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  1. Csn2016

    EMR--what do you use?

    What do you use for your charting? I despise the system I have to document under. Its very outdated, previous documentation is easily altered. When I enter things in the system and run reports, half my information is missing, leaving me to have to double document everything through tally marks on paper so I have numbers for my end of year report. I have tossed the idea out to my admin that I need an updated program. I spend more time messing with documentation than I do caring for kids. My vaccination information will randomly disappear for example, and then I am left digging through paper charts to re-enter the information. Also we consist of 2 elementary schools. Kids bounce between the two schools frequently (due to foster care situations or just moving in general). Every time they switch between the two school information has to be entered in again, a paper chart is sent back and forth-and I spend SO much time tracking down these stupid charts-I think it is ridiculous. I'd like to find a system I could scan everything in and no need to print it out until the student physically transfers out of the district. I dont even know where to start!!
  2. Csn2016

    Awkward conversation tips! HELP!

    Yeah the kdg teacher does not want to have the discussion with the parents. Since this is only year 3 for me and my first time dealing with this I thought I'd see if any of you ever had to approach the situation with parents. Thank you for your input!
  3. Csn2016

    Awkward conversation tips! HELP!

    They can wear pants, I think yesterday is when the other student really noticed it because she had her hand up her skirt vs just over her pants and thats when the teacher was like 'yikes' we need to talk to parents. This is also a first year kdg teacher so she is very anxious, she doesnt want to upset anyone and she just has never really had to deal with this before
  4. Csn2016

    Awkward conversation tips! HELP!

    I agree entirely with what you are saying (just wasn't sure how others would view the post on here, so was trying to be careful with my words) I was a womens health nurse for several years so anything in this realm does not make me super uncomfortable except with the fact its young kids. The 1st grade teacher did not ask me to bring it to the parents attention but the kdg teacher did (because she is the one who knows the parents on a professional level outside the school setting so I totally understand where she is coming from and I am okay with it...or having guidance reach out.) I did reassure the teacher that its normal for kids to explore their bodies and it can be difficult for them to understand this young that it is something done in private...
  5. Csn2016

    Awkward conversation tips! HELP!

    So since last week I've had two different teachers approach me about two different students who were 'ahem' I dont even know how to word this on here...lets just say, doing something in class that made them feel good?...Both are female, one is in Kindergarten, the other first grade. Both come from wonderful families where the teachers have no concerns that there is a serious underlying issue....the teachers are just concerned because it is getting to be a distraction in class. Both have repeatedly asked the students to put their hands on their desk (if they noticed it), or ask them if they needed to go to the bathroom, to which the students would always shake their head no. Its come to the point where yesterday the kindergarten student reached for another students pencil and that little boy freaked out because he saw she had her hand up her skirt for a bit and he was carrying on that she had been 'touching her butt'..... Advice? Notify the parents? Leave it be? The one teacher came to me about it really concerned because she knows the students parents pretty well on a professional level (their husbands work together) and wants to avoid future awkwardness...which I totally understand.
  6. Csn2016


    Just a vent...maybe you can relate? Tis the time of year to receive all the updated emergency contact forms. HOW many parents do I have to unnecessarily call because little Johnny developed a bee sting allergy over the summer or they are suddenly lactose intolerant (written on the contact form BUT no other notification from parents). Call them up to get the details and: 'oh the bee sting allergy is swelling and redness where they are stung' AHHH that is NOT an allergy--of course you are going to get red and swollen when you get stung "oh no their doctor did not diagnose them with lactose intolerance but they got a tummy ache and didn't poop for 5 days once after they ate 3 cheese sticks, a pint of ice cream, and washed it down with a gallon of milk' (okay I'm exaggerating a bit but you all get it right?!) Sometimes I feel like these parents WANT their kids to have some sort of allergy just to write it on the form. someone wrote their kid is allergic to Tylenol because her dad took it once and projectile vomited so she will not risk giving it to her child
  7. Who uses something like this? We hand them out on the first day every year and they basically cover emergency contact information, brief medical history, and consent for us to provide basic first aid etc. Then the back is a template for 'charting' however everything is computerized and nothing is ever documented on them (I feel it is a waste of space because if the school computer system would go down I would use another template I have printed out until I could get in the computer to document everything) Anyway I am looking to revamp ours (this is what was used when I started here)--I feel like its too wordy, parents fly through it and do not even pay attention to what their filling out. I also would like to add a section regarding other siblings in the district (name/grade) since a lot of them have different last names. Those of you who use something like this what does yours look like? I'd like to avoid using the back of the form because parents NEVER check the back of forms and I always have to send stuff back home to be completed Virtual fist bump if you attach an image to give me ideas Thanks in advance!!
  8. Csn2016


    I know there is a post similar to this a few down but I wanted to get some more input. How do you set up your screening schedule? I'm trying to figure out a way to make it flow easily and I cannot quite get there. My biggest dilemma is screening my 4th and 5th graders because they actively start switching classes pretty much every 45-60 min. So I may complete one class but by the time I get to the next one they've switched classrooms and there are like 10 students that I had just screened in that class now and it just becomes a game of constantly calling classrooms/interrupting the teacher and tracking down students. The other thing I thought about doing is just over the course of a month or two, every day, call down 5 students from their homeroom first thing in the morning before they go anywhere and screen them--or does that sound ridiculous? I have very difficult time shutting down my office for even short periods of times to run screenings (tried that once, did not end well-the GI bug happened to hit like 5 kids that day and that is a nightmare I do not want to relive) Any tips? Or is this just a hell I have to live for the next 30 years... Screenings are my major annoyance because I like to do stuff like this in order LOL and we know that is impossible in school nursing.