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Csn2016 has 14 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Emergency Medicine, Women's Health,School Nursing.

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  1. Csn2016

    Your favorite extracurriculars?

    My 2nd year I had a teacher send a student down with her bookbag and there was HUGE spider in it (okay not tarantula sized but any spider is huge to me)--our students have to use clear bookbags so we could see it crawling around. I told her I dont do spiders...she can set her bag outside and grab it when its time to go home if no one else wants to try and capture it.... that was the last bug related issue (other than bedbugs and lice of course) sent to me.
  2. Csn2016

    Uniform Closet

    The clothing room attached to my office is my living nightmare. I get it all organized then parents will come in and tear it apart. I attached a picture so you can see how I have it set up (dont mind how disheveled it looks-friday 2 moms came in and pulled everything out and I did not realize it until after they left so now I have to go in and refold it and put it back). But one set of shelves is for girls and the other set for boys. Then each size I have a spot marked for shorts and pants. I have a separate shelving system for shirts. We live in a very low socioeconomic area and a lot of families come in with several children and are unable to afford uniforms so my office is where they are sent. Until recently it was come in at free will but I put my foot down after Friday (caught parents going through drawers) and from now on they are only allowed to come in for clothing between 8-830AM. It still does not look 'neat' enough for my organizing OCD but it works and it makes the job of putting donations away and finding clothes quickly effortless.
  3. Csn2016

    School nursing and benefits

    In our district and the surrounding districts the 'health aide' has to be either an LPN or RN, they must have a professional nursing license.
  4. Csn2016

    School nursing and benefits

    I think it depends entirely how the school administration handles the 'position' for the school nurse. In my district the certified school nurse falls under the 'teachers contract' so I am part of the union, I am salary, I get all the same holidays/inservice days, open houses, and meetings as the teachers (the meetings are annoying because they NEVER apply to me and more often I am allowed to just do busy work in my office during those times). I receive full health benefits for myself and my family and I receive the same amount of PTO and sick time as the teachers. I am paid year round (with extra on the days that I come in for that I am not contracted such as the middle of august for a week I come in for last minute kindergarten screenings-I get paid hourly for that since that is not in the other teachers contracts). The other nurses in the district not hired as certified school nurses are hourly employees and are titled 'health aides', no sick time, no vacation time, paid for when they are here, and no health benefits.
  5. Csn2016

    Mailing Medication

    Thanks for the replies! I did email the school health coordinator RN for our area in the state for guidance. I just dont want anything coming back on me if something happens with it. They moved an hour and a half away and I'm not about driving 40 min the opposite direction of my house to meet a parent when I live 30 min from work as it is lol
  6. Csn2016

    Mailing Medication

    Quick question! We had a student transfer out of our district and move an hour and a half way (as usual the nurses are never informed until they are physically gone). The parent just called and requested that the students inhaler be mailed to their new address. I told her I'd have to check school policy first (not that we have one on this) so I could look further into it and talk to our principal--of course mom is mad, (yet it would be way faster to contact the old pediatrician and have a new script sent to a local pharmacy) and I dont think we can mail medication right? I mean if it were Adderall or any other med I'd of course say absolutely not but its an inhaler so before I say 100% no wanted to see other nursing input on this. This is probably a really dumb question but one of those things that makes me second guess myself.
  7. Csn2016

    diabetic question

    Like others said clarify with physician. For the diabetics I currently have, both use a pump--one does very well with eating all of his lunch (and he packs every day so carb counts are 'exact'). We do correction and coverage prior to lunch. My second diabetic who has a pump is terrible with lunch--one day she'll eat all of it, the next day she'll eat 2 bites. Because of this she comes in, checks her sugar, we do a correction if needed and I send her to lunch with a notebook that a cafeteria aide completes for me (student used to report she would eat 75-100% of something and in reality it would be 2 bites), also our lunch menus offer multiple options for sides/desserts which throw off anticipated carb calculations prior to lunch (student may claim shes picking one thing then goes to lunch and picks something entirely different), then she comes back after lunch we calc carbs and do the coverage. Prior to her having a pump I would do an injection for coverage prior to eating if she was 250 or over just to get the insulin in and circulating and not delay it.
  8. Csn2016

    Making the switch from Elementary to High School?

