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  1. iggywench

    IHP for Chronic Kidney Failure

    Has anyone ever had to write an IHP for Chronic Kidney Failure, or have experience with monitoring it at school? I have an initial 504 meeting this afternoon for a student with a new diagnosis, and am trying to prepare as much as possible. I haven't received any orders from the student's doctor yet, and am not sure if the student will be having dialysis or a transplant, but am trying to cover the basics ahead of time. In doing research, there are a lot of factors to monitor with this condition, and it seems like most of them are things that we wouldn't be monitoring at school, like labs. One of the big things I am seeing is risk for infection, especially if the student is on dialysis, so I am wondering if it would be appropriate for the clinic to be where the student would rest as needed. I would worry about the student contracting another illness by being in here. Sorry for the word vomit; I just want to look like I know what I'm talking about in this meeting!
  2. iggywench

    Pure curiosity :)

    I just have BLS. The school district provides recertification to us every two years, and that is all that is provided.
  3. iggywench

    Community Health Nursing Student

    Isn't it fun? I love precepting nursing students! If I had my way, I would go back to school and get my Masters in Nursing Education, and teach nursing school. We used to get more nursing students each semester, but I only have two, for two days each, this semester.
  4. iggywench

    Lead School Nurse vs Health Services Director

    This happened in my district in the past. At the time, we had a Lead Nurse who was in charge of about 50 schools. She retired, and they replaced her with campus-based leads for about 4 years. These nurses were still responsible for their campus, but also supervised other nurses, and met periodically to discuss issues and policies. I don't know what their stipend was, but I guarantee it was not enough! Now, we have a Director of Health Services who is a former lead nurse; she has an office in the admin building, and is in charge of all 63 of our school nurses. She works long hours, and I don't think her pay is enough to compensate her for all of her extra duties.
  5. iggywench

    Pursuing Lead/District Nurse Position

    I don't think it would be something I would ever be interested in. Our Lead Nurse is responsible for supervising nurses at 63 schools, hiring nurses and subs, and ensuring that policies and procedures are being followed. Her job is 100% admin, and she seems to work about 50 hours per week. There is a small pay increase, but not enough for me to consider it. That is way too much responsibility for me!
  6. iggywench

    What's the school lunch today?

    Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks with Marinara Sauce OR PB and J Uncrustable Meal with Doritos Above With: Green Beans Baby Carrots Fresh Orange and Juice 1% Plain or Skim Chocolate Milk I don't eat the cafeteria food; they don't season the vegetables, and all of the main courses seem to be fairly spicy. There are rarely good choices for the kids with GI issues. Everything is either spicy, or contains tomato products, it seems. We're obviously not peanut-free here.
  7. iggywench

    Hearing Test Help

    Absolutely! I was married in 1995, and it does seem like yesterday.
  8. iggywench

    Hearing Test Help

    My audiometer was made in 1995. It may be old, but it passes calibration every year, and is much nicer than the cheap plastic one that I had at my previous school.
  9. iggywench

    BSN bump in pay?

    Not in TX; I believe it's only $1000 per year for an MSN, so no incentive there!
  10. iggywench

    Therapy dogs and Allergies

    This came up last year at my school; I had a student who was allowed to have an emotional support dog on my campus. Everything was done incorrectly, according to guidelines that I found (the dog was prescribed by her pediatrician instead of a mental health professional, the parent referred to the dog as a service animal when it was actually her puppy and had undergone no training, my principal approved it without discussing it with anyone on campus), and the dog would run around the classrooms and defecate in the hallway. Luckily, we never encountered a situation with a student with an allergy to the dog, but it would have been a mess had anything happened. I just kept a folder of documentation where I tried to educate my principal, 504 coordinator, and the student's counselor.
  11. iggywench

    If you DO NOT teach health classes at your school

    I'm in a high school in Texas. Health is a required one-semester elective here, and we have coaches who are certified to teach Health to the students. When I was in a 5th/6th school, I did the one-day puberty video with the assistance of the PE coaches.
  12. iggywench

    Being a School Nurse in TX

    I am a school nurse in the greater Houston area. I am also a former teacher, and went to Lone Star to get my associates degree in nursing. My district does not require a BSN, but they do require two years of community health experience before they will hire you to be a school nurse. It is not something that I would recommend straight out of school, since you only have yourself and your nursing knowledge to rely on in case of an emergency. I spent two years working for a pediatrician, doing telephone triage along with patient care, before transitioning to the school setting. I am so thankful for that experience, because I felt like I was trained to deal with most situations that I would encounter at school, as well as dealing with irate parents. Your teaching background will be helpful in getting a school nurse position, since you are already familiar with the culture and "politics" of the school setting. The teachers at my school like that I can empathize with them, and that I don't keep students out of class unnecessarily. Once you are in nursing school, you will likely do a clinical rotation in a public school, and you can see if it seems like the right fit for you. Good luck to you!
  13. iggywench

    Ginger Ale

    I've done it in the past, but not in the past couple of years. Anytime I buy ginger ale (or any other soda) my assistant drinks it all, so I quit doing it.
  14. iggywench

    What are your hours?

    I work from 7-3, and school hours are 7:16-2:35. I love being home before my kids get home, but on the flip side, my husband has to stay home in the mornings and get my daughter up and off to a neighbor's house to wait for the bus.
  15. iggywench

    Back To School Night

    I'm in a high school, but we have a schedule pick-up night before school starts. This year, I had our principal include on the robo call that he sends out information that I would be available to collect any doctor's orders, and parents were welcome to check in medication. I set up a table in the hall outside the clinic (so I wouldn't get trapped with a parent), and we had lots of parents check in medications and turn in asthma or severe allergy action plans. I put everything in a box, locked it in my office, and entered it all the next morning.