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Hello fellow school nurses! :specs: Thanksgiving break is upon us!:chicken: I wasn't working in this setting at this time last year, so I wanted to hear from you all; How crazy does it get... Read More

  1. by   100kids
    Off Wed, Thurs and Fri here. Cannot wait.
  2. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
    We're out all next week too! But it just dawned on me why I've seen a drastic increase in visitors the last two days....everyone is ready for a week long break!! We're all a little tapped out so next week is very much needed for everyone! Hopefully we'll all come back recharged and ready to knock it out until Christmas ()
  3. by   NutmeggeRN
    We have Wed, Thurs and Fri!!! plus Sat and Sun!!!
  4. by   peacockblue
    Off Thursday Friday and Monday. (Monday is first day of buck, so no kids would be there anyways) we are in full Christmas mode already. All the community groups that want to buy for families want gift ideas before thanks giving. Of course, it is the nurses job to identify the families and figure out what they want. is not the most wonderful time of the year for us. I'm always glad when Christmas break starts because this is a terrible time of year for us.
  5. by   Shellaaay10x
    The one thing I get nervous about during this time is all the class parties with the diabetics wanting to eat every sugary thing they get their hands on while the teachers don't let us know until like 30 min before the party!!!! Drives me crazy!

    Other than that we have a week long break and I'm glad to be out! Happy thanksgiving break y'all!!!
  6. by   River Song, RN
    This is my first year as a school nurse and as I was warned, the transition from acute care to the school has been rough at times. I spent a lot of days wanting to quit and go back to the NICU but that has mostly disappeared. Now that I have a WHOLE WEEK OFF, I am starting to see the value in the 5 day a week schedule (was two 2 or 3 twelve hour night shifts before).

    We had TONS of absences and early dismissals Friday AND 1st and 2nd grade were on a field trip to the ballet so I actually got a ton of paperwork done for once! Nothing like getting my health histories filed two months after I've started
  7. by   JustRNingAlong
    River Song, i was a Nicu nurse too.
    However, i am glad you are starting to dee the value of being a school nurse and our awesome schedule!
  8. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    I am jealous of those of you with this whole week off! But I know in return, I do have February break to look forward to .
  9. by   NutmeggeRN
    Me too!
  10. by   OhioBPH
    Today is the last day before break, it's early release, and it's Grandparent's Day. Which means that students are in assemblies through the day and many are leaving with their granma's and grandpas. So, hopefully, it will be a quiet day here.
  11. by   Eleven011
    Today is our last day too. Its a full day, but seems to be many classes are having pj, blanket and movie day. Should be calm. No one's 10 day old bruise hurts so bad it needs an ice pack when you're curled up in a blankie watching ELF. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  12. by   kidzcare
    Last day for us too! Looking forward to the break-- hopefully I can get my paper written
  13. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    I am still here tomorrow - half day. I've dealt with a couple of student with more severe anxiety this morning - it is not great week for them. Most half weeks aren't, so I kinda of hate them a little, especially because of the stacked tests (i.e. HS student with 2 tests back to back).