    I can't figure out how to reply to a specific post ugh So: BiscuitRN--the schedules are the same, thats not a concern at all of mine, in fact this HS is where I did my practicum when pursuing my CSN--my concern is adjusting to the age difference and its a personal thing I get it so no one can tell me how I'll ultimately feel, I'm just curious if anyone else made the age difference leap and hated it or loved it and what specifically did they hate or love about it, see if there are any pros/cons I'm missing in my brain lol GdBSN, RN: I love the idea of being able to have more conversations with this students. Some of these kids in elementary (kdg) dont even know their name! I ask them a question and all I get is a completely blank stare. Ugh and the lice issue!! Yes that is a big pro of moving to HS!! Thanks for pointing that out! Edited to add: I think it wont hurt for me to apply...interview and go to the table with my requests--they have to at least start me at the salary I am now, health insurance, pay back my current district for the grad courses I've completed so far, and approve a week long vacation leave next fall that I have already started paying for LOL so at least I can be honest and up front from the get go haha
  9. Anyone do this kind of jump? I am currently elementary level (k-5), I am in a school district that is 26 miles from my house but runs a fairly similar schedule to my kids school district (typically holidays are all the same, if there is a weather delay or early dismissal at my kids school the school I work at will most likely be doing the same thing). Anyway, a high school that is 6 miles from my house will be having their HS school nurse position opening after this year....this school district shares the same school schedule as my kids (its a strange district set up but the schools actually share the same busing company so if one has an early dismissal etc the other one will as well). It is 2 miles from my kids school so if there is an issue I can get to my kids much faster than before. The down side...will I like HS? I am loving working with little kids BUT what if thats just because I am in that point of my life now (my kids are elementary age and younger)...what if I pass this opportunity up and in 10 years I am so over the 'little kid' stage and dealing with 'accidents' in pants etc. I currently love the district I work for and I am of course scared of the change of administration etc. plus not to mention *IF* I'd apply and get the position they would have to pay my current school district back for the grad courses I've completed so far because I am not paying it back out of pocket. Okay enough background--HS nurses--what do you love and what do you dislike about working with the 'older' kids? I totally love the idea of them coming to me and being able to tell me what is wrong and having them be more self sufficient.
  10. Csn2016

    EMR--what do you use?

    NutmeggeRN Thats what we have! I hate it...or am I just not aware of its capabilities? Maybe ours is outdated? I have so many issues with it!
  11. Csn2016


    Welcome! You have a history similar to mine (ER nursing, then some time in womens reproductive health, followed by school nursing) The first year was CRAZY for me and honestly had me questioning my decision...this forum here was a fantastic find and has provided me with more resources then my mentor within the school district. It has been very much a learn as you go process. It was quite a transition for me as in my district there is no one over seeing you (sure there is administration but they have ZERO clue as to what the school nurse actually does)...I hated this fact the first year but now I love it, they leave me be, I do what i need to do and come to them when I need something (backing it up with information on why I need it) and they have always supplied 🙂
  12. Csn2016

    EMR--what do you use?

    What do you use for your charting? I despise the system I have to document under. Its very outdated, previous documentation is easily altered. When I enter things in the system and run reports, half my information is missing, leaving me to have to double document everything through tally marks on paper so I have numbers for my end of year report. I have tossed the idea out to my admin that I need an updated program. I spend more time messing with documentation than I do caring for kids. My vaccination information will randomly disappear for example, and then I am left digging through paper charts to re-enter the information. Also we consist of 2 elementary schools. Kids bounce between the two schools frequently (due to foster care situations or just moving in general). Every time they switch between the two school information has to be entered in again, a paper chart is sent back and forth-and I spend SO much time tracking down these stupid charts-I think it is ridiculous. I'd like to find a system I could scan everything in and no need to print it out until the student physically transfers out of the district. I dont even know where to start!!
  13. Csn2016

    Awkward conversation tips! HELP!

    Yeah the kdg teacher does not want to have the discussion with the parents. Since this is only year 3 for me and my first time dealing with this I thought I'd see if any of you ever had to approach the situation with parents. Thank you for your input! 🙂
  14. Csn2016

    Awkward conversation tips! HELP!

    They can wear pants, I think yesterday is when the other student really noticed it because she had her hand up her skirt vs just over her pants and thats when the teacher was like 'yikes' we need to talk to parents. This is also a first year kdg teacher so she is very anxious, she doesnt want to upset anyone and she just has never really had to deal with this before
  15. Csn2016

    Awkward conversation tips! HELP!

    I agree entirely with what you are saying (just wasn't sure how others would view the post on here, so was trying to be careful with my words) I was a womens health nurse for several years so anything in this realm does not make me super uncomfortable except with the fact its young kids. The 1st grade teacher did not ask me to bring it to the parents attention but the kdg teacher did (because she is the one who knows the parents on a professional level outside the school setting so I totally understand where she is coming from and I am okay with it...or having guidance reach out.) I did reassure the teacher that its normal for kids to explore their bodies and it can be difficult for them to understand this young that it is something done in private...
  16. Csn2016

    Awkward conversation tips! HELP!

    So since last week I've had two different teachers approach me about two different students who were 'ahem' I dont even know how to word this on here...lets just say, doing something in class that made them feel good?...Both are female, one is in Kindergarten, the other first grade. Both come from wonderful families where the teachers have no concerns that there is a serious underlying issue....the teachers are just concerned because it is getting to be a distraction in class. Both have repeatedly asked the students to put their hands on their desk (if they noticed it), or ask them if they needed to go to the bathroom, to which the students would always shake their head no. Its come to the point where yesterday the kindergarten student reached for another students pencil and that little boy freaked out because he saw she had her hand up her skirt for a bit and he was carrying on that she had been 'touching her butt'..... Advice? Notify the parents? Leave it be? The one teacher came to me about it really concerned because she knows the students parents pretty well on a professional level (their husbands work together) and wants to avoid future awkwardness...which I totally understand.