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  1. MrsNurse08

    Where is your office located within the school?

    You will have to walk straight through the main office to get to my office...
  2. MrsNurse08

    S.C. 5th Grader Dies After a Fight at School

    Yes I've read about this horrible incident. From what I've read, the bully was older and she was held back a few years and she was a troubled child. So sad it took this to happen before anybody did anything.😔 Well let me just say this, if any bully or anybody meaning my kids any harm, they are taught/trained to defend themselves...IJS.🤷‍♀️
  3. MrsNurse08

    We're back!!!

    OMG!!!! HEY EVERYBODY!!! So glad things are up and running again. Felt like forever!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!😊
  4. MrsNurse08

    Judgement being questioned

    Yep you are not alone. I have been with this school district for 3 school years and I felt the same way. Hold your ground and trust me things will get better soon. And it's so good to have Administration on your side. You are the nurse on duty and I'm sure you have been doing your job well. Just explain to the teachers why you didn't send student home and keep it moving. Hold on just a little while longer.😉😊
  5. MrsNurse08

    May the odds be ever in your favor...

    Some of these comments got me rolling in this office!!! One more day for me yay!!! And I received 3 gifts so far...HAVE A SAFE AND WONDERFUL HOLIDAYS AND REMEMBER YOU GUYS ROCK!!
  6. MrsNurse08

    24 hour vomit rule

    Exactly..the story of my life. Wash your hands and move on geesh!! Do they not know we live in a large petri dish...
  7. MrsNurse08

    I'm over the nonsense...

    I'm hanging on tightly...lol but all you school nurses are the best!!!
  8. MrsNurse08

    I'm over the nonsense...

  9. MrsNurse08

    I'm over the nonsense...

    Yeah the student went home the same day but came back the next spoke with mom and explained to teacher but it didn't matter because she still blamed me for her students being sick because of this incident that happened 2 weeks ago. I guess no win win for me smh
  10. MrsNurse08

    I'm over the nonsense...

    UPDATE: Just found out that the teacher that is playing the blame game has been sick for a week now and her fever just broke at 2:00am this morning. I wonder now who really got the students sick in her class? hmmm
  11. MrsNurse08

    I'm over the nonsense...

    Hello my school nurse friends I sent a student home about 2 weeks ago for throwing up in the classroom after lunch. The day I sent her home, she did not have a fever or anything. So the student came back to school the next day and the teacher sent her up. I checked he fever again and no fever. I also spoke with mom and mom stated that she did not throw up once the whole time she was home and that sometimes she throws up after lunch because she doesn't like something. So per policy, it's suggested that a student go home for illness and suggested that students be kept out of school for at least 24 hours fever free and vomiting free with no medications. So I went to the principal and asked her does she want me to enforce the policy on sending students home for saying they threw up or if they throw up after lunch and if they threw up and returned the next day. The principal said no. So mind you this was 2 weeks ago. The teacher of the student comes in the office yelling and blaming me for kids being out sick because of that incident that happened 2 weeks ago. She was also in the break room blaming me. I will be talking to the principal about her behavior. Any other suggestions...I'm just not for this nonsense anymore.
  12. MrsNurse08

    rude teacher comment

    Yeah I had a student come to the clinic and he told me that the teacher yelled out in class that she hates the school nurse. She was mad at me because mom wouldn't come pick the child up and I guess I was suppose to make mom come get the child. She is the only teacher that gives me problems because she feels all students should go home if they have to see the school's nurse. I try not to let that bother me and I just smile and keep it moving. So try not to let it bother you because you are the school's nurse and she's a teacher.
  13. MrsNurse08

    Staff that gets injured on the job.

    Yeah that's what I tried to inform them on. I told the Principal that the teacher will have to make that decision to go get x-ray but it looked fine to me but...
  14. MrsNurse08

    Staff that gets injured on the job.

    Yeah I mean I will give ice and a band aid/first aid but I'm not going to give medical advice. We have a company nurse that the staff calls to guide them on what to do.
  15. MrsNurse08

    Staff that gets injured on the job.

    Yeah I mean I will give ice and a band aid/first aid but I'm not going to give medical advice. We have a company nurse that the staff calls to guide them on what to do.
  16. MrsNurse08

    Happy Bday!!!!

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY OD!!! My birthday was on August 24th. VIRGOS ROCK!!!