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iggywench has 9 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics, school nursing.

wife, mom of two, avid reader, former public school teacher, now public school nurse

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  1. iggywench

    What to do with Nursing students?! HS Nurse

    I love having nursing students! I've precepted many over the years, and really enjoy showing them that school nursing is not all bandaids and ice packs. Most of them truly want to learn, and leave with a new appreciation for our field. I give them a tour of the clinic, talk to them about my students with chronic conditions, take them to our Life Skills class, and allow them to do vital signs and auscultate lungs on our students. My clinic is not always busy, and they enjoy just talking about nursing school, my/their career path, or having some down time to study.
  2. iggywench

    Sleeping in the infirmary

    I do not allow sleeping in the clinic unless I have doctor's orders, or a parent is on their way to get a student. I am at a 9th-grade campus, and attendance is taken every class period. If a student is feeling bad enough to not be able to sit in class, they likely need to go home.
  3. iggywench

    How long was your training for school nursing?

    I was hired over summer break. I was handed the keys, and given half a day to train on the computer system. The rest I figured out on my own. Now, my district offers more training, and a two-year mentorship program.
  4. iggywench

    How many?

    I am responsible for 1200 9th-graders at one campus, and I have a full-time aide.
  5. iggywench

    School Nurse Mentoring Program?

    We have a 2-year mentoring program in my district, but there are really no guidelines. New nurses get about 1/2 day of training on our software, and a full day of inservice with all of the nurses in our district; that's pretty much it. I'm acting as a mentor for a new nurse, and she just calls me when she has questions. There's no time set aside for me to go to her school, and I don't have a checklist of things to cover with her. Both of those things would be handy, though.
  6. iggywench

    Vision Screening

    I use the Sloan wall chart. I think I have an old Titmus machine around here, but I was never trained to use it, and I have no idea if it works or not.
  7. iggywench

    High School Sports Physicals

    I guess I'm lucky, being at a large high school in TX. Our licensed athletic trainers are in charge of sports physicals, and will exclude students from participation in athletics if a form is not on file on the first day of practice. Physicals are offered at the school in the spring, and parents have to fill out all of their information online as of this year. I work closely with the trainers to ensure all students with asthma, seizures, severe allergies, etc, have action plans and medication on file. They use a program called Sportswear to manage all of the athletes, as well as the visits the athletes make to them for injuries. I have access to their software, so I can go in and print action plans to have on file in the clinic. This is mainly for the students who self-carry their inhalers.
  8. iggywench

    EMR--what do you use?

    We use eSchool Plus. It has its faults, but this iteration of it seems to be okay. It talks to the gradebook program that the teachers use, so they can see medical alerts on students, and it also syncs with View-It, which is our district information software. Diags can see vision and hearing screening results in there.
  9. iggywench

    Self Carriers

    We require doctor's orders for any student to self-carry Epi or an inhaler, and I do strongly encourage all of them to self-carry. I am at a 9th-grade campus, and a lot of our students ride shuttle buses back and forth during the day between the main campus and ours. They need to have access to their medication at all times.
  10. iggywench

    Early Flu?

    I'm in south TX, and it's the third week of school. We've had one confirmed flu case reported already. Isn't that crazy?
  11. iggywench

    Out of State Physician

    At my school district in TX, we are allowed to accept orders from doctors who are out of state for 45 days.
  12. iggywench

    Welcome back, y'all!

    Hello, everyone! It's the hottest week of the summer, and school started yesterday. We are registering students like crazy from Honduras and El Salvador, and I have many more students with health concerns than I have ever had. Let's hope the year goes smoothly!
  13. iggywench

    C'Mon Now!

    One of my darling 9th-graders just came in requesting an ice pack, because "he/she hit their face on a wall". No bruises or marks, no evidence of a need for an ice pack, "but it hurts, miss!". I agreed to give them one, with the caveat that this is the only one they will be getting from me for this "injury". This kid makes every excuse under the sun to leave class and come to the clinic, and with three half-days for finals this week, I can't wait to see what else I'll get to see them for.
  14. iggywench

    I might have asked this before but not sure

    I send an initial referral letter, then will follow up with two more letters, spaced a couple of months apart. Honestly, I don't call on them unless a teacher requests it, or they have Sped testing pending. They are 9th graders, and if they don't want to go to the eye doctor or audiologist, I can't make them.
  15. iggywench

    Fun end of year complaints

    I saw a 9th grader whose "stomach was sore from hiccupping". She never made it past the door...
  16. iggywench

    Speaking of summer...

    I will be volunteering for a week at a Girl Scout camp, and beside that, I will be working on my side gig (vinyl decals and shirts), hanging with my kids, and getting my son ready to go off to college.

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