know that can change at any moment so my husband and I have discussed some options should the need arise and I have to return to the hospital.
  6. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Do you think schools will resume this year?

    I'm in North East Texas. We are done for the year with face-to-face classes. Our model is a hybrid of class time and online and we have opted to just switch fully to online instruction for the remainder of the year. It's a weird weird time. I don't know how to switch to "Summer mode" yet.
  7. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Texas School Nurses + Covid-19

    Spring Break last week. Extended break this week. We have an emergency board meeting this afternoon that I'll virtually attend and I'm anticipating a move to full closure. I never in a million years, expected this to play out this way!! My mind is blown!
  8. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Coronavirus and Schools

    Looking for opinions here! I personally (and professionally, I suppose) have taken a very relaxed approach to the current situation. That's not to say that I haven't been reading a few articles about it here and there, but, I also haven't felt the need to shut my family and myself away in our house to avoid contact with the general public either. I bring this up today because yesterday I not only had a teacher approach me asking me what our plan was should we need to close but the school district my charter is in also posted something to their facebook page stating they had a procedure ready to go should it come to that. It just struck me as odd that, up until yesterday afternoon, concern for this virus had not been introduced to my immediate world. I'm curious to know: 1)what your personal thoughts are on this virus and 2) if your school has implemented any kind of potential procedure/policy should it come to an immediate concern for communities in the US.
  9. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    What do you do?

    Great! Thank you so much!
  10. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    What do you do?

    How does one go about getting a Google number? This sounds like a great option as I'm over 3 different campuses so a lot of times the only interaction I have with parents on other campuses is via phone!
  11. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    What do you do?

    Until today, I had not heard any response from the parent as to why they hadn't brought one in. I just continued doing what we were doing and periodically sent another email or letter home. @ARN, thank you very much for your post!! I am truly sensitive to the financial burden that those who live with diabetes have to face. I don't have personal experience with it, but I know its an arm and a leg for all of the supplies I genuinely want to help this family as much as I can. They are a newly diagnosed T1D, only about 4 months in. I did finally hear back from mom today (the first time since we've started contacting her about the new bottle) and explained the WHY part of it (manufacturer's recommendation, bacteria, breakdown etc. etc.) BUT! I also explained that she could take the bottle we currently have and keep it at home for use there. I hadn't actually spoken to her about any of this as she never returned phone calls and never responded to emails or letters home. I had no idea on where they fell on all of this. But I did explain that I wasn't trying to inconvenience them or anything, I just needed to keep things "by the book" for legal reasons, especially since I'm not on this campus all of the time. Once we actually talked and I was able to explain things, she said she'd get a fresh bottle to the school and take the other one home. Again, thanks for your input on this! I'll definitely keep it in mind with any other diabetic families that come to my school!
  12. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    What do you do?

    I've requested a fresh bottle of insulin for my T1D multiple times. It has yet to be brought in. I've instructed my UDCA to continue using the bottle we still have as I feel that is better than no insulin at all but we're now well past the 28 day window. The current bottle we have is not expired by any means (but it has been left out of the fridge over night which is when I first requested a new bottle) and the insulin is not cloudy or anything like that. It appears to look just fine. I'm just frustrated that we've requested a fresh bottle and it has yet to be brought in. I've had issues getting inhalers and epi pens but this is the first time I've had an issue with a med like insulin. Anyone else gone through this?
  13. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    OB Unit for Male Student

    But....what have they done for the other male students that have already gone through their program? Surely you're not the first male student to come through that needs an OB rotation....this is so odd! Best of luck to you! I hope it all works out in the best possible way.
  14. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Monitors Used in Snoezelen room

    I personally use the Yi cameras for our house. They have a great resolution (and night vision!), can be remotely (via an app on our phones) moved to see all nooks and crannies of the room, and have 2 way communication. https://www.amazon.com/YI-Wireless-Security-Surveillance-Tracking/dp/B01CW4BLG8/ref=sr_1_4?crid=14JLAMAEPF5ZP&keywords=yi+camera&qid=1578511757&sprefix=yi+cam%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-4
  15. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    C'Mon Now!

    High schooler with narcolepsy accidentally took his nighttime med at 0500 (apparently thought the wake up alarm was the med alarm) instead of 2330 like he's supposed to. Mom sent him to school with a quick text to some of his teachers and myself saying he can't miss any more school but that he'll be "in and out of it all day and is having difficulty coordinating his body to walk please don't make him use his fine motor skills" . By the time I got to campus, he was nothing but a snoring blob in the middle of his classroom floor. 3 classmates had to physically pick him up and move him so he wouldn't be stepped on. Dad was super mad he had to come pick him up (I think more so at mom for obvious reasons). But I mean... C'mon now...
  16. KeeperOfTheIceRN

    Exciting possibility...

    So my superintendent just approached me and said "I'd like us to start looking into hiring some help for you on 2 of our campuses. Since we're all located so far a part, it makes no sense you driving to each campus so much. I was thinking we could look to hire a nursing student to be an aide for you on the other two campuses. We'll need to see how much to budget for them and everything. Let me know what you find out." 1) yay for help! 2) any suggestions on where to start on this?! 3) anyone know if that's a thing? hiring nursing students to be aides? how does that work with their nursing student status and working in the capacity of an aide? is it the same as if they were a PCA at the hospital? 4) where do I even begin to look for a pay scale for this? 5) any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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