ROLL CALL!!! School Nurses 2017/2018

  1. Well...?

    I start 8/30, but I get 30 paid hours over the summer for sports clearances and the like.

    kidzcare was in NYC, but I didn't get a chance to see her!

    The Kid graduated. We are headed to take them both to college later this week!

    Hope to see new faces, as well as my buddies! Missed you all!
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  3. by   MHDNURSE
    Congrats to you on having kiddos leaving the nest- bittersweet I am sure! I'm back as of August 1st and classes started last Wednesday- back in my same elementary Charter school and excited to see what the year has in store!
  4. by   OyWithThePoodles
    August 30!!?? Nice! I've been back at it since 8/2.

    Two kids off to college this week, try not to cry (and jump up and down) too much!
  5. by   WineRN
    I started last Monday, kiddos back tomorrow.

    I feel like I am killing a forest with everything I need to print out.
  6. by   moreoreo
    I worked registration last week and start this Friday while students start next Wednesday (8/23)! Looking forward to starting the health office on a great foot as this is my first time starting a school year!

    My husband and I are expecting our first child next year and I am continuing online classes so it'll be busy for sure. This year I am going to focus on positive thinking and doing everything I can but not pushing myself for more than that
  7. by   OldDude
    "Present." Aye, graduation; a bittersweet milestone...that takes forever to get to but is over in the blink of an eye - a reminder they are truly on loan to us. Very glad to see you back Ms. Far
  8. by   Eleven011
    Here! I started back Monday with inservice and the kids will be here on Thursday! We are in a several year process of building a new school pretty much on top of our old one, so my office was moved over the summer to a makeshift one - one classroom split into three parts divided by plaster board walls. I have one of the "parts". Basically a glorified cubical, but I have a sink at least.

    Had a nice summer. Nothing too eventful, so that's good! My kids will be 11th grade, 9th grade and 6th grade. Should be a fun year!
  9. by   abc123RN
    I was back in the saddle 8/3. Today was day 5 for the wee ones, only 175 to go. I guess that says how the first 5 days have gone, right? Daughter has graduated college and moved out of the house. Son is now engaged. Summer break was great, played an incredible amount of golf and enjoyed time with grown ups.
  10. by   Windchaser22
    Here! Congrats Far! I've one that graduated college, another in college and my youngest is a sophomore in HS. It's hard when they leave but I'm grateful for them having chosen us as parents. I don't go back till early Sept but I'm hard at it from home to try and get ahead of the curve. Good luck all!
  11. by   momto5RN
    Can I still join in with all of you fabulous nurses?! I was going to make a separate post and maybe some day I will, but I resigned as school nurse at the private school I worked at the day after school got out in June. This was not planned and it is a long story as to why I felt this was the best decision. Basically boils down to not being supported by the administration, job securement and needing better health insurance for my family. I'm completely heartbroken as I truly enjoyed the children and most of the staff (ha!) as well as the support from this message board.

    So I'm now unemployed currently trying to figure out where to go next in my nursing journey. I'm thinking of giving dialysis a go. Anyone have experience in this?! I also wanted to enjoy the summer with my five little munchkins especially my youngest who will turn ONE in October. I hope you all don't mind me sticking around!! I truly enjoyed this board and all of the help/advice. I intend to go back for a BSN in the future as well as become school nurse certified to eventually work in the public school districts which should be better than the private school I worked at.

    Wishing all of you fabulous school nurses an incredible school year!!!! I will be watching from the sidelines!!!
  12. by   NutmeggeRN
    Present and accounted for!!! Beginning of year 24 Yikes!!!!

    Still excited to be doing what I love! Already and bunch of hours with preseason and Immunization upload...

    Welcome Back back everyone!!!
  13. by   Keepstanding
    Hello Gang ! I'm back and rolling right along. I had a quiet and relaxing summer break, but ready to hit the ground running !! Wishing you all a GREAT new school year
  14. by   FloridaBeagle
    I'm back for year 2, I start tomorrow! Got myself a new school though, hoping for a better working environment. At least this time around I know what I'm doing, and my new school isn't a "medically-fragile" site so the work should be easier. Maybe this will be the famous "boring school nursing" job I'm always hearing about.